"Me?" Wolf pulled back, trying to decipher what Scarlet was referring to.

Her soft fingers traveled down his chest, sending shivers to every corner of his body, until they landed on his belt. "Don't tell me you didn't expect me to notice this." She barely stroked his hard length before his breath caught in his throat.

"Scarlet, don't," he warned. "I don't know if I can hold myself back."

She would not listen as her fingers already started undoing his belt. "Then don't hold back."

"But I'll hurt you." His voice was soft as a feather but even he couldn't bring himself to push Scarlet's hands away.

"No, you won't," she said, sounding sure of herself.

But Thorne's words echoed in Wolf's head. He could potentially cause her a ton more pain, perhaps more than she knew. He had made a vow never to hurt her anymore; he didn't want to break a promise so soon.

Scarlet's frustrated voice pierced his thoughts. "Help me with this." Wolf looked down and saw that his shirt was being pushed up by her small hands as they tried to simultaneously undo his pants. This brought amusement to his face if it weren't for the fact that Scarlet was actually wanting him to unleash his pent up energy.

But if he didn't do as she bid, he might explode. Her passion and want for more had made him feel the need to claim her for his own. She was his tempestuous and headstrong beauty.

He decided she was right. Wolf sat back and pulled his shirt over his head before tugging down his restraining trousers. He could see that Scarlet's half-lidded gaze was pinned on his shaft and he hardened even more as her tongue ran over her full lips, moistening them and tempting him.

He stayed sitting on his heels as Scarlet sat up, seemingly mesmerized by his body. Her hands reached forward before her eyes looked up innocently at his. "May I?" she asked.

Wolf gave a sharp nod right before Scarlet's fingers lightly touched him. He gritted his teeth, already wondering how long he would last like this. She bent down and placed a kiss on his tip, enjoying the sound of his gasp. She knew it was mean to tease him like this but she had doubts about how much of him could fit into her mouth.

She took a tentative lick, tasting the saltiness in her mouth. Her tongue slowly glided from the bottom all the way to the top, making Wolf's head fall back. It was pure torture. Years of ruthless fighting had not been enough for him to endure this.

"You're gonna kill me," he growled under his breath as he looked down, feeling the tickle of her red mane on the bare skin of his thighs.

A giggle resonated from her throat, sending him dangerously closer to his peak. "Really?" she taunted him. "The big bad Wolf can't take a little teasing?" Scarlet rose and flicked her tongue along his hard abdomen, sending fiery licks that made him tremble with hunger.

He couldn't take it anymore. What did Thorne mean by taking it slow? How slow? How could any man possibly withstand the temptation? Wolf's resolve was weakening but that seemed to be Scarlet's goal as she brushed his nipple with her burning tongue.

Wolf pushed her back against the bed, restraining her arms above her head so he had control. His mouth went straight for her breasts, sucking and stroking in worship with his lips. She squirmed uncontrollably under him, whimpering a few words of nonsense.

"Don't toy with me," he warned as he gave one last flick of the tongue on her smooth skin. He rose higher to meet her blushing face and let go of her hands so that he could caress her cheek.

Instead of obeying like he thought she would, Scarlet reached down and wrapped her strong fingers around his length. He sucked in a breath and gave her an incredulous look. Wolf knew she was bold but never so passionate and straightforward.

"You and I both know how much we want it," Scarlet whispered, locking his gaze. She rose her hips and guided his shaft towards her warmth. A little mewl rose from her lips and Wolf tried to suppress his own noises. "Please, Wolf?"

His thumb stroked her cheek and he watched the freckles that he wanted to kiss. "If I hurt you—" His own voice got cut off as Scarlet pulled his hips down to meet hers, making the tip of his member enter her hot flesh.

Wolf's mouth fell open as he tried to contain himself. Underneath him, Scarlet was biting her bottom lip and taking deep breaths, trying to open up for him. With every little bit that went in, there was less capacity for logical thinking in his brain. All he could understand was that he needed Scarlet and he would do anything for her.

"Wolf, help," she cried out in a straggled breath. He realized that he was barely inside her and yet she was already in pain. Using what little memory he had left, his hand reached down and played with the nub that had entranced her earlier.

The moment he felt her sliding open, Wolf pushed his way in, completely forgetting everything.

Scarlet's scream pierced through the air, making Wolf's gasp inaudible. She felt like she'd been torn in half and only he could mend her together. Her legs wrapped around his waist, trying to keep him inside so that she could fully adjust herself to his size. Her hips ground against his waist, urging him to come out of his reverie.

Wolf's breath was caught in his throat as he pulled out a little. Even the second in which he withdrew felt like an agonizing eternity. Pushing back in had forced a cry out of Scarlet again and he kissed the corner of her mouth, hoping to soothe her.

"I'm sorry," he whispered, stilling himself so that she could calm down.

Scarlet's hands gripped on to his shoulders, her nails digging into his skin. "No, more. Do it more!" she begged as she stared into his glowing green eyes.

Wolf couldn't disobey an order so he withdrew and thrust himself inside again and again until her entrance was slick and he could quicken his pace. With each plunge came the sweet sound of their juices mixing together and Scarlet's guttural cries hitting the walls. She couldn't say another word as her breathing hastened, exciting Wolf even farther.

"Oh, Wolf! Yes, ahh— Wolf!" she screamed one last time before her muscles clenched around him. Her hands were in his hair, pressing into his scalp to the point where the pain turned into pleasure. Her back arched so that her entire body was squeezed against him, her stiff nipples calling out for more.

With a husky grunt and a shudder that burst from his core, Wolf gave one last push and seeded his mate. He gave a shaky breath, holding Scarlet's quivering form against him as he lowered himself onto the bed.

He didn't want to remove himself. He wanted to stay attached to her like this forever. If only there was a way for him to steal Scarlet away from all her responsibilities, and selfishly keep her for himself.

For once, he didn't trust his strength to get up so he stayed on top of her, cherishing the way her chest rose and fell with each breath and how soft her entire body was against his. "How?" he breathed while Scarlet was still panting heavily.

"What do you mean?" she managed to say while her fingers stroked his back with care.

"How long does this period thing last?"

He felt a slight jump in her chest as she stifled a laugh. "Five days for me."

Wolf was worried for a second. Only five days to ravish her body like this was not nearly enough. "When will be the next time you get a period?"

This time, Scarlet couldn't help but to let out a giggle. "Next month."

Wolf couldn't hide his disappointment as his hands went to play with a loose curl. "Next month," he repeated quietly to himself.

"You can help me everyday," Scarlet suggested as she placed her hands on the sides of his head so that he was forced to stare into her eyes. "I get very...needy on my period."


She nodded and a rosy blush formed on her cheeks. "That's why I asked you to sleep with me. It helps me with my cramps, too."

Wolf's hands ran down to her side, stroking her gently. "You're feeling better now?"

"So much better," she said as she placed a grateful kiss on his lips. "But I was hoping we could do this on days when I'm not on my period, too." Her eyes fluttered around the room and she was obviously shy about this. "I mean, you probably have a lot of energy stored up that you can't use on the ship so being with me could be a possible form of exercise. We won't do it all the time but I think once a day is fine."

Wolf silenced her anxious rambling by kissing her. He had felt more tired than ever before, as if all the energy had been sucked out of his body. But if he had to do that with Scarlet all over again, he knew he would find the strength somewhere. "Only once a day?" he teased as he began kissing down her neck again.