It was extremely hard to wiggle out of Sam's comfortable, warm embrace, but he needed to call his parents. It wouldn't do for him to show up with a random dominant possessively holding him around the waist. His sire would…flip.

He hunted for his phone among the thrown clothes in the living room and it was fine, thankfully. He didn't want to put on his own clothes, so he pulled a shirt out of Sam's drawer. It was so big that the hem came down to his upper thighs, but if he bended down an inch, his butt cheeks would peek out.

He felt exposed without any underwear, but he knew his dominant would appreciate the view and he didn't want to put on his old, slick-filled ones. Sam's boxers wouldn't fit him at all so he was resigned to the fact that he would be going commando for a while.

Hiking the wide collar up a little, his whole shoulder and the crease of his armpit was showing, he walked into the kitchen, which was surprisingly spacious, and sat on a chair next to the table. As he dialed his mom's number, he tried to not think on how amazing last night was.

Even though they didn't go all the way, Sam's control was steel; they did everything else his mate could think off. He cleared his thoughts as his mom's voice sounded in his ear. Getting an orange from the basket on the table, he murmured, "Hi, Mom."

"Kevin! What are you doing up so early? Why aren't you in class?"

The submissive cleared his throat, slowly peeling the orange to have his hands occupied. "I have something to tell you, but don't freak out."

"What is it?" his mom asked, more gently this time.

"I…I've found my…dominant…" he whispered, the hold on the phone tightening.

There was a small, tense pause before Kevin's eardrum about busted by his mom's squeal. He gasped in pain, holding the phone about two feet away. She started to babble almost incoherently, way too excited to even make sense.

"Mom! Calm down! I can't understand a word you're saying!" he hissed, trying to still be quiet for Sam.

Much to Kevin's relief, she quieted…some. "Oh, my son! I'm so happy! Who is it?"

"Well, his name is Sam Winchester. He's a teacher here."

His mom gasped. "I thought student/teacher relationships didn't happen."

The submissive could feel himself flushing. "They're not advised, but the headmaster allows it if he could see proof of the bond."

"Obviously, he must've seen it. Oh, Kevin, I'm so excited. How old is he? What does he look like? What's his personality? Oh, I can't wait to be a grandmother!"

"He's twenty-four and he's a huge. Seriously, he's gigantic, but I…like that. He's so protective of me and he won't let me out of his sight for a while."

"I can sense how pleased you are about that, son…" his mom teased.

"Mom…" he groaned.

"Oh, stop. I want to meet this Sam."

"That's why I called you. Sam's a bit old-fashioned and he wants to meet you and Papa before we fully mate."

"Oh, your papa's going to like that. He's practically breathing down my neck because he's too impatient to wait his turn."

Kevin laughed at that. "Sam wants to come today."

"Do you have the time for that?"

"University protocol says the newly bonded have a mandatory week off."

"That's wonderful! When did you and Sam meet the headmaster?"

"Just yesterday, so we have a lot of time."

His mom made a sigh of happiness. "Brilliant. Your papa wants to talk to you now. He's about to rip the phone out of my hands."

Kevin held the phone between his head and his shoulder to finish peeling his orange. As he popped a piece in his mouth, his papa's voice sounded in his ear. "So, you have your mate, hm?"

The submissive rolled his eyes at protective wariness his sire had in his voice. "Yes, Papa. I know you overheard everything I said."

"Both of you come. Today."

"We are, Papa."

"At eleven-thirty, for lunch."

Kevin glanced at the clock on the wall. It read nine. "Alright…you'll like him, Papa."

"I better. I will know if my only offspring will be taken care of."

Even though Kevin felt aggravation at his papa's wariness, he would be ever grateful to have such an attentive, loving sire. Sometimes sires resented their children if they turned out to be submissive, male or female.

"Here's your mother. She's giving me the look again…" his papa grumbled.

Kevin heard a slight rustling sound before his mom was back on. "I can't wait, Kevin. I'll leave you now. You have to get ready and so do I. I love you, Kevin."

"Love you too, Mom. Bye."

They hung up and Kevin just put the phone down when familiar, strong arms went around his waist and pulled him into a bare, warm chest. The submissive melted into him, relaxing when his dominant's scent washed over him.

Lips nuzzled into his hair as a deep voice, husky with sleep still, rumbled, "Called your parents, baby?"

"Uh-huh. They're excited, especially my mom."

"You sire's not?"

"He's…wary, but in a protective way."

"Good. He should be. I have to prove to him that I can take care of you."

Kevin just turned around and slid off the chair. Cool air slithered between his thighs when Sam's shirt rode up because of his mate's firm hold around his torso. He flushed when the hazel-eyed's gaze went down.

"What's this? Wearing my shirt and nothing else? You are a naughty one, little one."

The submissive buried his face in Sam's broad chest, nuzzling the warm skin. "I didn't want to wear anything else…" he whispered.

"I'm pleased," his dominant all but purred. Kevin squeaked as one his hands traveled down his back and cupped a half-bared cheek. The black-haired lifted his face to meet dark, hazel eyes filled with lazy contentment.

"I think I want you to be like this from now on. Only when you have to go to classes, you'll wear your own clothes."

Kevin gave a shy smile and nodded. Sam's shirts were softer than his own anyway. "My sire wants us there at eleven-thirty. I kinda need a shower."

He squeaked when Sam picked him up, an arm under his ass for support, bruisingly kissing his mouth. "Mhmm, oranges…I like that," he murmured as his mate walked out of the kitchen and into the bathroom.

As the bigger angel turned on the water, he explained, "It'd be easier if we showered together, Kev. I like to take my time."

"You just wanna get me naked again," Kevin teased, kissing Sam's temple.

"That too. You know so well already."