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Marina awoke to the smell of fresh strawberries, eggs and bacon wafted through the air. Marina knew this was the last day she would be able to smell this fresh food and see the capitol again until the final between her and some other tribute. She heads down the stairs and sees Freya chewing on some toast and she sees her plate placed beside her.

"Good morning Freya" said Marina, she looked at the pale girls face mascara ran down both her cheeks. Marina couldn't say she wasn't scared but she tried to be brave to the other girl.

"Freya everything will be fine with me at your side" said Marina, she kisses her forehead to comfort her. The two girls dine on the food set out for them.

Selina looks around at the strong tributes in her district look around. She watches as Moira and Jinx laugh and seem unnerved by the event that was heading its way towards the next hour. Selina and the group of district six tributes headed out towards the plane that would await them to take them towards the arena.

Posey couldn't eat anything this morning, she was too nervous and her stomach couldn't handle the digestion of food. She was only thinking of Risotto and the plane that she would have to commence to get close to the end. Posey walked towards the black jet plane, the inside was huge most of the tributes were sitting slumped over. She watched as Regale and Chains held their hands tightly together their knuckles turning white from the grip. She sat in the corner and a peacekeeper came and injected a tracker into her skin. She watched as the small lump flash and beat to life, was this her only way of survival a small object embedded into her arm. The jet went off and Posey curled in and drifted to sleep to get rid of the annoyance of the morning.

Suitor wiped a bead of sweat that formed on his forehead; he rubbed his shaven chin and thought over his plans of getting back home to see Glory and his family. The plane took off, and he seemed to drift in and out of sleep until he felt his eyelids finally close.

Suitor was awakening to the sound of rustling and he looked as the tributes filed together into a deep cavern. Many tributes were taken separately by their stylist and escort into small half lighted rooms. Suitor was finally led to his room and his escort came upon him, she twisted into a smile and she dressed him. This year the outfit was dark muted green cargo shorts that stopped above the knee with a light black windbreaker jacket. He twisted around and put on the black jacket was a sewn number one on it, he felt nervous.

"Tributes please step into the tube" the robotic announcer voice pleaded. Suitor walked up towards the tube and knew this was the last time he would ever see civilization until his return. Suitor never minded to kill but to see the blood spread and fall on your hands was the deal breaker. The ten seconds seemed like an eternity until the tube rose through the small hole and his escort waved him goodbye. Suitor waved back and he rose into the arena.

A soft breeze blew through the air and swayed the tufts of evergreen grass that held the arena together. This year a pine forest was the setting for this year's arena. the forest was thick and the tress were of all sizes from skyscraper tall to the size of an average human, brown pine needles littered the floor and a few black squirrels chattered and ran through the trees. The pine forestwas set upon a huge mountain that was a grayish blue in color and had snowcapped mountains. To the west laid a small cottage town that was destroyed by some sort of explosion but looked very abandoned. Many trees casted dark shadows perfect places for hiding and getting to kill tributes.

Moira had the outfit she had to wear, she wore dark green cargo shorts that stopped at her upper thigh with a black tee and a black windbreaker with a blue number two stitched into her jacket. She looked around the arena and it seemed so unreal. The arena had a type of beauty only seen through her eyes. She stares in awe at the arena and stares at the cornucopia. The cornucopia was a dark green with all the weapons and goodies ever seen. It stood in a small meadow that was ten yards up ahead. The countdown begins and she felt a prickle of anticipation for the bloodbath to come.

























The tributes exploded into bolts and many ran straight towards the pine forest. Posey was swiftly running through, she couldn't help but think of killing her alliance off first before Poise and Diamond ever had a chance of killing them off. Posey stalked them as Marina and Freya swiftly trot towards the cornucopia.

Marina and Freya held hands because they were strong in numbers and Marina was excited to meet up with her alliance further into the woods. Freya and Marina reached the cornucopia first, Marina grabbed a small pack and Freya grabbed a couple of knives.

"Hey Freya knives are my weapon" said Posey, she felt a silent tear stream down her eye.

"Yea, I forgot" said Freya she said quietly and was very generous to give the knives away. Marina and Freya ran off towards the west side of the arena until a small knife hit Marina in the back of the head. Freya watched as her friend who gave her comfort, protection and new light in the world bleed to death. Her head was covered in blood and her hair was maddened. Freya bent down and became teary eyed; she brushed the pine needles off her hair and twisted her body over.

"Hello Freya" said Marina she let a tear fall and rubbed her hand over Freya's cheek. Freya kneeled down and felt run down the nape of her neck. She felt paralyzed and felt her body twist over, she cried when she saw Posey above her.

"Please, please" she whispered blood running into her mouth, Posey cried and brought the knife above her head and stabbed Freya in the neck. Blood splattered her skin and runs down her face, she felt sick and disgusting for killing the two females off. Posey rushed in the cornucopia and grabbed a decent pack and a knife vest and ran up towards the mountain.

Glint and Suitor graced the cornucopia a few more people arrived and Glint smiled. He grabbed his sword when Kaia came forward; she tucked and rolled when he tried to stab her directly. He twisted and she knocked out his legs out. Kaia giggled and tried to rush off until she stabbed in the chest by a dagger. Suitor smiled when she feel with a thud, he watched as the blood rose from her mouth. Glint felt anger pulse through his veins and saw her laying their he rushed over and stomped her chest in over and over again. Glint smiled and wiped the blood off his boot on her and Suitor and Glint grabbed a pack and waited for the rest of the true careers to come forward.

Armani stood on his pedestal as the rest of the tributes made their way off towards the cornucopia. He felt safe and he knew he had a wave of sponsors waiting to grace him with their gifts. Armani walked through the dark forest and whistled until he heard the sound of feet pad through the pine needles. He watched as two figures ambush him and tackles him to the ground. Poise arose on his chest and grabs his neck and strangled him hard the air in his lungs fading away from his body. He grips the pine needles and Diamond appears to hold down his legs. Poise watched as his face turned purple and the light fade from his sight. Poise giggled and they rush back towards the cornucopia were they saw a few of the true careers sit around.

Selina and Onyx were ducking it out on the back of a huge boulder, she managed to hold back his fist from punching her face in, onyx punched her abdomen and she feel like a rock. He lifted a stone and smashed her head in multiple times the blooding running down his arms and legs. He felt her last shuttering breath and he grabbed a really small pack outside of the cornucopia.

Poise and Diamond grabbed a few packs and the true careers scattered to search for more kills.

Moira and Jinx grabbed a few packs as the true careers leaped away and they heard four cannon boom in the distance.