I know, I know…I'm supposed to be working on my other stories that I haven't touched in weeks.

Random Guy from Audience: *Cough* Months *cough*.

Me: shut up I know :'(

Percy: O.o When did you get an audience?


Audience: *Simultaneously* we're you…from the future.

Me: ummmm riiiggghhhttt anyway, I read something today and it gave me the idea so I'm kind of ripping off an idea, but I'm writing it differently; in my own way soooo yeah.

Annabeth POV:

Percy Jackson. This name was ringing through my head for the past three hours so, instead of working on my architecture plans, I decided to go find good ole Seaweed Brain. First I checked his cabin, which I was sure he'd be in, crashed out on his bunk…but no Percy. So, my other options were the Arena, where he could be practicing, the Beach, where he could be swimming(duh), or the Dinning Pavilion, where he could be hunting flying monkeys(Sarcasm I mean come on, what else could he be doing the Dinning Pavilion?). I decided I would just go in order from his cabin; Arena, Pavilion, Beach. My bet was that he was at the beach, but might as well check the other places seeing as they were on the way there anyway (A/N: I know they're not but whatever(:) The arena was filled with the Ares and Apollo Cabin. They were fighting again (Shocker, right?). The Ares Cabin rhymed their words (they are really…creative with their curse words even under a curse) and the Apollo Cabin members were so mad, they started fights with each other. Flaming arrows and 100 pound double—bladed axes were flying everywhere. But; no Percy. The Dinning Pavilion was completely empty besides some nymphs that were cleaning off the tables from lunch. Some harpies were forced to clean the Hephaestus table because the nymphs absolutely refused to clean up the grease stains from whatever the cabin members were working on. Again; no Percy. Finally I made it to a small batch of trees and grass that are clumped together right before you get to the strip of meadow that's between the Pavilion and the sand of the beach. Percy Jackson was sitting, his back to a tree, with a piece of paper, a book and a pencil, writing something. "Oh my gods! Percy Jackson reading, and writing? This must be a sign of the apocalypse." I smirked. His head shot up and his face resembled that of Apollo's precious cows. He started stuttering his response. "What are you writing anyway?" when his head snapped up, he clutched the parchment to his chest, words facing away from me. "Nothing. Well I just, I like…I like to write my own little stories." He finally broke through in English, his face was now only a tent of red, like a faded apple instead of the fire hydrant it had been a couple of seconds ago. I made a grab for the paper and he snatched it away. Damn his height! I thought. "Not until I'm finished, Mrs. Critic." He said with that adorable smirk I love. I huffed, "Fine." And proceeded to sit next to him, facing him; watching him as he grinned in success and looked back at his paper. His hair fell upon his face a little, just above the eyebrows, as he worked. A breeze blew through and his hair smoothly swept to one side of his chiseled face by itself. And I realized something right then.

Percy POV:

Annabeth, looking as vibrant as ever with her golden halo of hair framing her beautiful face, had already startled me when she first walked up. But then she said something that made me think she was off her rocker. "Can I touch your hair?" I looked up at her, confusion and shock probably etched into my face. "What?" "Can. I. Touch. Your. Hair?" she enunciated each word, as if speaking to a three year old. "I—I guess so." She scooted closer to me and I lowered my head so she could properly run her fingers through my hair. She touched the outside layer first and gasped. Then she preceded to basically hair rape me. I finally grabbed her wrists and pulled them away. "What is your problem? And why did you gasp when you first touched my hair?" "Because it's always messy looking so I assumed it would be rough but…it was so soft. And my problem? I've never touched your hair before and I guess I was just curious."…."Okaaaay." Thalia, who has been at camp for several days with the hunters, was walking past with Silena. "Thalia, Silena. Come over here!" They quickly jogged over and I knew exactly what was about to happen, these three girls were going to make sure that everyone in camp not only knew that I have soft hair, but make them experience it for themselves. I tried to get up and run, but Annabeth, being the brain master that she is, saw my move before it even happened, and grabbed me by the wrist; promptly slamming me down in my previous position sitting next to the tree. When Thalia and Silena had reached us, Annabeth stood up, dragging me along with her. "What?" they asked at the same time. "Feel Percy's hair." They gave her a crazy look and Thalia approached me. "Bend down Kelp for brains, I may not like it, but you are taller than me now" she scowled. I leaned down and titled my head down. I looked up at her through my hair. As soon as she touched it, her bored expression changed to shocked and then to awe. "Silena, get over here, this boy has the softest hair I've ever felt." Silena stepped up and ran her fingers alongside Thalia's. Her eyes grew big and she giggled. "I know right!" Annabeth squealed. She does. Not. Squeal. For the rest of the day (and week) everyone preceded to get a turn touching my hair. I even found Annabeth, Thalia, Silena, and Katie Gardner touching my hair in the middle of the night while I was sleeping. Chiron didn't like the fact that they all fell asleep, in my bed…next to a shirtless me. So, he upped the amount of night watch harpies and put new locks on my cabin door (Thalia and Annabeth knew how to pick the old ones). That stopped the night visits. But every morning at breakfast, I was basically hair rapped by the entire girl population.

Hope you liked it. Just a random idea I got from reading something similar to this and I wanted to put my own spin on it. Poor Percy…okay I know this doesn't go with this story at all but listen: in the first book when Percy is Claimed by Poseidon, Chiron brought up all of Poseidon's titles, father of horses, earth shaker, and STORM BRINGER. Storms usually include lightning, tornadoes, hurricanes, strong winds, etc. So, by reasoning, I think that Percy should be all boom boom crackle crackle crackle and use lightning and bring strong winds and control those things besides just water. So in one of my stories, I plan on Percy getting pissed and doing just that. That means that Percy and Poseidon can control Lightning, Rain, Winds, Earth, and Tornadoes/Hurricanes while Zeus and Jason just get lightning and wind #Poseidon'sBetter and also, (wow I'm rambling) you guys have read MoA right? Ofcourse you have, you're die-hard PJO fans, anyway, you saw (read) the part where Rick was all lolz Jason is taller than Percy. Yeah I hated that cause don't get me wrong, Jason is awesome but I obviously like Percy better so I'm like What are doing there Rick? That's not cool! Not cool! So I still picture Percy as all Rawr I'm taller than Jason cause I'm Percy. Right? Who else does that? #PoseidonFTW oh and I don't own PJO