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'"NO! I can't be late again"
A girl was running…
A girl with red hair in a braid was running…
A Girl with red hair in a braid, brown eyes was running…
All you could hear was a huff and a puff if you would pass her by…
"Come on…. I have to make it today, otherwise I'll be late again!"
The noise of the school bell rang, she failed, and was late for school, again.
Chapter 1: Sailor Scorpio

A girl named Sora Natsukawa, 15 years old, Junior High School student, was usually on time for school in the morning, but as of recent, she had been having strange dreams about a girl fighting as if she was a superhero, with dumpling like blonde hair, and she hadn't been getting much sleep,

"What's up with you, Sora-Chan?" asked her best friend Yuki,
"It's nothing Yuki-Chan, I just haven't been getting much sleep lately is all"
"How come? Has something been on your mind? If there's anything I can do to help I'd be happy-"
"Yuki-Chan, it's alright, I'll be fine, so no need to worry about me, okay?"
"Alright…So, you have detention for being late?"
"Yup, just like Yesterday, it' the most boring thing I have ever had to sit through"
Yuki laughed at her friends distress,

In detention, Sora was having a horrible time, there was another girl in the room with her at the time, she was in the desk behind her, but she was quiet, she had hair as white as snow, ocean blue eyes, and braces, she had her hands clenching her knees in her detention desk, Sora tried to make conversation,
"Hi, I'm Sora Natsukawa, I'm in detention because I was late for school, how about you?" she said turned in her seat,

"M-Me? Y-Your asking my n-name? um…I-I'm Kako Yana, I-I'm in here because I…Hit another student…" said Kako shyly,

"Hitting someone? Were they rude to you? Cause otherwise I just can't see someone like you hitting somebody"

"Y-Yes…T-They were pushing me a-around and calling me n-names.."

"It's good that you stood up for yourself, but how come your in detention, and their not?"

"I-I Didn't want to be a s-snitch…"

"But when somebody is being mean to you, you have to stick up for yourself, and tell somebody the truth of what was going on, they should be in detention not you"

"Y-You think so…?"

"Oh course I think so!"

Just then the teacher came into the old classroom and allowed them out, Sora waved to Yuki and went home.

Sora was on her computer in her room, playing Grand Fantasia, once she died and lost all her hard eanred EXP, she signed off and ploped unto her bed, in her red pajamas, she let out a sigh, and closed her eyes as she drifted to sleep…

In her dream, she saw the same girl again, long blonde hair that looked like dumplings, and now she had a short sailors outfit on, and large wings, with a pink and golden staff she called out as it echoed, "Sora-Chan, this is important, if somebody asks you for help, answer their plead…" then she faded away and ora woke up, rubbed her eyes, and then she saw a gray cat in front of her bed,

"Ah, it seems you have awaken Natsukawa Sora" said the cat,
Sora suddenly seemed shocked,
"A-A Talking CAT? What are you a descendant of Hello Kitty?" Sora replied panicky,

"Don't worry, I'm not bad, evil or anything that you should be afraid of, my name is Chika, and if things went correctly so far, you should have had a dream of Sailor Moon?"


"Yes, the girl from your dreams was not fake, she was the worlds greatest warrior, you saw her in Eternal form, she ruled Crystal Tokyo sometime ago as Neo Queen Serenity, and her daughter, Chibiusa, also known as Sailor Chibi Moon, is fighting with her friends, the Sailor Asteroids, but the enemy is groing stronger and stronger, and they need help."

"What's that supposed to mean..?"

"You, Sora, must take this pendant and become Sailor Scorpio!"

Chika made appear for Sora a beautiful pendant, it was in the shape of a circle with wings on it, it also had a scorpion tail engraved on it,

"You must use this to transform, hurry! Yell - Scorpion Zodiac Power, Make Up"

Sora did what Chika asked, "SCORPIAN ZODIAC POWER, MAKE UP!"
A bright red light flashed, Sora had white gloves, blue boots, and a deep red skirt, her chocker was the same color, and her earrings were little scorpions.

"Oh my gosh! Just like in anime!" Sora said amused,

"Yes, but now is not the time for that, go to the Juuban Shopping District, hurry Sailor Scorpio!"

Sailor Scorpio headed for the shopping district, jumping from roof to roof, she was more agile making things much more quicker, it was dark out, she had to sneak out the window in order for her Mom or Dad not to suspect anything, eventually, she saw a huge monster looking creature, it had the look of a giant bat, and razor sharp teeth… There were 5 other girls avoiding his attacks,

"Ceres! Be careful! Whoa, AAAH" said a girl in a pink sailor soldier uniform with pink rabbit like hair,

Scorpio jumped over to where they were and ran to the injured soldier,
"Are you okay?" asked Sora,
"Who are you..? Chika..? We didn't need the help Chika" she said stroking the cats head,
"Yes you did Chibiusa-Chan! Ooh that feels nice~ I mean, this is Sailor Scorpio, the first of the Sailor Zodiacs"
Chibisua feel asleep, Sora stood up, "What can I do to help, Chika?" she asked, determined,
"Well…put your hands together in a praying position, and believe in yourself, believe in the Sailor Asteroids and Chibi Moon, the words and action will come to you"

Sora, with her hands holding, she felt a special kind of warmth, and words and strength came into her body…
Sora started to glow, she gained a weapon, it was red with black stripes, and in the shape of a scorpion's tail, or rather like her hair, she raised it up and called out,

"O Great power of constellations, give me the strength I need to save the world!

A giant flame came out of her staff and turned the enemy to dust, the Sailor Asteroids thanked Sora, helped Chibiusa up and jumped away before she could ask any questions…

My name is Sora Natsukawa, I'm 15 in Middle School, I can usually keep my grades at a normal pace, and am usually on time for school, but I'm no genius, I don't have a lot going for me, except that I'm one of the Sailor Zodiacs, Sailor Scorpio!

Chapter 1 End