This is pre-HOO times. Slight OC, since in this one, Percy and Jason already know each other.

Percy's POV

Two days. That was how long I had left of summer at Camp Half-Blood. Any other year, I would've been bummed about the end of a rocking year slashing monsters to dust, avoiding Tyson's sticky peanut-butter hugs, and of course seeing Annabeth. Don't get me wrong, Annabeth was one of my best friends, but as for a romantic relationship, I just couldn't see the potential there. I didn't think it would last long. Besides, I wasn't interested in girls.

"Percy!" Grover tackled me into a bear hug (goat hug?). I laughed and shoved him off of me. "You seem extra happy today, and camp's ending soon. What's on your brain? Wait, scratch that. Who's on your mind?" Curse our empathy link. He could read my emotions like an open book.

"No one," I said, turning away. I was trying hard not to smile, but I failed when I thought of…well my new friend. I met him on a small quest over this summer. Not about the Titan War, but a different quest. "Fine," I said, since I still felt his imploring eyes on me. "It's a boy I met over the summer…" Before I could say anything further, Grover squealed (very unGrover-like) and squeezed my arms. "Ow," I said, swatting him away. "His name's Jason. He's the greatest guy I've ever met. He seems to be a lone demigod." Grover listened to my description of Jason. He clapped and danced a goat jig.

"Could he be the one?" he asked me. I winced. Grover knew of my little secret, but he didn't need to taunt me with what could be. I seriously hoped I'd see him over the summer. He'd told me to give him a call (Iris-message of course, using a cell phone was like sending up a flare) after I got out of camp. I couldn't wait. He also said he'd be in the New York area at the beginning of August, so I had high hopes of meeting up with him. "Well," Grover prompted, snapping me back to reality. "Could he? You've got a star-crossed lover look you get when you talk about blue cake." He laughed and ducked under my swinging fist. He ran out of my cabin before I could say anything.

The end came faster than I'd anticipated. I wanted the last couple of days to prepare what I'd say to Jason. Annabeth wished me good luck in the mortal world, and ran back to the Athena cabin. I watched her go, turned around, and stared at the city. My only thought right now was; Jason, my Jason, is out there somewhere. I walked for a bit until I had some privacy. I took out my squirt bottle (not the best reception, but better than nothing) and got a nice rainbow going. I threw a gold drachma into the rainbow.

"O Iris, accept my offering. Show me Jason Grace." An image shimmered into existence. Jason's face filled the screen. My heart did a little relay race in my chest when I saw him. "Jason!" I called out before I could stop myself. Jason looked startled for a second, but he eased a smile effortlessly onto his face when he saw it was me.

"Percy!" he exclaimed. "It's so good to see you. I must look a mess." It was true; he looked rather grimy. "I'm just outside Central Park. Come meet me?" I nodded before cutting off the connection. Central Park? That was the perfect place to start off our…could I call it a date? I didn't thing so. I hailed a cab, gave them the address Central Park went by, and sat back to enjoy the short ride. I'd only known Jason a couple of months but…I just had this feeling. He seemed like he could be the one.

"Here good?" From the look on the cabbie's face, it wasn't the first time he'd said it. Sheepishly, I nodded, paid him, and tumbled out. He peeled away. I slung my backpack over my shoulder and looked around. A wall of weight came out of nowhere and crushed me into a hug.

"Hi Percy." Jason's soft baritone of a voice whispered in my ear, causing me to shiver. "You cold?" he asked, pulling away and wearing a mask of real concern. I shook my head and snuggled in closer to him. He didn't say anything, just wrapped his arms tighter around me. It felt good. Finally, unfortunately, he pulled away and studied me. "You've gotten a little more muscle since I've last seen you," he commented. I looked at my arms, and was surprised to see he was right. I was glad for that though. I don't know why, but I felt like I should show off a little. He flexed a bit, and he chuckled softly. "Oh Percy," he said, shaking his head. "You don't need to show off. I love you the way you are. Oh…I…uh…" he stammered, turning about as red as the bench behind us. I tilted my head.

"What was that?" I asked, only half joking. Did he just say what I think he said? Did he just say he loved me? He shifted uncomfortably for a few seconds before sighing.

"Okay, I might as well confess," he said finally, taking my arms and forcing me to look into his eyes. "Ever since we meant, I can't get you out of my head. You're in my every waking thought, and today I couldn't wait to see you. I was so excited, I've been here since seven in the morning." My eyes widened. "Percy Jackson, be my boyfriend. Please?" My heart did tap dance routines. Was he kidding me?

"Of course I'll be your boyfriend," I said with a small. "I don't think anything could make me happier." That at least was the truth. Jason twirled me around, a goofy smile plastered on his face. He stopped and looked at me very seriously. I needed no empathy link to sense he wanted to kiss me. I wanted to kiss him too; bad. But something was holding us both back. He leaned down like he was going to; he even closed his eyes. But he stopped inches from my face. He looked me in the eyes, and something seemed to snap inside of him. He pushed me away so roughly I fell down hard on my bottom. I looked up at him in shock. "Jason, that…that hurt." His eyes started to water.

"Percy I…I…" He whirled around and shouldered his way passed a crowd of people.

"Jason!" I called, following him. He kept running blindly through the thongs of people. I kept following him, finally catching him and grabbing his arms. Before I blinked he had his sword pressed up against my throat. The fire extinguished as soon as he saw me. He sheathed his sword and pulled me aside. He cradled me until I stopped shaking.

"Juno's fist Percy don't sneak up on an experienced warrior," he said, half joking. "That could've turned ugly fast." Any trace of his earlier mood evaporated like rain on a hot sidewalk. "I don't want to skewer my new boyfriend five minutes after I got him." Boyfriend. That word sounded like golden honey. He rocked me gently as my shakes subsided. "Look Percy, I don't know why I did that. I would never want to hurt you. You've got to believe me; I want to be your boyfriend. I've wanted to since we met over the summer…" He trailed off as he realized he'd made a big confession. He tried to backpedal. "I mean…I've thought about it…but I wasn't sure…you know what? I'm not pretending. Percy, I've wanted to be your boyfriend for two months, and now that I finally am, I'm never going to let anything happen to you." He leaned down, and I was sure this was it. I closed my eyes and waited. His lips hovered millimeters from mine. Instead he turned me around. "See you Percy," he said before slipping off into the crowd.

"But…" I said to no one in particular. "I wanted to kiss you…"

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