Alright guys, last chapter for this story. Which I am happy about because that means this is my first completed multi-chapter story. Not bad huh? Well, enjoy the last chapter of Delaying the Inevitable.

Percy's POV

He finally kissed me! He finally did it! Those were the thoughts swirling around in my subconscious as Jason crashed his lips to mine unceremoniously. It was a little hard, and a little sloppy, but I was filled with the revelation by the fact it was our first, and didn't care exactly how the form was. I returned the kiss eagerly, parting my lips slightly. It was more of a habit, really. Jason's tongue dove its way into my mouth, more than surprising us both. We pulled apart abruptly, each panting and grinning like someone who won the biggest pizza (I shouldn't think on an empty stomach).

"Wow Percy," he said, plopping down onto his rear in a daze. I was stunned myself. So stunned, in fact, I didn't realize I was still in my pajamas. "As much as I like seeing you in next to nothing, I don't think your mother would approve of us staying with you like that for an extended period of conscious time." I finally looked down and saw myself in a white tank and blue boxers. Gods, I was really tired last night (or early this morning) if I just shed the shorts I was wearing to climb into bed. I scrambled off the bed and rushed around the room. I slipped a Maroon 5 shirt on (don't ever dis them, they rock, and Adam Levine was smoking), and faded jeans. I slipped on my slippers in favor of shoes. We were just going to be spending some time in my room.

"Boys," my mom called. Good, I got dressed just in time. "Are you both up?" She poked her head in and noticed me standing by my dresser and Jason sitting on my bed, smirking. She just shrugged. Did I ever say my mom rocked? Oh. Well she does. A lot.

"We are mom," I answered, shooting Jason dagger eyes. His smirk grew as he eyed my mom critically. The thing about Jason; he was impossible to shake (although apparently my very person rocked his world enough for a lifetime), and he was trying to send her a silent signal. We finally did it! We finally did the thing that will drive our relationship forward. But the thing was, I wasn't ready to tell her quite yet. "We'll be out for breakfast in a moment." She seemed satisfied with that and left.

"What the hell Percy?" Jason hissed, and I winced at the sudden venom. "Why didn't you tell her? She is fucking happy for you and you don't even let her know just how happy you are?" Without responding, I dug one extra shirt (just a plain black one) and jean shorts out of my drawer and thrust them at him. His eyes smoldering, he changed quickly, studying himself in my floor length mirror. He shrugged and raked a hand through his hair in an attempt to brush it. I retrieved my comb and ran it through my hair quickly. We both stared at each other for a couple of seconds. The fire in eyes died a little as a smile tugged on his lips, while I'm sure I mirrored him. A silent conversation passed between us and he twined our fingers together. He gave a gentle squeeze and we both emerged, hand in hand. Mom caught sight of us, and her face lit up like Olympus on Christmas.

"Oh, look at my handsome boys!" she gushed. Jason looked a little taken aback by her including him like a son, but he had to know; he dated me, he became our family instantly. "So cute together!" she gushed, setting two plates loaded with bacon, eggs, toast, and all other sorts of breakfast goodies. Then she noticed our hands, and did a very un-momlike thing; she squealed. "Paul, get the camera! I need pictures!" She flittered to the next room like a busy mama bird. I chuckled, and Jason looked a little conflicted.

"Don't worry," I whispered, kissing his cheek. "She just wants some pictures for safekeeping. You are the first boy I've ever brought home after all." He smiled at that and leaned in and nuzzled my neck. I twisted away and grinned. It felt good.

"I don't care what she does," he whispered. "As long as it's with you. I'd gladly dive off a cliff as long as you're by my side." I smiled. Jason could be so mushy when he wanted to be. He wrapped his arms around me and pulled my close, and we stayed that way for the longest time.

"That's it boys!" mom called as she emerged from the living room, camera in hand. "Hold that pose!"

Jason stayed the entire day, basically getting to know my mom in a very personal and funny way (he claimed with over dramatics he was scarred for life), eating family dinner with us, and getting some much needed cuddle time with me. Around two, I feigned tiredness and Jason quietly excused us and led me to my room, where he proceeded to wrap us both with my comforter and pull me close to him. Somewhere along the way I dozed off (Jason said it was because of my late night) and I awoke to him toying with my hair and humming to himself. It was so cute, I hated to ruin it. I reached up and touched his cheek gently, and he smiled and kissed my fingertips.

"This is nice," he said as he studied my family. "I've never had a stable family. You guys are so welcoming and friendly." My mom beamed at him and invited him over for another night (or however long he wished to keep his cute little ass in my bed, her words, not mine). Even Paul smiled and joked with him. I'm so glad they all get along. Truth be told, I was worried about bringing him home for the first time. But like my coming out of the closet moment, they welcomed it with open arms, as if he was always a part of our small, secluded family.

Jason's POV

Percy's family was a blast. Rather than fight monsters on the streets of some city I'd never visit again, I tackled a different kind of beast. I had dinner with them. His mom brought out all the blue plate specials (and I mean literal blue), with blue chicken (don't ask), blue rice, blue beans (green beans dyed blue), and for dessert…yep, blue velvet cake with blue frosting. I was turning into a smurf faster ever second just by looking at it. But it surprised me by tasting good. It was about ten now, and we were sitting around, eating blue chocolate chip cookies and talking. Percy had his head on my lap, and he was struggling to stay awake.

"You tired Perce?" I asked. He nodded sleepily and rubbed his eyes. I helped him to his feet. "Night Miss Jackson, Mr. Blofis." I led Percy to his room and helped him lay in his bed. He kicked his jeans off and stretched lazily.

"My mom and Paul like you," he mumbled as I settled beside him. I smiled at that. They sure did. They were a nice family. "Good, I'm glad they do," he continued, stifling a yawn. I wrapped my arms around him and covered us both with our (his) comforter. "I'm glad you're part of my family now…" He trailed off as the warm folds of sleep claimed him for the night. I snuggled down and rested his head on my chest. For the first time in a long time, I felt like I belonged.

"Good morning sleepyhead," I whispered to Percy the next morning. I aroused around half an hour ago, but Percy looked so cute and innocent curled up on his side next to me, I had no heart to wake him up then. Now he had to. It was already nine, and we had breakfast to get to before I had to leave (which unfortunately I did). Percy grumbled and rolled over. "C'mon Percy," I whispered in his ear, tickling his side and kissing his cheek at the same time. He giggled and finally turned to look at me. He cracked one eye open lazily and smiled, wrapping his arms around my neck and pulling me close, giving me another kiss. It started off slow, hesitant, but quickly became heated and deep. Percy opened his mouth again (man did I love that) and my tongue wasted no time in evading. He seemed surprised, but this time, neither of us pulled back. I explored his mouth, and tasting him was a different experience all together.

"Geez Jason," he said as he shoved me away playfully, laughing. "You act like that's our last kiss." His smile faded as he studied me. "It isn't, right?" His lower lip trembled, and I was quick to pull him close to me.

"No, no baby," I said, smoothing down his hair. "It isn't. I just…have to go away for a while. I will be back; I promise." He looked up at me with wide eyes, and I silently cursed. Jupiter's fist this was fucking hard. I couldn't stand that puppy pout of his. I didn't want to dwell on it though. I had to head out soon. We made our way to the kitchen together, hand in hand once again. We both declined a big breakfast in favor of cereal, so we could sit close together, fingers twined and legs touching. Once I was done, I thanked Paul and his mom and kissed Percy once, short and sweet. He had tears in his eyes as I let myself out the front door.

Let me give you a little piece of advice. I knew the inevitable, which would be our kiss. I wanted to delay it for two reason. One was I was scared (as was mentioned earlier). The other…well, I wanted to savor the moment when it happened. When you're like me, you have to keep moving, or they catch up to you. Where was I? Oh yeah, advice.

Never delay what you know is inevitable, or it could just about break your heart.

With that being said, I hailed a cab, told it a random address away from New York, and watched as the skyline faded behind me. The whole way out, I never looked back.

Aww, kind of a sad ending, don't you think? Well, that wraps things up. Sorry it was only five chapters, but I didn't want it to drag on too terribly long….or be just two chapters. So…yeah.