Anisa stood in the lobby, staring out at the teenagers that swarmed the pool like bees to a orchid. She wanted to join them, but her body held her back. She had a past with her appearance and was so scared of what people may think of her that she rarely wore a bathing suit.
She gazed at the Jennifers and the way boys' eyes would follow them closely. She envied the way any girl who could lure in a boy without even shooting them a glace or giving a friendly 'hello'. She felt so hidden in her new Hollywood environment, but that was better then being terribly known, right?
Anisa's phone vibrated in her back pocket, she jumped and promptly answered it.
"Aniza, it's... Hawk." a deep voice bellowed dramatically from the other line. "I'm sending over a limo to pick you up in 10 for wardrobe. Be ready and wear something easy to slip in and out of." The way he said that made Anisa uneasy, though she knew he was talking about for easy, quick fitting. "Hawk out... CAW!" His caw startled her, she calmed herself as she sliped the phone into her back pocket.
Black shorts and a cream beaded tunic. Thats what she had on. She figuerd the neck hole was big enough to slip out of the top without frizzing her hair or turning her face red from all the friction. (It gave it that elegant swooped look and improved her neck and shoulder silhouette.) She shrugged and headed outside to wait for him.

Rebecca, Hawk's assistant, stood back and looked Anisa down, her hand on her chin in contemplation.
"Try the black heel with that sequin dress. I think that would be best."
This is ridiculous. Anisa thought, humiliated. She was wearing a pink sequined strapless dress with black heels and various silver bangles along with make-up that consisted of smokey eye, glossy pink lip, and a silver gem shaped like a star next to her left eye.
"Hair crew will be in alter, so be ready... Aniza." She winked and walked proudly out of the room.
"Hair crew...?" Anisa uttered nervously to the tall, lanky women standing around her draped in fabric samples and measuring tape.
"They're going to make you look fabulous. I hear they're going to bleach your hair!" One woman exclaimed joyfully.
A second chimed in gleefully,
"They're going to cut your bang and re-part your hair over to one side."
Anisa stared at her feet in horror. "And you know this how?"
"There was a meeting." A third lady said running a hand through her own hair.
A meeting all about me?
"Aniza!" A familiar voice called from behind. She pivoted on her heels to face a tall, dark man wearing sunglasses... inside. "The hair crew is here." He smiled almost wickedly. Anisa forced a smile.
Please, no.

Violet was curled up unhappily on a pool chair watching all the famous wanna-be's splash around. She really wanted to be in the pool, but she was afraid that it might show that she actually liked this place... She had a reputation to maintain, the bitter, loner of a sister, to the one and only Juniper. Violet got up and walked over to the pool's edge and told Juniper she was going back up to the apartment. Juniper just shrugged and went back to splashing a boy with short, brown hair who seemed to enjoy getting splashed. She was walking through the lobby when she noticed 3 teenage boys with plant helmets on, tip-toeing in the general direction of the pool. The taller blond one with unusually large, dark eyebrows caught Violet's eye. Apparently she caught his eye also, when the two of them made eye contact he immediatly stopped and his friends just kept walking. He walked toward Violet and introduced himself.
"Hey, I'm Kendall" He said with the biggest smile.
"Cool, I haven't seen you around, are you new?"
"Yeah, we just moved in. What's with the plant helmet?"
Kendall opened his mouth to say more but by then his friends had figured out that he wasn't following them anymore. A short Hispanic guy and a really, really pretty guy came over and both grabbed Kendall's arms and started pulling him away. Kendall smiled sheepishly and told Violet that he'd see her later and went along with his buds. Violet walked casually to the elevator and waited patiently to get to her floor, then ran down to her apartment and read every magazine she had that had anything to do with boys.

Violet climbed over the boxes in her room and dug out her viola case and pulled out her favorite instrument. To then be quickly interrupted by the loud crash of the door against the wall and the voice of her younger sister.

"Viooooolet! You should come outside and have fun with me because you are being lame and I looooove yoooou!" Juniper sang boisterously along with her sister's music. Violet set down her viola and stared at the girl standing in her doorway with raised eyebrows and crossed arms.

"I have money for a smoooothie!"She pleaded. Violet huffed and set down her viola and followed her jittery sister out the door.

"Raspberry and a banana please!" Juniper said to the small brunette behind the counter while handing her her money. They both had their hands on the cash when the little girl looked up and said joyfully "Hey big bro!"

"Hey Katie" He replied in the same tone.

"Hi Kendall!" Juniper continued with the greetings, then stared at her sister who's mouth seemed to be open just a bit too wide. Juniper jabbed Violet in the ribs and looked at her with eyes that implied.

"H-H-hey..." Violet stumbled and began to wave, only she didn't realize that the same hand she had attempted to wave with still held smoothie, with no lid. She continued to spill it's contents onto Kendall's shoes. Juniper began to snicker wildly while Violet's mouth began to grow once again right along with her eyes, she couldn't even move. No one said anything until both Kendall and Katie began to laugh right along with Juniper.

"I'm so sorry..." Violet mumbled quietly.

"Really it's ok" He said in between chuckles and patted her on the shoulder kind-heartedly, then bent over to take off one of his shoes.

"Besides, I need to get James back for replacing my tooth paste with moisturizer anyway" He told her with a sly grin. "Hey James!" He called out to his friend who began walking towards him, and then got his right in the cheek with a now sloppy wet shoe.

"OW! What did you do?! Cover this in bananas? You know that's not good for my complexion!" James' face was bright red and he was steaming, he glared at Kendall the whole time he model walked away. Juniper and Katie high-fived him as they laughed even harder.
"Not a very conventional way of revenge, but nice shot all the same." Juniper told him with an approving nod. Violet, still stunned, grabbed her sister's arm and hurried off in the opposite direction.

"How to lose a guy in one day: Step 1- bring your little sister. Step 2- dump bananas into his shoes." Violet reported to the back of the elevator door before banging her head into it.