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Flint fell as a huge dagger was thrown at his neck and his veins were slowly pumping the life away from him. He could feel drowsiness covering over his eyelids as he watches the other three tributes look with panic. Flint watches as the tributes circle each other with weapons in hands as Connor rushed over and jerked the dagger out of his neck, the jerking motion of the dagger created a deeper cut into his jugular vein as he was starting to seep away the fire coiled around his ankles. The heat from the playful fire brought terrified pain, he wanted to scream but the loss of blood kept his mouth dry and quiet. Flint watched as the heat continued to burn as it came towards his wound and he felt his neck exploded.

Connor slid the knife down his tattered shirt and the sound of an explosion ran through the fiery walls of their new arena, he looked to his right as he sees the bloody remains of Flint lying on the ground. The sound of a cannon rang through the air and Connor knew he was only two more kills away. Connor felt a little panicky when he stared and tried to size up his competition. He knew well that Moira was very head strong and she is quick and very decisive when it came to pressure situations. Drew on the other hand was strong psychically and quick with his speed and is a born leader. Connor sensed that an unspoken connection was between the two as they started at each other for a brief second.

"You two are in an alliance" said Connor with a smirk, he watched as their faces shifted.

"How cute trying to come to final two together so sweet. I hate sweet" said Connor with fury, he knew he would get the blood pumping in Drew and he would ready for this attack. Connor watched as Drew gripped his trident hard and he rushed over towards him.

Drew felt the anger bubble inside of him as he pushed on and continued to run. The trident in his hand was ready for some blood soak as he ran towards Connor's smirking face. Drew watched as Connor pounced and land right on top of him, Drew pushed his dagger in his abdomen and Connor rolled into the grass as he came towards the fire wall. Flicker of heat rose over his arm as he felt the heat run up and down his arm burn. Connor withered in the pain and he rose up with his teeth heavily gripped. Drew watched as Connor held his arm and could see the red marks of the fire burning his arm; he smiled and heard Moira in the distance.

"Moira come on let's finish this chump" said Drew has he pushed his hair back, sweat beaded into his eyes as he rushed back towards Connor. Connor watched as the two tributes came towards him with their weapons held high. He gripped his dagger as Drew rammed into him, he slid the dagger over Drew's chest and watched as the blood spread before him. Connor watched as Drew fell back and looked up into his eyes. Drew felt the pain on his chest well up and he felt like he was hit by a truck. Drew bit through the pain and rose up when he watch Connor fighting with Moira.

Moira was nervous, she bites back her emotions as she came up towards Connor and jutted her knife towards his chest. Connor slid back and jabbed his dagger. Mira dodge and she felt her hair get pulled when Connor held her head back and exposed her neck.

"This is going to be fun" said Connor as he presses the dagger into her neck slowly. Moira felt a stream run slowly down her neck as she felt the hard packed earth. She looked up to see Drew stabbing Connor in the legs and she heard Connor's screams. Moira felt tears well up and she wiped the blood away as Drew came towards her.

"You will be a great contender" said Drew as she rose up and nodded she gripped her sword and watch Drew fall right in front of her. Moira looked in the distance as Connor was slowly pulling his way towards them. The knife was jutted in the back thigh of Drew; she gripped the dagger and came upon Connor.

"Kill me I want you to, I want you to look me in the eyes and remember you killed an innocent person" said Connor as he smiled and sweat beaded down his face.

"You're not innocent, you're a monster" said Moira, she spit s in his face and she grips the knife as she plunges it into his head and he falls with a cannon right behind him. Moira fell when she heard footsteps and Drew came upon her. She remembered she had to kill another person for this nightmare to be really over.

Drew charged her and Moira was ready she gripped the sword and dagger as he swiped at her legs and she jumped. Moira threw her dagger as it lands in his left arm and he continues to swing. The trident hits her face and cuts her eye. Moira screamed as blood covered her vision as she blindly stabs into his deep flesh and heard him fall with a deep thud. Moira fell as she wiped the blood away and screamed when a cannon went off.

"The winner of the 100th hunger games, the fourth quarter quells Moira Delaney" shouted the announcer. She cried as tears feel down her face she watched as confetti fell around her and she was airlifted out of the arena.

Two days later….

Moira touched the three white puffed lines she kept on her face from her games. The memory often caused her mass hysteria and many sleepless nights. Today she would be given to Celestia to go over the events of her games and then on her victory tour to meet the helpless faces of the other families of the children she killed. Her stylist held her hair in a waterfall bun as it flowed down her shoulders. She was graced with a beige dress with an x cross going over the front to create a collar and left her back out. The dress was pleased in the bottom with three huge pieces and she watched as small black flames crawl around her dress as she walked. The prep team and stylist marveled at her natural beauty. She twirled and watched as a smile carved into her face.

"That's the first you smiled since you left the arena" said Pan her stylist, he twirled her hair and kissed her cheek.

"Just to think we cleaned all that" said her prep team, they giggled and Moira felt sad that they made that comment. She was rushed towards the stage when she was called, she graced the stage as the flames leaped off of her and the dress returned to its normal form.

"Don't you look beautiful" said Celestia as she smiles and slides her hand up her fore arm.

"Why, thank you" said Moira she tried to put on her best fakest smile she could so she could get over this. Celestia faced the screen as the reaping came to order. The excited look on her face was nauseating she wished she could slap herself. Moira wished she could get rid of the inevitable realization on her young deer eyed face so fierce and ready to go into these games a winner. She did she was a winner and she was so upset that she finally got what she wanted. The bloodbath came along and she almost felt herself break as they hollered and screamed at Freya and Marina being killed. Moira felt sick and disgusted with all of the gruesome details as they came towards the final few days.

"It must have sucked to live in such a cramped space" said Celestia as she jeered Moira to look at her. Moira was ready to leave when she heard the killing of Kaia.

"Oh right I forgot, Please bring Jinx Moonlight" said Celestia, Moira felt sick and was ready to blow chunks when she watch jinx graced the stage. Jinx wore a puffy red dress with black skulls covering it and a big black bow that looked perfect in her hair.

"You bitch" shouted Moira, she was angry when they played the video of her getting stabbed by Jinx.

"Tsk,tsk, tsk, don't you that kind of language Moira" said Jinx with a snicker.

"I was your friend Jinx, I helped you and followed your ever word" said Moira with anger.

"Moira, I just couldn't leave the arena without having a little fun" said Jinx she smiled and Flicked her hair back. Moira felt the anger boil in her she curled her hand into a fist and slapped her face. Moira left the stage with the crowd agape and she cried her tears away.

Moira left for the train as it took her to the next destination that will be district four.