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Covenant Castle, The Great Demon Kingdom

"You may now kiss the Maou."

Yuuri barely heard the voice of the priest as two warm palms caressed against his cheeks, tipping his head backwards slightly and a familiar and beloved mouth captured his own. Dark lashes drifted downwards as they kissed, and he was unaware of the roar of applause and cries of happiness that filled the great hall of the castle. All he knew was the delicious slide of Conrart's mouth over his, the brush of a tongue against the seam of his lips before it slipped inside, devouring any sound he would have made.

The soft sound of laughter came from off to one side, Gwendal cradling Greta to his side, one hand wrapped over her eyes, even though she squirmed to see the almost erotic exchange, one that had evolved into something more heated than just a simple tender kiss.

It was like a waking dream for Yuuri, as if years of longing had suddenly presented him with the perfect moment, one he wished he could forever live within as he gazed into the eyes of the man with whom he was now forever bound to with a cord of marriage, commitment and love. The red string of fate had bound them since Yuuri's birth; two souls forever meant to be as one. His heart pounded against his ribs to know that this was not something that had come from his imagination, but was actually happening.

Their foreheads touched lightly, Yuuri's hands were drawn against a broad chest, where he could feel Conrart's own heart racing as quickly and as desperately as his own. Their matching rings glinted in the streamers of sunshine that swept down from the windows on high, illuminating them both in a single beam. In that instant the world fell away, the volume of applause and well-wishing shouts fading away as it was only the two of them. Just for one moment, they were as one.

"Always." Conrart breathed against Yuuri's lips, those cinnamon eyes sparkling with just a hint of mischief. "Always, my king. You and only you."

With surprising ease, Yuuri suddenly felt himself swept off his feet, powerful arms lifting him as if he were weightless and a boy once more. There was the sound of leather boots hitting the stone, as Conrart toed them off with quick motions until he was standing barefoot on the stone dais. A startled cry of delight escaped the Maou when Conrart took flight down the long, deep red aisle carpet, bare feet almost soundless against it.

Sounds of shocked horror and outrage rose from various members of the aristocracy, and laughter from amongst Yuuri's friends and family, at the strange spectacle the two of them made.

Yet, only Yuuri understood Conrart's unexpected actions. A promise made and kept years before. It was a renewal of it, a renewal of all that they shared, a new beginning of a life that they would be building together...a King and his Prince Consort. No matter what happened, no matter what came, Conrart promised with this simple act that he would always be there to support Yuuri, always there to protect him if their world fell apart. No matter what problems or issues may arise, nothing would ever be enough to drive them apart.

Music swelled around them, rising from the soft background hum to a full throated orchestral performance as they headed towards the opening interior doors. Rice showered them from either side, catching in their hair and clothing as they raced towards that doorway into their future.

Even as they reached them, they kept going, their hearts so light they were barely aware that they were heading towards the front doors. They burst open before them, sunlight bathing them both, dazzling their eyes, before down the steps they went to where their carriage was parked. The carriage door was awaiting them, held open by a proper butler.

A sharp whistle from Conrart and the tawny tan horse shot out from around the corner towards them, trailed by a panicking Dacascos, who had clearly been holding onto the reins during the wedding ceremony waiting for this moment. With the ease of the expert cavalryman he was, Conrart swung up onto the saddle, bare feet and all. Yuuri seated before him side-saddle, looking much like a damsel that had been swept up in a daring rescue. His hands gripped the pummel of the saddle as the horse was spurred into motion once more, rushing towards the opening gates.

As they swept past the facade of the main entrance way, dozens of windows flew open and familiar faces crammed into every one of them, their cheers and whoops of encouragement echoing across the courtyard and over the battlements of Covenant Castle, the onlookers' hearts filled with the same unbridled joy as Yuuri and Conrart's, forever cementing this day into Yuuri's heart and mind… emblazoning it upon his soul. Those voices chased them as they burst from the gates and out onto the main road through the capital.

The decked out streets were suddenly filled with people as windows here, too, were flung open. Like a spark set to this decorated city, the streets were soon ringing as loudly as the castle behind them had, and Yuuri was stunned into awed silence by it, for a brief moment understanding on a deep level what his presence had helped to bring to this world, that all that he had done had never been in vain. This truly was the place he belonged, the world he had been meant to live in.

Here in the arms of the man who loved him with all of his soul, with the world celebrating with them in all their joy and happiness, his head turned upwards, peering into the face that hovered just above his own, remembering as he always did that first moment when they had acknowledged their love for one another. Also, he couldn't shake the memories of the first time he consciously had met this lovely man and the thoughts he'd had then that Conrart resembled very much the prince on horseback, and he was struck by that same feeling of awe now.

"I love you, Conrart Weller." He whispered, his head lifting up to be able to press his lips against that strong jaw, earning himself a broad grin. "You and your craziness!"

The sound of Conrart's bright laughter filled Yuuri Shibuya Weller's ears, spreading with tender fingers throughout his entire being, for never before had he ever heard it so free or so happy. It would stay with him, that sweet sound, more than the ceremony or this impromptu escape off to their honeymoon. It was the sound of Conrart's happiness that made everything worth it.

"I love you!"

Conrart's cry of those three simple words resounded across the rolling green fields outside of the capital's walls and out into the distance. For never again would the love of this soldier be hidden behind fear and uncertainty, it would be there for all the world to see.