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I wonder how she's been doing…It's been two days since I last saw her, it doesn't seem like much, but being who she is, it worries me…

Chapter 3: Sailor Libra

Sora was walking down the street on her way home from school, it was a typical Monday, Saturday she met a talking cat and became Sailor Scorpio, and Yesterday, her best friend Yuki became Sailor Aries on her birthday at an amusement park, what could possibly happen today?

"Sora, the enemy was able to turn everything to stone, we have to be more careful, their getting stronger" said Chika trailing Sora,

"I know I know Chika, but now that Yuki-Chan is on our team, we can't be beat!" said Sora sounding annoyed with Chika's warnings,

"But they know that we have a new Zodiac Soldier, they'll step up their game for sure-"

"But Chika, we still have to find three more Zodiac Soldiers, you told me last night before I went to sleep, so it's not like once they get stronger we can't beat them due to not having enough people, right?"

"But Sora, who KNOWS how long it will be before we find the other three, it could be milliseconds, seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, years, even Sora!"

"Chika, I doubt you about the first four time limits, and besides, Yuki-Chan and I are stronger than you think"

Sora closed her eyes and stopped talking, closed her eyes and kept walking on home, Chika sighed and ran off somewhere, just then, Sora bumped into somebody and fell down,

"Hey, are you alright?" asked a male voice,

"Y-Yeah…I-I think so, who are you?" asked Sora,

"I'm glad, I'm Hideki, you?"

"S-Sora, I'm in middle school"

"So am I! I think I've seen you around school before, well, I gotta get to cram school, see you later Sora-San!"

Hideki helped Sora up, waved and ran off towards the other end of the block, Sora was blushing, He's cute… she thought, but then she shook her head and kept on walking.

The next day at school did not start off well for Sora…

"WHAT? DETENSION AGAIN?" said Sora loudly and annoyed,

Sora had snuck into the janitors closet to quickly finish her homework during P.E. which was a class she didn't care about, but when the janitor had come in to get his supplies, she was caught and sent to the Principles' Office for skipping classes, she here she was, sitting in a quiet, lonely room, she turned around and saw Kako, the girl she saw the last time she was in detention,

"Yana-San, do you remember me? Natsukawa?" Sora asked,

"Y-Yes, I remember you N-N-Natsukawa-San…I'm sorry but your advice didn't really h-help…" Kako said looked sadder than ever.

Huh? How come? Didn't you tell the teachers the truth?"

"Yes, but t-then the o-other kids said I was l-lying…"

"OK, so let me get this straight, you're the one who was lying, yet they lied? That's BS!"


After a good pep talk from Sora Kako decided to walk home with her, it turns out that they lived right next door, they said goodnight and then they heard a loud crashing type sound, Sora turned around, and noticed that it was an enemy! It was right around the corner wrecking havoc in town, Kako just stood there, staring at the monster, while Sora called Yuki to come and quick, and once Yuki got there, Kako was still as still as a rock.

"Yana-San, go in your house, hurry!" said Sora concerned,

"W-what is that thing?" asked Kako terrified,

Yuki looked at Kako, "Look Yana-San, theres not time to explain, you have to hurry and run! Otherwise your going to regret it!" she said,

The monster was getting closer and closer to houses and then it crushed one house, luckily there was nobody in the house, since Kako wasn't leaving, the mystery sailor soldiers appeared,

"Stop it right there! "For Love and Justice a sailor suited pretty soldier, Sailor Chibi Moon and the Sailor Asteroids Have Arrived! In the name of the future Moon We'll punish you!"

The pinkette said, she looked tired,

"W-Who are t-they?" asked Kako,

Sora sighed, "Well Yana-San…Their Sailor Soldiers, they transform from normal girls into superheros, they fight monsters like this, Yuki-Chan and I are….Sailor Soldiers too, were the Sailor Zodiacs, Sailor Scorpio, and Sailor Aries, and were going to fight this monster, come on Yuki-Chan!



Sora and Yuki were now the Zodiac Soldiers, and they were going to help Chibi Moon and the Asteroids.

Just then, Chika came running up to Scorpio and Aries.

"Scorpio! Aries!" she said surprised,


Sora was then interrupted by the screaming of Chibi Moon,

"AAAAAHHHHH! ….I knew something was different about Natsukawa-San and Tanemura-San….Their the Sailor Zodiacs…." said Chibi Moon,

Sora and Yuki turned around,

"Sailor Chibi Moon…How- How did you know our last names?" asked Sora,

The Sailor Asteroids lay Chibi Moon down on the ground, then they jumped towards the monster for a kick, but they were attacked…

Yuki's rod appeared, "ARIES FIRE BURNING!" fire shot from Sailor Aries' rod and the monster was knocked down, "Sora-Chan! Now!"

Sora nodded, and summoned her rod, it came from the sky and she caught it,

"SCORPIAN WATER-AAAAGH!" she was being shocked, the monster may have been down, but he knew magic spells,

"SORA-CHAN!" screamed Yuki,

All of a sudden, Kako started to glow, and a brooch came from a twinkle in the sky, she then called out, "LIBRA ZODIAC POWER, MAKE UP!"

Kako was now Sailor Libra!

"Sailor….Libra?" said Sora and Yuki in unison,

"LIBRA BLOWING WIND!" a large gust of wind came and blew the monster over, giving Scorpio enough time to attack,


A huge waterfall came and annihilated the monster, Chibi Moon and the Asteroids bowed and left,

"Yana-San, that was amazing! Thank you." said Yuki,

"I'm a…S-Sailor Zodiac..? Sailor L-Libra?" Kako asked,

"Yup! Welcome to the team, Kako-Chan!" said Sora smiling.

My name is Sora Natsukawa, 15 years old in Middle School, my grades are good, I have a good record at school too, but really, I don't have any hobbies but playing the MMO Grand Fantasia, oh, and did I mention? I'm a Sailor Zodiac Soldier, Sailor Scorpio! And I have two teammates, my best friend, Tanemuta Yuki-Chan, who's Sailor Aries, and my shy quiet detention buddy Yana Kako-Chan, who is now Sailor Libra! Then the nagging cat Chika, and Sailor Chibi Moon and the Sailor Asteroids whom we don't know much about, but were going to friends eventually, I just know it…

Chapter 3 End