Chapter 7

Mr. Nicholas Flamel,

Hello. I don't believe that you know who I am, but I am Eridanus Lupus Ara. Your time in this world is long overdue, but Death believes you work more good than evil by remaining. According to her, you should remain longer in this world, that you might teach more of what you know. I am currently writing to you about the…Stone. It is enclosed. This letter is tightly warded, so only you or your wife can open it. There is a small box enclosed. Please tap the center, where there is the emblem of an altar, and say, "Ara Corona, Ara Lupus, Ara Eridanus." I'm afraid that no one knows that I have taken the Stone, but it was only for its own good. The defenses…a dog, a Devil's Snare, a search for keys in a small room, a game of chess (I beat it in four moves!), a troll, but the only one that wasn't for a first year was a logic puzzle (Professor Snape is truly wonderful!). Well…I suppose the troll wasn't that easy…Anyways, I placed a fake in place of the Stone. I would truly appreciate it if you don't reveal my name to anyone other than Mrs. Flamel.


Eridanus Lupus Ara

Lord Ara

First year, Ravenclaw, Hogwarts

Nicholas blinked as he stared at the phoenix that had brought him the note.

"Perenelle! Come here for a moment!" he called. As his wife hurried over, he glanced at the white phoenix. "You aren't really a phoenix , are you? I haven't seen a white phoenix in my life!" A silver haired boy suddenly appeared in place of the phoenix. "Goodness!"

"Hi," laughed the boy. "I suppose you figured out that I'm Eridanus?" he laughed.

"Nicholas? Who's this young boy?" asked Perenelle as she reached him.

"Hello, Mrs. Flamel!" laughed Eridanus. "I'm Eridanus Lupus Ara, but you can just call me Eri. I'm a phoenix Animagus, you could say. I just got my form a while ago. And Mr. Flamel, I'm a snow phoenix. It lives in the cold, Greenland, Alaska, the like."

"Nicholas and Perenelle please dear," Perenelle encouraged.

"I personally delivered the letter because, even though there are wards on the letter, a curse breaker could probably break them in less than an hour," Eri explained. "You wouldn't believe how easy the defenses were!"

"Is there anything else, Eridanus?" wondered Nicholas, seeing Eridanus' hesitant expression.

"Yes, N-Nicholas, I was, I was wondering if you would teach me alchemy," he softly answered, flushing.

"Of course! But what of your guardian?" asked Nicholas curiously.

"Rowena! Salazar!" Eri called in response. A twenty-something couple stepped from the shadows. Rowena with black hair and sharp blue eyes and Salazar with silver hair and sharp green eyes. "Um…"

"I'm known as Corona Ara," smiled Rowena. "He's Cygnus Ara (Swan of the Altar)."

"I think they can keep a secret, Rowena," whispered Salazar.

"Okay," she sighed. "Nicholas, Perenelle, please don't be afraid."

"What for?" chuckled Nicholas.

"I'm Death, he's Life. We rule on the Other Side, where everyone goes after death. My name is Rowena Ravenclaw, child. Salazar Slytherin, my husband, is standing next to me," Rowena sighed. The Flamels nodded slowly, digesting the information. "Are you alright?"

"Rowena, we've been surprised far too often," laughed Perenelle. "We understand."

"I would love to teach young Eridanus here," agreed Nicholas.

"Most call me young River," volunteered Eridanus, giving a beautiful peal of laughter. "Well, only the goblins and Mr. Ollivander but still…"