3...2...1 I took off running as fast as I could away from the Cornucopia to avoid the needless bloodshed. They wouldn't have anything good there anyway; the real prize was hidden deep within the forest. Boom. I couldn't help but stop for a moment to think. Someone actually just died. Boom. I sat there and counted, nine more booms. Thirty-four minus eleven. There were now twenty three tributes left. Snap. I heard footsteps behind me and took off running; if I stuck around any longer I would die for sure.

To begin with there were thirty-six tributes, a boy and a girl chosen from each of the eighteen districts. Each district had a different type of Pokémon that lived around them, in my case I came from District 18, Dragon types. Hidden inside the Hunger Games arena where always Pokéball, each containing a creature of different level and power. Some people where unfortunate and never even found one, while others gained enough to win them the games.

That night I lay near the very top of a tree watching the images of kids that I had barely known, and hoping that I didn't see anyone I was friends with. The two girls I had talked too during training from Bug and Poison, as well as two boys, one from dark and the other from psychic. Both tributes from Rock had died as well as many others, it was painful to watch. I sighed in relief when I found the boy from my district, Finn, had made it out alive for today. We made a pact that no matter what happened we would stick together. Of course that would require us finding each other first.
I found a spot between two branches that were close enough together to serve as a bed and pushed myself as close to the trunk as possible to be sure I wasn't visible from the ground. Even though I was terribly scared that someone would find me in the middle of the night, my eyes slowly closed and I drifted off to sleep.

Boom. The loud sound from the canon woke me up with a start just in time to see two people walk below the tree just beneath me. "She has to be around here somewhere, I saw her go in this direction," a familiar voice said. Finn! I climbed down the tree and had to resist the urge to hug him. On one side of him stood a boy named Mason, about his height with short brown hair and had a Growlithe at his feet. Finn noticed I was nervous," don't worry, we made an alliance. The three of us and the other girl from the Ice district, Chloe." Looking over at Finn I saw a Machop looking around tiredly, "does everyone have Pokémon but me?" I asked slightly irritated. "Basically," he said laughing," we saw some of the Carriers earlier and they all had Pokémon."