Here we go people, this is it. The end of 'His Golden Fight or Flight'. I hope you love this.

"Alright, let's move out!"

Over the past few hours, every nation flew out of France to Jersey Airport as fast as they could. They even found the personification of Jersey waiting for them as their plane unloaded. She greeted England and France like family, and offered them a ride to St. Brelade. Everyone gladly accepted, and piled into ready cars. The drive seemed to drag on a while, countless houses blurred past them. As they reached the rim of town, they bailed out, left to wander the streets.

"Just a tip, fellas" Jersey called out from her car. "Head for Checkers. You may find something there"

Jersey drove off, leaving the group to wander. They had their plan: split into small groups, and head for anything or anyone who could have info. Germany's group, which is comprised of France, Romano, Prussia, Seborga and England, headed for the direction of Checkers.

"So…does anyone know what Checkers looks like?" France asked the group. Everyone simultaneously looked at one another, and a chorus of laughter erupted.

"Nope" they all chorused together. They continued their laughter as they walked through town, taking note of the shops and buildings. They didn't know why they were laughing at all anyway; this was supposed to be a rescue mission, something to be taken seriously, because Italy's life rested in their hands.

They guessed Italy's positive outlook on everything had rubbed off on them.

"Excuse me…" Germany and Romano turned around to find a small human boy, no older than ten, wearing a small brown cloak and tan slacks, barely covering his green eyes and tussled black hair.

"A-are you….Ludwig? I'm sorry if I'm pestering-"

"No, no you're not. I'm Ludwig" Germany kneeled down to the boy's height, still towering over him, but close enough. "What is it?"

The boy dug into the cloak, pulling out a small white envelope. Tied through a small hole in the corner was a red, white, and green rope. On the front, written in neat cursive, were his name, and the words 'News from the Inside'.

"La resistenza bears good news…I hope" The boy handed the letter to Ludwig with both hands, smiling like it was Christmas. Ludwig took it gladly, squeezing the boy's hands before smiling himself.

"Thank you so much Kyle for doing this for us" Ludwig said. Kyle nodded feverishly before pulling his hood back on and running off back from which he came. Ludwig stood up, and started to open the envelope.

"There's Checkers!" Seborga cried, pointed at a tall building in front of them, rounded glass area protruding outward. Ludwig slipped the envelope into his pocket and led the way, crossing the street and entering Checkers, which turned out to be a sort of diner/tourist spot. The rest of the groups somehow had made it there before them, all watching with anxious eyes as they stepped through the glass doors. They quickly ordered drinks to keep the populous away from them and slid into the booth next to the rest of the large group. They all twisted and turned in their seats, trying to crowd around the group.

"You guys made it!" cheered America, handing England a pack of sugar, knowing he would ask of it. England gladly took it, draining the packet into the cup, swirling it quickly. England had somehow gone with coffee; it may have been the tea they served here was French, and not English.

"We did final-fucking-ly" Romano said, sinking into his seat. He tapped the top of his cup of wine and took a sip. He looked straight at Germany.

"Go on then, Germany" Romano mumbled, taking another sip. Germany sighed, and slowly took out the letter, placing it in the center of their table. The group grew silent, only a few gasps and murmurs piercing the air.

"I sent word to Feli through a small group of 'double agents' in CrossBond, calling themselves la resistenza. They agreed to give back anything sent under the alias 'The World', or 'Ludwig'. This should contain something from Italy, maybe a few other things." Germany reached for a butter knife, and sliced open the letter. Everyone leaned in as he pulled out the contents. Three things came out. A letter folded neatly, a photo, and what looked like a video chip. Ludwig flipped the picture over from its face-down place. He choked on his air, letting out a strangled cry out.

The picture, though admittedly a bit blurry, is of their Italy; little Feliciano. Bandaged up from head to toe, laying on a medical bed. He looked deathly pale from the last time they saw him, bags somehow evident on his face. He looked at them like he usually would; smiling like the sun, eyes somehow sparkling even in the dark theme of the room around him. At first, they thought he was faking it, but the magnitude he was smiling told a different story. He knew that they would come to save him from all of this. He knew everything would be ok. He smiled because he believes in something.

Germany and Romano found themselves crying again as they handed the photo around, several countries joining them in the tear fest. The photo was laid back in the middle of the table with computer chip. Germany picked up the note, unfolding it gently, afraid of it tearing or ripping. For now, this paper is like a butterfly; so easy to hurt or break.

Germany chuckled softly as he read it, and the others slowly digested it with eager eyes.

'Hi everyone, and Germany! I got it. I'm somewhere near the coast, little cove/alcove, high up on the cliffs.'

"Germany, someone added things" France pointed out on the letter. Germany read on, noticing the change in handwriting.

'I know I shouldn't add this but I am. My name is Blake, and I'm your informant from inside CrossBond. Italy's safe for now, but I would make quick haste.

Go to La Route des Camps; it'll lead you here, good luck. I'm with him, so he'll be safe for a while, but please hurry. Come quick. Hail Cross is close to claiming his life. He's wounded bad, if you could tell by the picture I'm going to put in here. The computer chip I will also put in here is a video file. It will contain a bit of information, and a few things from Italy. Some things may disturb you, so fair warning.

~ Blake Fairweather'

"Shit" is what Germany decided to say. Yes, this meant that Italy is still alive, but it also told them of his soon-to-be demise.

"This fucker Hail Cross…."

"Ok, before we start cursing away with Hail Cross, we should watch this video thing" England said, raising the chip up with two fingers. "Anyone bring a computer with them"

All eyes went to America, who heaved up his laptop still painted with the words 'I want YOU'.

"Dude, don't EVEN ask if I didn't bring a fucking laptop. Even in an emergency, Tumblr and Facebook must be checked" America said as he booted the computer up, clicking away his rapidly updating Tumblr dashboard.

"You asshat, you're worried about your blog?"

"Can't go without funny cat pictures, or I start flaming random shit" America mumbled, taking the chip from England and plugging it into the left side of his computer. The media player on his computer booted up, widening to full screen. The image of a woman in a lab coat shook into the picture. As the fuzzy interference of the picture dissipated, the woman spoke.

"Ok, well….If you haven't read the note, I'm Blake. I'm the double agent intercepting information for you guys while you're trying to get your missing friend. He, for the lack of a better term, is pretty fucked up courtesy of the head of the company for the entirety of Europe, Hail Cross. He's lucky he's a country, and that he has a bit of accelerated healing due to the DNA meddling, because he should have died on the ground when Cross attacked. He'll probably be up and walking in a day or less, probably ready to fight in less.

"You may also want to know a few other things. The facility, which overlooks Beaumont Bay, is actually not really guarded. It's the experiments you need to look out for. They are mostly the best of the tests CrossBond has accomplished, and are ready to kill you. They are also controlled by Cross, you know what fuck it. Her name's Ana. Ana is a mutant as well. She can control certain things with her mind, and summon unimaginable amounts of rage and other things if you tip her off her iceberg, if you get me.

"Italy is Ana's will, her one ace-in-the-hole. She thinks of him as a son, someone she can trust and love. He's in grave danger as long as he's in the eyes of her. She will try anything to get him to side with her, probably to the point of mind control. If you start your assault, I advise you to the far west corner of the facility. I'm usually wandering around there due to the fact that not a lot happens in the infirmary of this place. I can get you in from there. Before I shut this down, I think Italy would like to speak to you"

The camera fuzzed out into snow, and snapped back on as it was carried down a long white hallway and through a door. The sound continued.

"Hey, Feli"

The camera moved up to the only person in the room, who was sketching away at a pad, determined look on his face. He turned gleefully to them and smiled. Italy still had bruises lining his face, but they looked faded. He waved with the pad in hand.

"Hi Blake! What's with the camera, ve?"

"I'm going to be sending this to your friends, Feli, so they can have a bit of reassurance. I thought you would have something to say to them"

Italy's face lit up, and he set the pad down, reaching out and grabbing into the air for the camera. Blake chuckled off-screen and handed the camera to him. It shuffled and blurred until it focused once more, right at Italy. It must have been balanced on his feet.

"I'll be just outside. I think you deserve some privacy for this one" Off-screen, a door shut closed, and all that was left was Italy and the camera. He poked at it first, as if unsure if it was taping, then settled back, hands in his lap.

"Ve, well…um….Hi guys!" he waved at the camera. "I guess I can just talk to the camera, so…." He looked down at his hands, still lined with bruises and cuts.

"I just hope you guys get here soon. I know Ana has a thing for me, and I know she'll do anything to have me with her. This was just the start of it I know it. I may be a bit stronger, but I don't think it'll help at all. I don't want to die here" Italy started to tear and curled himself up, jarring the camera so it could zoom in to the falling tears.

"J-just get here soon, and with enough firepower. Blake will help, and then we can go on without worrying about this. Someone could fix the DNA problem, and we can go back to our lives. I can go back to Germany…" Italy grabbed the camera suddenly, zoomed it out and set it in front of his face. The bruising and cuts were move visible, the small bags under his eyes darker then before.

"Germany…I would you'll get this. If anything happens to me before you get here….I... Ich möchte nur, dass Sie wissen, dass Sie mein ein und alles sind"

Germany let out a choked cry.

"Wenn ich sterb bevor du kommen hier, Ich möchte, dass du weißt, dass ich liebe dich"

Italy set the camera back down at his feet, and smiled sadly at it.

"Just don't make the mistake of underestimating Ana, guys. She can basically do anything here. I hope to see everyone again. Ciao for now…hopefully"

The camera shut off, and the file ended. Everyone looked at Germany, who looked like he relived WW2 all over again.

"What did he say?" England asked. Germany didn't move, or even lift the hand over his mouth. He barely moved his eyes to meet the Germanic nations huddled together, tears threatening to spill. Suddenly all eyes are on them, and Prussia tries to clear his throat.

"What Italy said…was…" Prussia couldn't even say it. He tried to clear his throat, but to no avail. Austria rubbed his shoulder to tell him to stop trying. Liechtenstein, however, found a voice.

"He said something that he wanted to say to him for a long time. He just never had the confidence to say it. I helped him learn a bit of German, the rest was Germany's doing. I think it would be best if you let us keep it secret" Switzerland laid a hand on her shoulder and nodded proudly at her. She in turn smiled at Germany.

"Du bist willkommen Deutschland" she said.

"Danke Liechtenstein" he said in return. He stood up, slowly, bracing himself with the table. Everyone kept their eyes trained to him.

"Alright, we have a road name, and a bay we need to look up. If we find it, we could move onto the facility and get Italy before night falls. America…"


"We need Google Maps" America's face lit up like his birthday fireworks as he pressed a button and Google popped up.


Blake began pacing around the western corner of the facility once more. She's getting anxious, as if she wasn't before Italy got here. She soon wouldn't have to bear with being here or with CrossBond anymore. She also knew what Ana is up to.

She had begun to increase the guard count; not exponentially but enough to put up a pretty good fight. The moment they stepped on the grounds, word was out in the resistenza. Italy was told about it, and he immediately expressed worry for his friends. She told him, if they are who they are told to be they would make it. Italy found out as well she knew about him being a nation, not that he cared.

Then Ana started it up all again. She was driving herself into insanity. She started her experimental drugs gain. They were small, blue, and killed anyone who took it besides Ana herself. No one knew what they did, or what the hell they were made of, but they knew she had a lot of them. For the third time today, an experiment came in bruised and bloodied. Poor girl had accidentally bumped into her as she patrolled the yards. Ana now was a live wire; one trip and she blew, and then reset.

"Ms. Blake" Blake turned to find her assistant and partner for the double-agent operation, Michal, running up.

"Michal, what is the rush?"

"This" Michal handed her a small letter, addressed by the alias 'Ludwig'.

"Thank you, Michal. Return to the lab, get Feli dressed for battle" she ordered, and Michal ran back. She opened the letter, and heard the nearby trees rustle without wind. She looked at them, and then back to the letter.

"We're on our way. Look to the trees for the signal,


"The trees…" she looked over to them, and then heard it. Three knocks on the wood in succession. They repeated once more.

She let out a loose whistle, like a birds call, in response. The air stilled in the sudden silence, then the response.

A hard, low whistle, then two sharp high notes followed.

"Alright" she whispered and ran off back to the facility. The time for rebellion has come.

"She should be here anytime, Feli" Michal told Italy as he finished dressing. He played with the open slits of his shirt, feeling the folded away down feathers hidden behind the brown fabric. It's almost time, it's almost time. The mantra echoed forever in his head since he started to dress. He tugged at the folded up cuffs and silver cufflinks latched to them. The cufflinks would spike out if he needed an extra weapon.



"How do you think this is all going to end up?" Italy said silently, turning to Michal as he strapped a gun to his side.

"How, I have no clue, but I do know this. Blake is going to get you home, and your friends are going to save you." He said, smiling brightly at him. He tossed Italy a knife inside its sheath. Italy quickly tossed it back.

"No need" Italy said, showing his own knives hidden in his boots, the small initials shining in the light. Michal let out a low whistle in amazement.

"Nice" Blake walked in as Michal turned to leave. She nodded at him, and left running. He knew what is to be done.

"You look good, Italy. Boots have enough room for those knives?" At that Italy tugged out both knives, holding them sideways.

"Si. It's perfect, just right" he slid the knives back into their hiding spots. "So…it's starting"

"Yes. We're going to bolt now. They're waiting out of the facility. It's gotten a bit risky to invade and conquer the place" she said, tightening a loose strap of her jeans. Italy nodded in acknowledgement. He slowly tested out everything he had: claws. They extended out, all sharpened to a high point. Check. Hearing and Vision enhancements. He could hear a pen drop a few rooms away, and a set of footfalls down the hall as well. He could see the fly along the far wall clean itself. Check. Enhanced healing. He extended a claw and scratched a light gash into his palm. It slowly started to stitch together, and closed all together in a matter of seconds. Check. Wings.

"Alright, back up a bit" he prompted, and let them fly. They extended wide, small loose feather falling from their place down to the ground. The dark feather seemed to shine into a dark sheen, not a single primary feather askew or missing. He folded them back, and flexed his shoulders to keep them on his back.

"Check. Everything's ready!" Feli said, bouncing on one foot. Blake nodded and waved him over. He followed quickly behind her as they basically raced through the base.

"Blake! Feliciano!" they stopped dead, and turned behind them. Behind them is Ana, her eyes a scary deep blue. She looked tired and insane all in one facial expression. She had her hands curled into fists, the smallest of lines of blood dripping down. She looked ready to fight, she was dressed to fight. She's primed to fight.

"Where the fuck are you going Feliciano?" Ana snarled through bared teeth, taking a step toward them. "Do you think you can parade around without me?"


"WELL?!" Ana yelled, the invisible shockwave of her mental powers rippling around her. Italy could feel the pressure build up. He simply pushed it away, as if it were nothing.

"I do, because you are NOT getting me in any form, you rotten, fucked-up mess of a test subject" Italy snarled, itching to pull a knife and fling it at her, but kept himself calm. Ana stilled, and then cackled like the ball of insanity she is.

"You're…DEAD!" she vaulted toward them. Blake pulled out a shock stick, one long and large, and smacked her in her face, flipping head over heels to her face. She groaned as the electricity coursed through her.

"Run!" Blake yelled, and both bolted from the jarring body of Ana. Everyone working under the resistenza rushed out of their hiding and ran with them, running through the entire facility. Alarms started to blare up and around them, and Italy started to feel it; Ana's influence. Her voice, razor sharp and dripping with poison, shouted around them as well.


"Fucking bitch…" Blake cursed. She turned sharp at the next corner, and their doors to freedom were blocked by two burley guards.

"Italy, time to see if those claws live up to reputation" Italy smirked as Blake talked, extending his claws out far. He snarled out something bird-like and bolted forward in front of everyone, letting out a screech of warning to the guards.

They're about to get their shit fucked up.

When the alarms went off, the countries knew that it had begun. Experiments swarmed the yards, screaming and screeching and hollering in the name of Ana. The guards swarmed into the building, some guarding the doors from the outside. Some experiments looked so mutated, they didn't look human. One man was partly morphed into what looked like a mountain cat, canines and claws razor sharp. One girl was having fun with the fire she could generate and tossed it in-between her hands with not a care in the world.

"Damn, bruder. These things are fucking nuts" Prussia whispered as he crawled up next to Germany. Germany grunted in agreement.

"I'm starting to get worried Italy's trapped"


Then the announcement blared through the entire air.


"Well, now we know they're targeted" America said, adjusting the sights of his sniper rifle.

The entire lab spurred into even more of a frenzy, test subjects pouncing around, attacking the ground and sometimes attacking each other until what little common sense they had kicked it. Germany thought watched one of the doors as it seized from the inside.

"Dude, did you see that shit?" Denmark whispered sharply, pointing at the door. It seized once more and snapped open in a flurry of screams and flying pieces of bodies and metal. The two guards guarding from the outside were killed instantly. Out of the door came out Blake, bloodied in patches and Italy, claws dripping in blood and face splattered with it. Pieces of the once alive guards stuck to him like pot stickers.

"NOW!" yelled out the European countries and stormed down the hill and out of the tree line, bullets flying. The chain link fence had been burned down by the young girl, who was now shouting in French. France yelled back at her charged for her first. They all hopped into the fight. Germany's the first to make a solid hit on anyone.

He ran right in front of the mass crowd of nations, and winded up a punch. Luckily, a guard just timed a perfect look behind him at the new players of this 'war' and received a huge ass fist in his face. It crunched and crumbled into a bloody, disfigured pile underneath the force of it. The man fell down, dead, his face an ugly-looking pile of flesh, snapped bones, and mashed brains. He quickly moved on, not a single thought given to the dead man.

"Germany, watch out!" Germany barely had enough time to see the glint of a blade before the man was on him, or so he thought. He screamed as he lunged at him, as if he was struck. Feli's head popped out from behind, claw dug deep into the man's head. He brought him down, dragging the sharp talons across his face, blood spraying and pouring everywhere. The man sputtered out an inaudible word before finally going limp underneath him. Italy panted hard as he stared at the body, watching the blood seep into the grass. He gave one last grunt at the man and stood up, picking away the largest bits of flesh from his hands. Finally after they were clean enough, he faced Germany, who looked at him for the first time in his long life in awe.

"You forgot to check your flank captain," Italy said, saluting with his right hand, "I couldn't let you get killed now could I?"

"Italy, I-Watch out!" Germany pushed him to the side as the experiment came down with a lead pipe. He gripped it hard, feeling the bones in his hand strain and the skin split under the pressure. The experiment laughed like a psycho at him and tried to raise the pipe again, only to struggle to pull it from Germany's grasp. Germany chuckled as he pulled the pipe, and the experiment, closer and snapped a leg into his gut, sending him back with a whoosh of air. Italy had gotten up, and pounced onto him, clawing him up into a pile of blood and strips of human flesh. As he finished, he wiped the blood from his mouth (he had bitten into the experiment to help put him down) and tossed Germany an object from the now pile of mush.

An Iron Cross.

"He tore it off of you. You should hold onto it better" Italy said with a playful smirk. Germany quickly grabbed Italy by the collar and pulled him into a quick kiss before returning the smirk.

"You're ok"

"Si, I am, but now I'm kicking ass. Let's go kick some!" Italy said, and ran off to help the battle near the door. Germany smiled as he saw Italy kick a guard in the balls with a battle cry. He had never thought he would see Italy do such things before. He quickly heard Hungary cry for help, and was off to help her.

Ana slowly made her way outside, clutching her forehead. She didn't know Blake was a traitor, or even that she had that damn shock stick with her. When this is over, she will pay for what she has done. Ana surveyed the newly cooked chaos. The countries had arrived, and were fighting the arriving forces of CrossBond. She smirked, and dropped her hand. She chuckled darkly, feeling the power bubbling back up to the surface. They would pay for betraying her, for betraying CrossBond. She stepped out delibreatly, ambushed by a few rouge personnel wielding clubs.

She grinded her teeth in concentration, letting the shockwave of pure mind manipulation spiral out. The heads of the three men slowly caved in their cries cut out as their brains spewed out like volcanoes, flowing out of the holes in their skulls and their bleeding ears. They fell to the ground in disgusting heaps of grey brain matter and discolored blood. They sputtered out incoherent jumbles of letters as they twitched down to their deaths. She smirked and kicked a body. Dumb bastards, they never knew what she could do.

"Italy, watch your six!" Ana turned to the voice shouting. She gasped as she watched her little Feli shoot up a few feet into the air, wings out wide as he swung out with bloodied claws at his attackers. She also noticed he kept his eyes on a large German man. Hair golden blond, swept away from his face, and sharp but soft blue eyes. Italy always watched him as he returned to the earth, smiling at him like they were…

"Oh..." Ana said, smirking and curling her hands into fists. He was the key. He was the one connection, the playing ace she needed to get her little Feliciano with her. She thought of a plan. Luck was on her side as she saw Trevor and Krator duking it out with an odd-looking Frenchmen and a young woman with a rather think braid down one side of her head.

"Trevor, Krator!" she called out. Both men jumped for the opportunity to run from the duo, and were not chased as they ran. The two others ran off in different directions, most likely to help their comrades.

"Yes, Hail Cross?" they both said, panting heavy as they stood ram rod straight. They looked a bit beaten and bruised, small lines cut into their skins spilling with tiny beads of blood. Overall, they were still fresh in this fight.

"I have an idea how to keep Subject 2 down with us" Both men looked at each other, and returned their gaze, and their wide smiles, to Ana.

"We're in"

"Germany, I have to help Blake" Italy said, not waiting for an answer before he ran off to help her. Germany was left alone to fight whatever came at him. First was a weird experiment. Her mutation was some sort of cat, and god damn, did she have some add ons. Long canines, pointed ears and tail, and claws sharp as razor blades. She just came right at him, claws out and letting out a shriek painful enough silence anything. It was entirely inexperienced, so all Germany had to do was smack her, slamming her into the ground, and with a quick snap of her neck, was put out of her misery.

As he stood back up, he did not catch Krator coming up to him with a shock stick, staring so intently at the bullet hole wound still in his neck.

"Got ya, you crazy son of a bitch" Krator hissed, and slammed the shock stick down right into the wound with a sickly slap.

As the shock stick made contact, a loud, long high-pitched screech went out into the air, forcing every down onto their knees, painfully holding their ears as it reverberated everywhere. The ear-shattering shriek hit everyone and everything, people screaming out for it to stop. Some had begun to dig at their heads and ears in desperation. It shattered eardrums ten feet from where it started. People five feet or closer slowly started to bleed from the ears. A foot or less started spasming from it, unable to control anything. Italy barely could look up as he saw who it came from.

"NO!" he ran as best he could and watch with horror as the cry was cut short, and Germany fell to the ground in complete paralysis. Krator stood behind him with half of a shock stick in his hand, creepy victorious smirk on his face.

"GET THE FUCK AWAY FROM HIM!" Italy screeched, picking up a random object to hit him with, only to be hit himself in the back of the head, making him black out long enough to hit the ground with a hard thud. He could barely keep his eyes open, but still could see Krator and Trevor start to drag Germany away, blood staining everything.

"N-n-oo.." Italy said weakly, reaching out to him. He heard someone chuckle near him, and when another object hit him square in the same spot on his head, he blacked out. The last image of Germany being dragged toward a cage was ingrained into his mind.

"Italy, come on!" Italy moaned weakly at the new voice.

"Italy…" Italy didn't intend to wake up, but the quick picture still in his head made him. He shot straight up, opening his eyes before he started to bolt away. Several pairs of hands grabbed him and pulled him back.

"Italy, are you insane!?" Austria said at him, gripping his right wrist hard. Italy quivered before dropping to his knees, tears overflowing.

"Germany! Where's Germany! I..I saw him get taken and-"

"We're sorry, Feli..," Hungary said, dropping down next to him, rubbing a hand on his back soothingly, "They got away before we could get them. We tried to chase them, but…"

"But they were faster. We weren't in any shape to chase them" America picked up the sentence, looking down at Italy sadly. Italy shook everyone off him, and pounded into the ground, letting out yells and shrieks of rage and sadness.


"Italy…" Austria tried to help, but Hungary stopped him, stepping back from the despairing country. Everyone stepped back as Italy howled into the air, throwing his head back and crying out.


To Be Continued IN THE SEQUEL! That's right, I said sequel, because I can't keep Germany with CrossBond. I hope you all enjoyed this wonderful story, and I hope to see all of you in the next part.

A Few Translations this time, as well, all for German:

Wenn ich sterb bevor du kommen hier, Ich möchte, dass du weißt, dass ich liebe dich- If I die before you come here, I want you to know that I love you.

Ich möchte nur, dass Sie wissen, dass Sie mein ein und alles sind- I just want you to know that you are my everything

Du bist willkommen Deutschland- You're Welcome Germany

Oh! I forgot! The sequel needs a few more characters, since we'll be seeing into what happens as a experiment. So I need two, maybe three more. Send the characters via PM. Um...Just, you know, name, gender, power(If any since experiments fail), personality, and if they are pro-CrossBond or anti-CrossBond.