Well hello there people, It's GuardianAthens again. I've planned this five-six shot story for a bit, after I got inspiration from a few doujinshis I read online. I hope you enjoy this short story.

Also, as a note:

Things in basic Italics are our main character's thoughts

'Italics in small brackets are Russia's, as of now'

It's been two weeks, three days, twenty-three hours and fifty-nine minutes since his kidnapping. He scratched another small, thin line into the floor of his cage.

Crate, it's more of a crate because I can kneel in it easy.

With this last line, the total finally reached eighteen. The lines eased an aching pain, but tore new holes into him. It had been over two and a half weeks since he saw anyone kind, familiar, or sympathetic. These…humans stole him away from his life, and started to mess with it in the cruelest way possible. They had begun to meddle with his DNA. At first they just explored him, pumping drug after drug after drug into him, his memory blank for the first five-day period. Then they began to insert this and that, testing if he would reject it or adapt it. Only one strand grafted to it like it was meant to be there.

The DNA was from a Golden Eagle. So with this new DNA, his body by nature began to grow wings on his back, next to his shoulder blades. As the days passed, pain spiked as the wings grew and settled. A few days ago, the pain stopped, and found that when he unfolded the, they could wrap around him entirely.

The scientists were overwhelmed, to say the least, that they had not just successfully made a Human Hybrid, but one that could use its new assets. From there, they moved onto more specialized tests to see if he had gotten more than just his bodily changes, but powers. Some experiments had them, but died soon after they tried to use them. So far, in his good fortune, they found none.

A bang echoed in the darkness outside of the bars, drawing his wandering thoughts back into reality. Whimpers from other experiments echoed as the only doors opened to reveal blinding light, and a silhouetted figure. The figure wasn't large and imposing, though the objects in his hand sent everyone, including himself, to the back to their dog crates.

His left held a shock stick; a familiar tool that would keep them moving when they were taken to tests. His right held a collar and chains.

The man moved so silently, his facial expressions clearer as he grew closer to Feli's crate. He did not feel for the others, who whimpered like beaten animals or snarled like one. The man, a scientist, stopped at his crate door. He lowered himself to a kneeling position, staring almost in wonder at him through the bars. It disgusted him. He unfolded his wings until they imposed at threat of flying. He 'tsked' him and finally spoke in a nasally voice.

"You won't be doing that anytime soon, little angel. It is time" the man pulled out smirking as he watched the boy's eyes widened impossibly. How could it be my time? It's not possible! I don't want to.

For the first time in two weeks and four days, he wished he could stay in his cage.

As the door clanged open, he pressed himself to the back of the crate, crying out as his cold hands grabbed his arms. He screamed and snarled and fought as hard as he could as he was dragged out onto the floor, where the man grabbed his throat roughly, silencing him and the others around him.

"Shut up or it'll be worse than a shock stick" he heard the man hiss before the shock stick made contact with his shoulder hard with a slap, electricity coursing through him. He bit his lip hard, trembling as his body tried to fight it. Blood flowed from his bottom lip, dripping onto his chin. As it faded, he slumped to the floor, his hands twitching. He could make out the feel of the collar on his neck as it was secured, and could see the sudden kindness in the scientist's eyes as the chains were attached to the collar, one end in his hands.

"Come on now" he said innocently, trying to be kind.

How could such a blight of humanity be kind as he hauled him off for slaughter?

He walked silently behind the man, head bowed to obscure the small tears escaping him. He could hear his cage mates whispered sorrowfully. He didn't need to look up for what the others did. They would press themselves to the front of their crates, hold out their thumb and index finger on their right hand. It was their signal and symbol for 'hope is with you'.

He suppressed a sob as he stepped into the sterile, white hallways of the lab, and never saw his cage mates again.

As the man in the lab coat continued to lead him through the halls, he noticed he wasn't in a part he knew. They passed empty rooms, some with a box or two, some with bloodied curtains. Why curtains? And who's blood. Is that where we end up?

The scientist tugged hard on his collar, pulling him forward and almost tripping him. He could feel the electricity in the air around the shock stick as he came close to slamming into it. They rounded another corner, and were faced his a heavy iron door, code lock on one side. The man waved an ID card in front of the scanner, and the doors opened, revealing the usual windowless holding room, though with additions.

Two long, heavy blue curtains were set up right in the middle, a few one-way mirrors on each side. He squinted at each one, finding that he could actually see the figures inside. So he did have a bonus: enhanced vision. He could even see how many dark spots there were on one of the men's faces. He let his eyes relax, and let his eyes stare at the curtains.

"Come on!" another tug on the collar came, and he knew it was coming. He walked close to the man, and did not show anything to him; no emotion, no reaction. He felt the chain drop to the floor, though heard the sounds of locking. His chain was secured to the floor. He knew not to test how far he could move. He stood rooted to his spot as the men watching him spoke through the PA systems overhead.

"Hello Feliciano…"

"Fuck off" he murmured. His escort heard it, turned up the voltage on his weapon and slapped the shock stick down onto his shoulder again, the electricity blinding him as it coursed through him hard. He lost feeling in his fingers, his back, and his legs, screaming out this time to deaf ears. He watched with bad vision and horror as men behind the glass snickered at his pain. He coughed and sputtered a bit of blood before falling to the ground, sitting on his knees before weakly getting up, trying to fight the caught static in his curl. His entire body shivered and shook hard, though did not give away again, to his escort's dismay. He heard the man in the PA system clear his throat before continuing on with his speech.

"As you have already been informed, it is time. Inside the curtains is a change of wear. Do not attempt anything else" the system clicked off. He shook his entire body hard once, fighting the clinging electricity and immediately pulled the curtains apart, slinked it, and shut them. A moment without eyes on him. He sighed silently before stripping of his disgusting gown he grew to call a 'test gown' and tugged the button-up shirt and shorts.

Finally, something that resembles pants; wait…why would it be funny? Maybe it has something to do with those dreams….

Something echoed in the air as he buttoned up the shirt. He strained his eyes, and thought he heard a faint explosion. It came again quick-like, and the sound of shouting too. He shook it off, and continued to dress.

He pulled the black shorts up, and stepped out into the open once more. The scientist that escorted him had left, and the men behind the windows were as well. Were they the ones shouting? He heard another, this time closer, and felt the ground shake. The room grew dark besides a flashing red alarm above him, a droning audio alarm warbling.

"Attention: the facility has been breached, secure all subjects and wipe all drives…" the warning continued on, and Feli sunk to the floor. The facility was attacked? Was it someone to rescue him? He heard something again, apart from the chaos and the ground rumbling; a tap of sorts, coming from the door. He soundlessly got back up, and made his way cautiously to the door. The taps came louder, and he heard a silent whisper, followed by hushed words muffled by the door. He rested his hand on the wall, below the code lock. He tapped two controls, and watched as an eye scanner popped out. So Marianne was right; they had scanners like this! He placed his left eye over the red scanner, and let the matrix grid scan it. It started to process his scan. Then he realized something.

What if this raid is for him? They don't know about his wings, or his powers, and he wanted to stay that way. He folded his wings back against his back tight, smoothing out the flaps of fabric on his shirt cut out, and watched the scanner. It beeped green, and the door slowly opened into the room, pressing him closer to the walls. Three men quickly came inside.

Two men were armed with assault weapons; one an obvious old WW2-era German infantry weapon, the other a WW2-era Russian infantry weapon. The last man only held what he assumed was a codes hacker, something the subjects knew all too well. They used them to hack into their electric neck bracelets they wore on occasion. Brutal, but for the scientists it was an easy way to subdue and control.

The first man, with the Russian weapon, was tall, somewhat wide-shouldered, and wore an innocent but scary expression on his face, almost-white hair adding to the scary look. Deep purple eyes scanned the room, his hands curled harder around his gun. His long scarf seemed to have its own gravity, the end floating freely in the air. His beige coat did the same, the odd star pin shining a light red courtesy of the alarm lights. He whispered something in German before moving farther into the room, passing him without another look back.

The second was the one with the codes hacker. Dark hair tied up in a ponytail, and sharp brown eyes, he looked Asian to him, and rather feminine. It it hadn't been the lack of boobs that caught his attention, he would of sworn that he was a she. His green army uniform and sharp red arm band almost blended into the shadows, though the faint blue glow of the hacker kept him in sight.

"Maybe in here, aru?" spoke the man. His accent was over obviously Chinese. He stepped up next to what he assumed was a Russian, and nodded the last man farther in. As he stepped into sight, Feli shook with fright.

The man resembled his guards with uncanny accuracy. Blonde hair, slicked back out of his face, and impossibly sharp, blue-cerulean eyes and a scowl painted across his lips. Strict green Army uniform from the German Army, and an Iron Cross hanging from a strong black string. Small wisps of hair went across his forehead, rebelling against the gel that held it up. He scanned the room, missing Feli as he passed the door's edge. His expression changed so greatly, Feli had to hold back from touching the stranger.

His face looked so tired and sad at that moment. With his improved sight, he could see dark circles and lines under his eyes from lack of sleep, sunken cheekbones and soulless-looking eyes backing up the claim. He had given a look that said 'I've got nothing left'. He sighed heavily and walked up to the rest of the group, speaking in hushed English.

"This should have been it; he should be here" he made out the blonde man's German accented words, . The large Russian spoke as well.

"Relax, da? Maybe he's hiding?"

"It's possible, Germany" the Chinese man put out.

Wait…Germany? Germany, Germany, Germany, why is it familiar? It's a country, and he heard others say I am. Am I one? Wait! Yes! It's true! I'm Italia, Northern Italia, of course! How could I forget? Now what about….

Feli stepped forward a few paces, and peeked out of his hiding spot behind the door. The lights died out, the room suddenly lit up again in white light. He didn't have to blink to get used to the sudden change. He looked down though, and grabbed a shock stick perfectly placed near him.

"….Germany?" he hesitantly called out, walking into the open, and hiding the shock stick behind his back.

All three men turned around sharply, tears brimming Germany's eyes as he saw the impossible. He thought he could hear that angelic choir singing in his head as he saw Italy, bruised and a bit bloodied, but not down and dead.

"Italy…" he croaked out, stepping away from his team member's and hesitantly reached out his hand to Feli. The Italian looked at Germany's face, then the hand, and back up into his face before dropping a stick-shaped object, and tentatively grasping the offered hand. Germany sighed at the feel of Italy's still baby soft palms, and slowly pulled him closer. Though Germany could not see it, his party members did.

Italy did not look comfortable with it.

"I'm glad I could find you, Italia" Germany whispered, finally face-length from Italy. He gazed softly into the beautiful brown-amber eyes he had come to miss. Italy stared awestruck at the blue-cerulean of Germanys.

Why is he like this? I only know your name, Germany. Did I know you before the day I was taken? I need to know, because you're unknown to me, and I won't trust you.

"Alright guys, we found him. Meet up at Rally Point Alpha, aru" the Chinese man said into a walkie-talkie, and placed a hand on Germany's shoulder.

"We should start moving to the rally point"

Germany removed his gaze from Italy, and nodded at him.

"Right, China"

He squeezed Feli's hand and started to lead the newly formed threesome from the room. Russia though lagged behind, and picked up the discarded shock stick from the ground, and examined it.

"Why would Italy have this?" Russia questioned the weapon. Getting no response, he decided to take it with him, hiding it within his coat, and sprinted to catch up with his comrades. He noticed as he got closer how Italy flinched, though not enough to alert the German holding his right hand. Italy peeked back at him, a mixture of a scowl and a smile greeting him, and returned his eyes up front.

'Something isn't right about little Italy'

Russ looked over his shoulder, taking in the sudden antiseptic and bloodied smells wafting through the unsealed doors they passed.

'What happened to him here?'

After a long, quiet walk through the building, the group walked away from the facility and met up with the rest of the 'attack force' atop of a grassy, flower-dotted hill. Italy looked upon all the unfamiliar faces of countries. Not a single name came into his mind as we swept the wave of faces as they cheered for his return.


"Thank goodness, you're ok Italy"

"Welcome back Italy!"

"Ita-chan, it's you!" one voice shouted over the rest, and rushed him into a hug, which he did not return at first. The man had a Spanish-like accent, unruly brown hair, and soft green eyes that looked almost too innocent for his own good.

"Mucho gusto, it is you! Ita-chan!" shouted the man. Somewhere deep within Italy's mind, a name clicked into place.

"Spain…" he whispered, and hugged back, unconscious of the fact that besides the name, he had no clue who this man is. Spain squeezed him hard before letting him go, stepping back to peer into the slightly sunken face of Italy.

"You may look a bit beaten, but you're ok overall, yes?"

"Si, I'm ok" replied Italy. Spain smiled his trademark smile, not that Italy knew, and the nations around them laughed and smiled with him.

"Ok, ok, enough," shouted Germany over the crowd. "We have Italia back, now let's get him home to breathe new freedom, ja?"

The whole group shouted 'yes' in their main language, a fresh breath of unity passing through the air so gently, it made Italy shiver. Not just because he wasn't expecting it, but…

…it reminded him too much of his cage mates. It opened a fresh scar, and he let a few tears slide down his face.

"It's ok Italy, no need to cry," cooed Spain as he swiped a tear off of his face. "We finally unified over one thing, isn't it great?"

Italy did not have time to answer the Spaniard, as he was lead to a car up the hill they gathered on. The grey car's back door swung open, revealing soft black leather, a few filled wine glasses and a fresh plate of classic Italian pasta. He could smell the wine and the tomato sauce from this distance. His mouth watered unknowingly at it.

"Come on, Italy. It's time to go home" Germany said, climbing into the driver seat of the car. Italy moved without thought, jumping into the welcoming back seat, and immediately taking a wine glass full of red wine, and gulping it like he was in the desert without water.

"Take it easy, Italy" Germany said softly, pulling the car into drive, and leaving what remained of the laboratory. Italy sighed in the backseat in relief as he would never see the place again. Though something was poking at him; something he could not ignore.

Who are these countries, and why do I trust them?

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