Po trys to think of something,then while tigress was out,he got out from under the bed and was gonna sneak out the window but he steps on a rubber ducky that quacks

"huh?"as tigress turns back around and she was just about to go downstairs

"oh man!"po couldn't hide under the bed this time,he had to think quick

as tigress was back in her room she thought she heard something,but from the top of her was po hanging on the ceiling,sweating in fear that if she spots him,he would be in big trouble

"climbing ability don't fail me now"he mumbles as his back was pressed on the ceiling

"i guess i don't need to check up on po,I guess hes okay"as tigress yawns and slowly went to her bed

"oh no,she could see me"po was beginning to shake

Tigress went under the covers and went to sleep,she smiled in her sleep cause tomorrow would be her birthday

"oh god oh god oh god"as a drop of sweat was beginning to roll down his head

Then a drop of sweat fell off his head and started falling down,and dropped on tigress' nose still asleep she started to mumble and she looked mad as her paw was coming near her nose,she rubs her nose and yawns then turns around

"few.."po sighed in relief

He slowly came back down,and quietly walked to the sleeping tigress,he strokes her check but she need woke up,when tigress goes to sleep she stays asleep till morning,then he slowly leans over and kissed her on the lips,then quickly broke the kiss and walked away

"I love you too tigress"he said closing her door

he couldn't stay,so he left and went back home

*next day*

"po!,po!,son your late for school you overslept"as his father flaps his wings looking at po

"WHAT! IM LATE why didn't you wake me up!"as po quickly put on his shirt,tie and blazer

"oh po,you're becoming a grown man I don't need to wake you up like a kid anymore"as the goose went down stairs

*Bell rings(2:00 almost time for school to be over)*

"I hope you all are finished with your math test,and I hope you have a excellent weekend"said the teacher,he was a pink flamingo

"oh you bet!,I got an invitation to tigress' birthday I heard it's gonna be fun!"said a Male lion who was growing a mane

"I know right,I got one too Ima have a great time"said a female lioness

But Po and Crane never got one

"we got one too"as Monkey and Mantis hold up their invites

"well we didn't?"as Crane stood up,and everyone gasp at what he said so he sat back down

"you don't have an invite,tigress must really hate you then or tai-lung hates you.."said the Lioness

"hay but haven't you heard?,tigress dumped tai-lung though?!"said the Male Lion

"OMG really?!"said the Lioness she quickly Texted about it on facebook with her cell phone,then the Bell Rings again it was time to go,and everyone ran out into the hallway and go home getting ready for the party

I'm a real wild child

(the Bell rings again)

Well I'm just outta school(lots of students ran on all fours,out the school door)
Like I'm real real cool(a Teenage badger skateboards down the stair rail)
Gotta dance like a fool(a Lioness shreak as they ran to the party)
Got the message that I gotta be(2 Female Flamingos start texting everyone on Facebook)
A wild one(Text:Go Tigress's Birthday)
Ooh yeah I'm a wild one(they put up their phones and start flying to the party)

Gotta break it loose(po and his friends walks out the door)
Gonna keep 'em moving' wild
Gonna keep a swingin' baby("let's get into that party"said po then they all nodded)
I'm a real wild child(at the party,it was full of class students)

Gonna meet all my friends
Gonna have ourselfs a ball(a group of teens was playing volleyball)
Gonna tell my friends(teenage Panther girls was dancing with their boyfriends)
Gonna tell them all
That I'm a wild one(a Grizzly Bear was surfing,as there was machine that controls the waves,make them big or small)
Ooh yeah I'm a wild one(he falls off his surfboard and comes up to the surface)

Gotta break it loose(as po and his friends sneak in from the back gate they hide in a bush)
Gonna keep 'em moving' wild
Gonna keep a swingin' baby
I'm a real wild child(they see another bush on the other side)

I'm a wild one(po starts tiptoeing to the other side)
I'm a wild one(crane flies to the other side)
I'm a wild one(monkey tiptoes to the other side too)
Oh baby I'm a wild one(mantis hops to the other side)

Gotta break it loose(there heads pop out of the bush)
Gonna keep 'em moving' wild
Gonna keep a swingin' baby(then as they all turn their heads forward their mouths start hanging down)
I'm a real wild child(Viper had on sunglasses,tigress had on a red bikini and had on sunglasses,Lola had on a yellow bikini and had on sunglasses,Vela had on a purple bikini with sunglasses as they all walked in slow motion)

ooh(the guys slowly closed their jaws)

I'm a real wild one An' I like a wild fun(a bunch of teens was holding pizzas in one paw while dancing)

In a world gone crazy(a Lion was putting ketchup to make it look like blood all over his mouth and act crazy,trying to scare people)
Everything seems hazy(A Group of snakes was playing twister as they was all tied in a knot)
I'm a wild one(Tigress and her friends was laying on the sand,tanning)
Ooh yeah I'm a wild one(Tai-lung was sitting over there growling at po and his friends sitting at the bushes looking at tigress and her friends)

Gotta break it loose(po trys to sneak over and try to impress her,as he finds a surf board on the ground almost right by her)
Gonna keep 'em moving' wild(he quickly grabs the surf board and quickly left,and tigress stood and her surf board was missing)
Gonna keep a swingin' baby(he runs to the water with the surfboard)
I'm a real wild child(he lays down on the surfboard and start moving his arms)

I'm a wild one("oh man"he gulps)
I'm a wild one(Tai-lung snickers as he went to the wave machine)
I'm a wild one(he put it to level 20)
Oh baby I'm a wild one(the waves start to get bigger and bigger it was almost taller than the mansion)

Gotta break it loose(as po eyes widen)
Gonna keep 'em moving' wild
Gonna keep a swingin' baby
I'm a real wild child(everyone gasp at the size of that wave)

I'm a real wild child now(po then turns around trying to go back)

I'm gonna break it loose(the wave was coming closer to him)

I'm gonna keep it wild(tigress got up and watched po who was gonna get stuck in the wave"PO!")

I'm a real wild child(then he was now in the water,and didn't come back out)

I'm a wild one(Po pops out of the water and start surfing)

I'm a wild one(everyone start cheering)

I'm a wild one(he does a handstand on the board)

Oh baby I'm a wild one(tigress laughs as she grabs a board and went surfing with him)

Gotta break it loose(she lies on her belly and start using her paws to take her to the wave)
Gonna keep 'em moving' wild(she surfed behind him)
Gonna keep a swingin' baby
I'm a real wild child(the wave start forming into the tube)

I'm a wild one(as they both stood up on their boards they went into the tube)
Ooh yeah
I'm a wild one(tigress leans forward catching up with po)
Oh yeah
I'm a wild one(he starts leaning forward too as they both grin)
Oh baby
I'm a wild one(then tigress was out of the tube and does a 360 in the air and so did po)

I'm a real wild child(as they was off their boards while in the air they raised their paws in the air as they was gonna fall in the water"WOOOHOOOO!"they both said)

*late afternoon*

everyone gathered around as tigress' birthday cake was coming to the large table,it was 4 lair cake,with 16 candles,they all begin to sing to the birthday girl

"Happy birthday to you,Happy birthday to you,Happy birthday to you,Happy birthday to you"they all sang

"blow out the candles!"said Viper

Tigress then blows out the Candle and makes a wish,then takes a slice

"what you wish for?"said po,then tigress looked at him..her wish was to be with him

"nothing.."she said while doing a fake smiled,and walked away to an empty seat

"more for us!"said a Lion in the crowed

as everyone was full from the cake they all went home,put po and his friends stayed,while po was staring at tigress who ate at a nearby table,what troubled him was,what did tigress wish for?