Authors: IWOMAN and iwomans_sister

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Spoilers: Brothers Keeper

Rating: G

Authors Note: This is what we think should have been added to the Tag. Right where it left off.

Hobbes put a little American flag down next to Kevin's grave. You will always be a hero to me, and Darien.' he thought to himself. Then he stood up and followed Darien. "You're right Fawkes, I didn't know your brother, but I wish I did."

"Hobbes I really want to be left alone right now."

"Why? I can see that this is bothering you. I really want to help."

Darien turned around and looked at Hobbes. "I don't feel he betrayed me. I only have one problem."

"What's that, partner?"

"I wish he would have at least looked at the diagram of what Arnaud did. If he didn't want to help take out the gland. He could have stopped the madness."

"That's what's bothering you?"

"Yes. If he only went into quicksilver madness once... Just once..."

Hobbes interrupted. "He would have helped you."

"Don't get me wrong. I love my brother. And he was right that the gland has made me a better person. And I thank him for that. I just thought he would be able to trust me with out the gland. I feel like he felt as though if the gland was out, I would go back to being a thief."

"Would you?" Hobbes asked with real curiosity.

"No Hobbes. I would never destroy the person my brother has made me. I only wish that he would have had the chance to know me like this. Like the person I had become."

"He did partner. He did."

The End