I always thought that there weren't enough stories of Sakura being…I don't know… normal? What I mean by that is that there should be a story of her representing an average teenage girl. In our society today, the majority of girls worry about their weight and are considered obese.

If Sakura is obese in the story, the author would make her lose weight quickly and have her dainty and petite in no time. What I wanted to do is to show the emotions that girls go through as they struggle with their weight, how long the process is to lose weight, the many times they feel like giving up or they had fallen and picked themselves up, and the sense of pride and accomplishment they receive from their perseverance.

I wanted to do that kind of story with the mix of romance and drama from modern life twisted into it. Like how we are today, I wanted to show how it is like for a girl. I hope that you can sympathize and relate to what I'm attempting to do.

Sasuke will be the same grade as Sakura, a sophmore, but Itachi will be a junior in this story.

Avoirdupois Love

She walked quietly through the hall as she weaved through the mass of the school's population to get to her class on time. Her ash grey backpack slung across her right shoulder bumped up and down as she sauntered forward, her arms carrying a binder and a textbook. Her blue sweater covered the upper half of her body and she wore a pair of black tights. Her pink pastel hair was tied up in a messy bun, some strands coming out of its hairstyle to frame her face.

Her emerald eyes, the most exquisite feature, were focused on walking without bumping into anyone. Her pudgy face with its button nose was slightly red from the weight of her books. Her breathing was slightly getting labored and she cursed her class for being across campus. Her arms were getting tired from carrying the heavy books, but it was needed for her classes.

Just before the bell rang, she burst through the door gasping in exertion.

"Ah, Haruno, just in time," the silver-haired man greeted her. He swept his hand across the room. "Take a seat, please."

"Yes, Mr. Hatake," she nodded and plopped herself at a desk in front, but close to the window.

Sakura Haruno was just another girl who focused on her schoolwork. She wanted to keep up her grades and excel academically. She wasn't skinny, but she wasn't obese either – just a little on the bigger side. That didn't stop her to wear things she loved though. She had more fat around her stomach and legs, but she didn't worry that much.

Sometimes she would be insecure, but right now she was focused on school, not what people should expect of her. That was coming from a girl not pressured by peer pressure and society, yet.

The teacher droned on about history, how Konoha had come to be, the infamous Uchiha clan and Senju clan, etc. It seemed interminable to the class, including Sakura, but she dutifully scribbled down the information neatly on a piece of binder paper. A few students were captured in the realms of dreamland and others were furtively tapping away on their phones. Barely a few students similar to her were copying down what Kakashi Hatake was instructing to the class.

Soon enough the bell decided to end the teenagers' suffering and rang like angels singing from heaven. They jumped out of their seats, packing their stuff hastily, only for them to prepare for another class. Sakura, in the same manner, packed her stuff and walked out into the hallway of bustling flesh. Chatter resounded through the air as students discuss what happened in class or the latest rumor.

She walked through the crowd, being careful to not bump into. Unfortunately, that wasn't what some people did since a person knocked her over as they rushed by. She dropped her books from the force and the person quickly apologized before continuing on their way. She sighed and kneeled down, gathering her scattered items.

A pair of hands went to pick up the last book as her hands reached for it, handing it to her. Looking up from the length of the owner's arm, she saw a god-like handsome face. He had a sculpted face with high cheekbones, along with a sharp nose. His almond-shaped eyes were pitch-black that seemed to pierce through your very own soul. His lips were pursed in a tight line, not a smile or a frown. Bangs framed the side of his face as his hair was a raven color, but tinted with blue, that looked tousled as if he came out of bed.

He simply wore a black v-neck shirt that was not loose or tight under an unzipped leather jacket. He wore denim pants and a pair of black and white chucks. He resembled the perfect persona of a "bad boy" as one labels.

"Thank you," she muttered and took the book. He stared at her and nodded before leaving to his original destination. When she stood up, she noticed that some people were staring at her. When she returned their gaze they looked away and continued on as if nothing happened.

'Strange,' she thought, her brows furrowing as she thought about it.

Her next class was P.E, to her delight and dread. A bit hypocritical, yes, but she has some problems. She loved playing sports and running, but she felt embarrassed that she wasn't as fast as some of the girls. She disliked the mile because her mile time wasn't the fastest or the slowest.

She opened the doors to the women's locker room and was immediately greeted with half-dressed and some naked girls who swayed their hips in confidence. She went to her locker that was located in a secluded area and changed quickly. The girls took their time in dressing as they talked animatedly.

She wore a slightly large shirt with a pair of sweats and readjusted her bun to be more secure. Slipping on a pair of running shoes, she made her way to the field. Gazing around, she saw boys from her grade and upperclassmen lounging around. A group of juniors, most likely, were playing a game of football, some even taking their shirts off from the amount of sweat clinging to their body.

She watched in awe as one guy, the receiver, ran far as another, the quarterback, threw the football and the receiver jumped a few feet, catching the ball in his hands. His fingers tightly gripped the ball before his feet lightly touch the grassy field. His leg muscles tightened before he launched off, sprinting and dodging the many hands of those trying to tackle him down. Then he stopped and the guys on his team cheered, and Sakura concluded that it was a touchdown.

They pat him on the back, congratulating him for his swiftness and running that rivaled a track person. His fingers brushed his black locks backs, wiping the sweat off of his forehead and neck. He resembled the person that had assisted her earlier, but was taller and leaner. His hair was tied loosely by the nape of his neck. He smirked and waved them off, his breathing labored slightly.

A shrill whistle screeched in the air and the students gathered together. A man suited in a green jumpsuit with a black bowl cut that glinted in the sun grinned energetically. He held a clipboard in his hand with a whistle and stopwatch hanging on his neck.

"Alrighty, kids! It's that time of the month – no, not that one; that's for girls- where we do our monthly mile! Show how youthful you guys are!" he yelled out.

"Yes, Mr. Maito!" they yelled in unison.

Sakura mentally groaned at this unfortunate event and grudgingly followed the throng of people to the track. The girls sat in the bleachers since the guys were supposed to run first, much to their delight. She watched the guy who played receiver as he made his way to the edge, confusing many. Everyone knew that the closer to the first line you are, the smaller the amount you would have to run, yet here he was preparing to sprint.

He kneeled with one foot in front of him, but parallel to the other foot, which was behind him. He crouched with his fingertips barely touching the track's floor. Some students also from track mimicked the same position, so he must have been in track too. When Maito Gai blew his whistle again, they took that as a cue to run. The guy pushed himself with his legs and sprinted at timed pace so he wouldn't exhaust easily.

Surprisingly, the speed he was going was as if he was sprinting. He stayed at that speed, some trailing behind them, as he ran the mile. He didn't slow down, but sped up on the last few laps instead. Sakura didn't know why she was focused on this person, but he had caught her interest slightly.

Too quickly, every guy finished the mile and it was the females turn. She reluctantly climbed down from the bleachers and waited at the line. She nervously tried to calm her beating heart as other girls just groaned. Some people that were also from track or were taking it seriously waited patiently for the cue to start.

The whistle hurt her sensitive hearing, but she went at a jogging pace to not tire out. Some girls were just walking the mile, not caring about their grade. Halfway on the first lap, she was gasping for breath. She cursed herself for being out of shape and kept pushing forward. When she got past the bleachers, she saw multiples eyes staring at her.

"Run little piggy, run!" a boy called out and others started making pig noises.

Sakura clenched her teeth in frustration as she sped up a little faster. Tears pricked the side of her eyes, but it didn't fall since she blinked them away. She sped up little by little until she was on the last lap. Her legs were burning as the lactic acid was doings its job and her lungs were burning up as she was gasping for breath. It felt like the gravity had suddenly increased and she could barely trudge forward. As she rounded the curve, she saw the line and other girls resting.

'Just a little more,' she thought. She sped up her pace to sprinting, her chest heaving from the exertion. She pushed her legs to make larger strides and soon she crossed the finish line.

"10 minutes and 23 seconds, three minutes faster than your last time," the teacher said surprised. She gasped, but it just sounded like she was breathing for air. She was ecstatic from the news and did a mental dance. "Well, see you tomorrow, my youthful students. Don't forget to give your time to that student over there."

He pointed to the guy that held the clipboard and the same guy that Sakura was focusing on. She walked towards him and he glanced down at her. She realized that her head only reached his shoulder, and she was 5'5.

"Time?" his voice was smooth as silk as it flowed out to her ears, music to her ears. She ignored how her cheeks heated up again.

"10, 23," Sakura said and he waited again. She blushed, "Haruno Sakura."

He scribbled down the time next to her name and nodded. Before she left, he muttered words that she would always remember.

"Don't listen to them. You did fine."

Sakura smiled and nodded as she walked away.


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