President's pov-

President Rose paced around the small dressing room; she practiced the speech in her mind over and over again. She looked in the mirror and looked at her lavender printed skin and dark electric blue eyes. She smiled this was her first quarter quell and she was so excited, she has been waiting for this since she was first sworn in as president. Rose heard the announcer call for her and she rushed in towards the podium. Her dress was a dark lavender color with hues of blue and gray in the mix. She wore a lavender- gray orchid in her dark purple blue hair that fell in a waterfall bun.

"Hello, everyone" she shouted, she waved to the crowd and she heard the roar of the crowd. She heard the soft clacking of shoes and saw a small capitol female. She handed President Rose a small wooden box and she reached in.

"To show that even the strongest tributes aren't safe" said President Rose

"All the twenty-four tributes shall be careers" she said with a squeak, she swiftly walked towards the side and a tear fell as the crowd roared.

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