Kevin Tran swiftly eased in and out others to get to his Psychology class, which he knew he was almost late for. He was so small that almost nobody noticed him trying to walk past him. Pulling in his wings as close to his body as possible, he ducked his head and tried to run across the grass.

He ran through the crowd and up the stairs, barely holding onto his books when a female angel accidently bumped into him, nearly knocking him on his ass. As she tried to apologize and help him, Kevin regained his balance and just waved his hand and moved on. The second bell was ringing just as he panted into the room.

Thankfully, most of the other students were standing and just about to get their seats, so he wasn't noticed at all. Heart pounding, he chose a seat the farthest back and the nearest to the door. He didn't want to get almost trampled trying to get out of the room like his last class had been.

Kevin knew others didn't do it on purpose; he was just so small, even for a submissive. His parents were normal-sized so they had no idea why he was shorter than most. His mother thought it was because he was a true submissive.

He had the personality and looks of one. Small, attractive, quiet, and unassuming. There were qualities in a submissive angel that a dominant strived to find in a mate. Kevin accepted who he was with no qualms. What he was couldn't be helped or changed.

Sure, he got a lot of…unwanted attention because of who he was, but he took in stride and tried to not think on the jealous stares he always gets with female angels, dominant and submissive alike. His father told him he has soft features for a male, but his mother thought it made his appeal to a dominant even more so.

It was his first year out of three at the mandatory upper school for young adult angels. The age range was between seventeen and twenty three and almost all find their mates during the first year. Because of this, the second year focuses on classes about bonding, mating and babies. The third year, living together and raising fledglings.

So many angels bond that the school have little apartments for the second and third years, but strongly advise to not try for babies until the third year or even after they graduate. Not because they are not prepared for a baby, but because this is a school essentially and not a hospital.

Of course, during the end of second year, some mated angels accidently get pregnant and the school has to deal with it and help the new parents the best they can. The submissive usually stays at the apartment and does school at home while the dominant tries to keep up with the regular schedule.

It was Kevin's deepest desire to find a dominant that would look past his outer appearance and see what was inside of him. He felt so lonely at times that he couldn't stand it and he wanted to have his babies early for his mother.

As the room waited for their instructor to appear, Kevin glanced around the room. As expected, there were more submissives than dominants here. Dominants usually go to classes that deal with attraction, not mindset.

The door opened and Kevin couldn't contain his soft gasp. Immediately, he felt his instincts rise and purr at the instructor in the most embarrassing way. In walked in the tallest, most attractive dominant Kevin has ever seen, male or female.

Wide, brown eyes took in every inch of the teacher. He looked to be way over six feet and his wings were nearly touching the floor, they were so big. The wingspan had to be around fourteen feet. Kevin felt…insignificant. His own was a meager six feet.

The color was a beautiful toffee mixed with hues of green and gold. The feathers were well groomed and gleamed when the fluorescent light hit them. They rested comfortable against the instructor's broad back and shoulders, slightly out.

When the teacher turned his head, Kevin's mouth was suddenly dry. Warm, hazel eyes glanced around the room, taking in everyone as a surprisingly full mouth lifted into a friendly grin that made the submissive's heart thunder painfully against his ribs.

He had a straight nose, high cheekbones, strong jawline, and a thick mop of brown hair on his head that was practically begging Kevin to drag his fingers through. As the small angel looked closer at the teacher, he looked to be barely twenty five, if younger. Much to Kevin's deep relief and joy, he didn't smell mated either.

Then, he frowned in confusion. Why on Earth is such an attractive dominant not mated yet? Anyone with eyes could see how virile he was. Maybe he was waiting for the right submissive. That thought made Kevin hide a quiver.

The submissive could feel his wings straining to puff out and he even felt himself getting slick. Kevin flushed at the feeling, shifting uncomfortably in his hard chair. Willing his wings to stay still and behave, he tried to look away from the teacher, but couldn't.

He really couldn't when a deep, warm voice suddenly filled the room. "Hello, class. I'm sorry I was a little late, but I had a matter to attend to that was urgent. My name is Samuel Winchester. I want this class to be relaxing and informal, so please…call me Sam."

Kevin was trembling, the strain to not display himself like a fool for…Sam was nearly overwhelming. He didn't understand why he was acting like this. It was confusing and a little scary. Why would Sam notice such a small submissive like him? He was of age for bonding-eighteen -but it could never be.

So, with a heart filled with sadness, he forced his unruly wings under control and miserably slumped in his chair for the rest of the hour, not hearing a word out of Sam's gorgeous mouth.


Sam was in trouble. The minute he walked in the door, he smelled the most desirable scent he'd ever experienced. As he inconspicuously tried to find the source, he was surprised to see that it was an angel sitting in the far back, right next to the door.

Trying not the breath more deeply, he glanced more closely at the angel. Male, submissive, and young, he immediately catalogued. Small and lean, he was. Sam thought he was the smallest submissive he'd seen in a while.

The dominant forced his gaze to look away as he walked to his desk in the middle of the room, but stubbornly, his traitorous eyes and nose went back to the submissive. He had soft, brown eyes the color of chocolate and they made his heart skip a beat.

Sam took in his delicate features; black hair that looked as soft as fledgling down, round face, upturned nose, and a mouth as full and red as a cupid's bow. All in all, this little angel was too enticing for his own good.

His wings were rich black, but had a soft gray-blue hue to them. They were so small, just like him, but so very fetching. Sam suddenly felt his instincts slam into him, protectiveness and possessiveness in one.

Blinking his eyes that grew hazy during his stare, he moved his eyes away from the too-appealing submissive and willed himself to not act like his brother when it came to pretty submissives, male or female.

As he introduced himself, he gave one last, lightning-quick glance to the little angel and was shocked to see that he looked like he was going to be sick, he looked so miserable. Barely reigning in the frown and concerned growl welling up inside him, he continued talking and mentally prepared himself for the class that was expectantly looking at him.

Sam Winchester would not be distracted by one submissive, no matter how innocently desirable he was. It didn't matter that his brother's mate, Cas, has been nagging him to bond with someone for a year. It also didn't matter, at the moment, that his instincts were snarling at him to snatch this little submissive up before another dominant did.