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I felt like a creeper. I was standing just beyond the edge of the trees watching him, he was standing in the same spot as that day. The day that was one of the saddest yet greatest days of my life. The day that I imprinted on him was the day that his father had died. That tragedy was the only thing that I wish I could change about that day. Everything else was perfect about it.

This time however he was wearing a pair of black swim trunks low on his hips. He was just staring at the ocean. Sometimes I really wish I could be able to tell what he was thinking while we were in human form. I walked out of the tree line towards him, wrapping my arms around his waist once I was close enough.

"Hey baby," I whispered into his neck leaving a kiss just below his ear. "What's going on?"

"Hey Jake," he whispered back. He leaned back into me resting his head on my shoulder, baring his neck to me. I nipped lovingly at the bit of exposed flesh. "I'm just thinking. I thought you were out on patrol until tonight?" He turned in my arms so he could bury his head into my shoulder and wrap his arms around my neck.

"I was," I mumbled maneuvering so my forehead was resting on his. "Smelled your scent as I was running past and decided to check up on you. I know you've been feeling down lately," I explained squeezing his hip.

"I'm fine Jake, honest," I could tell he wasn't, not only could I feel it through the imprint link but the look on his face told me all I needed to know.

"No you're not pup! Now stop lying to me. I know it's hard, you miss your dad. And now your mom's moving on. It's a tough situation. You don't have pretend you're okay with everything when you're not." I grabbed his face between my hands and his eyes immediately down casted, a frown on his face.

"My mother is a grown woman, she can do whatever she likes. Doesn't mean I have to be happy about it. But that's not it," he replied into my chest clinging onto me tighter. Crap, why do I get the feeling that his mood lately has something to do with me?

"Please tell me what's the matter Seth. How can I fix whatever it is that's bothering you if you don't talk to me?"

He sighed pulling out of my arms completely, turning back to the ocean and sinking down on to sand. "You're never around anymore Jake," he finally said running his fingers through the sand. "Even after you took Alpha of both packs you were still around. But now, I'm lucky if I see you for 5 minutes a day, of course unless it's pack business, then I just get to listen to you boss us around. I don't… I don't even remember the last time we've been together Jacob."

Well FUCK, have I really been neglecting him? "Shit Seth!" I sat down next to him. I wrapped my arms around him pulling him as close to me as I could. "I didn't even realize. Fuck baby I'm sorry. Everything has just been so fucked up lately that I'm getting a little overwhelmed."

"It's whatever Jacob. I don't care." I went to grab at his hand when he got up, but he just pulled it away from me and walked over to his backpack. He slung it over his right shoulder, his back still to me. "I'll just see you at home. Maybe, I guess." And he walked away. What - The - FUCK? Obviously he cared if he's acting like this about it.

I watched him walk away. What else was I supposed to do at the moment? I couldn't leave Paul out on patrol all by himself, Alpha or not I just couldn't skirt on my own duties. I ran back into the tree line and quickly stripped off my cutoffs and phased.

"Five minutes my fucking ass!" Paul's voice immediately came through.

"Shut the fuck up Paul! I'm not in the mood for your shit right now!" I growled taking off in the opposite direction of where he was.

"What's got your tightie-whities in a twist? Seth not give it up to you?" he snickered.

"I fucking mean it Paul! I swear I'll have you running patrol by your-fucking-self for a week if you don't shut the hell up!"

"God Jake! I was only joking with you." He shut up after that. Only every so often he let loose the odd stray thought.

I put a mental block up so he couldn't hear my thoughts at all. What the hell was I going to do about Seth? I hadn't meant to neglect him. But fuck it all, trying to keep track of all these wolves was starting to be a lot.

"I'm going home," I told Paul after about an hour later. I really needed to make things right with Seth, and me being out on patrol just thinking about it wasn't going to help our situation.

"What the fuck Jake? You're the one who set the damn schedule now you're ditching?" He sounded more amused then pissed off, well he could just punt anyways. And anyways, so what, I'm allowed to change the rules as I see fit right?

"Shut up! I have to go fix some shit with Seth," I told him honestly heading off towards the house I shared with my mate.

"Whatever Jake. Go fuck the pup."

"At least that's better than getting the images of the last time you fucked my sister," I bit back before phasing out and pulling my shorts on.