-Implications behind Closed Doors-

Case 4: A Massage Session

Juvia was heading towards one of the rooms in the guild to get some items for Mirajane as requested of her.

As she stood in front of the designated room that is the infirmary of the guild, her hand stopped just before it touched the knob of the door.

"G-Gray… ah-shit. Y-you're really good at this. Ah~"

'G-G-G-G-Gray-sama?! W-what is Gray-sama doing?!' her face had already turned to a dark hue of red when countless of ideas invaded and swirled around in her head.

She heard more moans come from behind the door from the two occupants in the room.

"Ah! There! Oooh!"

She heard a surprised noise escape to what she knows was her Gray-sama's doing. That was all she needed to bust down the door with all the willpower she had.

She stared with widened eyes for the scene before wasn't what she was mentally prepared for.

Her source of affection was naked, on top of another man... and was covered with unknown white substances on his face and body.


Completely disregarding everything else as her eyes only continued to solely focus on Gray, she didn't want to think of what that substance could be.

"G-G-Gray-sama? T-t-that!" Though, her mind couldn't help try and figure it out. It couldn't be what she was thinking was it? No, not her Gray-sama… However, the other side of her mind says otherwise.

It came to the point where she couldn't handle it. The scene was just a lot to take in for her poor brain. She a got massive nosebleed... before she fainted and hit the floor with a thud.

"J-Juvia?" Gray was shocked that the latter just fainted, and wondered what had happened to have had made her like that.

"Maybe it's because you're naked?" Natsu suggested, making the ice mage look back at him and remembered the matter at hand.

"You… Next time I'm giving you a massage, you are not allowed to hold onto the lotion bottle anymore.

"Geez, I'm sorry ok. I didn't mean to squeeze it so hard..."

The ice maker had agreed to give the dragon slayer a message which explained why the latter was currently half naked. Although, once Gray had unknotted a really tight spot, that was when Natsu had unconsciously gripped at the lotion container, and caused it to burst and spill on the ice mage.

Gray looked at himself with dismay before sighing deeply. "Now it's all over me," he whined as he tried wiping it off with his hands.

"Sorry..." The fire mage felt guilty, so he decided to help out by grabbing a nearby towel, since they were in an infirmary and all, and wiped the fluids off of Gray.

"I got to admit, you're really good at undoing tight spots." Natsu smiled.

"Thanks. I did do some research on it, and it helps me out whenever I get cramps or become too tense." Gray returned the gesture with a smile.

"Mind teaching me then? I could massage you when you're the one that gets tired."

The ice mage hummed as he thought pensively. "Hmm... That's not a bad idea."

Natsu's smile brightened. "Isn't it?"

Gray nodded, "Alright. We'll start tomorrow."


This was funny; how the idea came to me. I was putting lotion on when I failed at squirting the lotion on my hand properly. I hit the area between my thumb and point finger... is my palm that missable? -.-"

Anyway, after that, I literally stared at my hand for a good couple of minutes... and BOOM! Idea! ... Yeah.

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