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"Get out! Really?"

Chapter 4: Sailor Virgo

Sora, Yuki and Kako were all on their way home from a long day at school, but Yuki had some good news.

"So guys, your never going to guess what happened the other day" said Yuki excitedly,

"What? Did you get a boyfriend?" asked Sora,

"Nope…Your guessed…wrong…ANYWAYS, There is going to be a cosplay event for otakus!" replied Yuki,

"Why would that benefit us? We don't like that kind of stuff Tanemura-San" said Kako,

"If you win the contest, there is a prize, which would be tickets to a beach resort!" said Yuki,

"A…RESOTRT?" yelled Sora,

"Shh Sora-Chan, you can't tell anyone, the less competition we have, the better chance we have of winning, now, we have some anime to watch!" Yuki said,

Later in the day, all three girls were sitting by their TV screens watching anime, trying to figure out who they'll cosplay as for the contest.

Sora was watching Fairy Tail.
Yuki was watching Lucky Star.

And Kako was watching Haruhi Suzimiya.

After hours and hours of time spent, they all ended up staying up later than planned…

The next morning the girls met up at lunchtime,

"I'm going to be Lucy Heartfilia" said Sora,

"I'm going to be Konata Izumi" said Yuki,

"As for me, I'm going to be Haruhi Suzimiya!" sad Kako.

As days passed it was finally time for the big day or cosplay,

The competition started off with a trivia, but things didn't go really as planned, since they both each only watched a few episodes of each anime…

"You, dressed as Lucy-Chan from Fairy Tail, is the series ongoing, or did it finish?" asked the questioner,

"Uhm…uuuh…..Finished…?" answered Sora,

"WRONG! Konata-Chan from Lucky Star, how many episodes are there?"

"Uhm, well, most anime has 26 episodes…So I'll go with 26" answered Yuki,

"WRONG! Haruhi-Chan from Haruhi Suzimiya, what award did this anime really earn? Best Animation TV Program Award or
Best Theme Song Award?"

"Both" answered Kako,


Then, after the trivial challenge, was the overall, best costume, the winner was…

Just then, the pinkette from the restaurant was back, she had four others with her too, and right when she walked in the revolving door, a giant monster came crashing though the ceiling!

"Everyone! Please leave the building immediately! This is not a drill!" called out a voice from a speaker,

"Yuki-Chan, Kako-Chan, now!"




Now that everyone was transformed, the battle had finally begun!

Yuki looked around, and then she saw a girl hugging her knees, "Crap! Scorpio, Libra, I think we just transformed in front of someone-and five others!" she said nervously,

Sora and Kako were too busy fighting the dinosaur looking monster at that time though.

Chika came in, "Sora! Yuki-San! Kako-San! I just found something out, there are five of the Sailor Zodiacs! You need to find the other two!" she said,

"But what about the other ones like Cancer, Gemini and such?" asked Sora,

"There were-ok, now is not the time to explain, this stick detects that there is a Zodiac Soldier in this room!" Chika left and came back with a glowing stick with a brown circular top, "The readings are mostly coming from that girl in the corner!"

The stick then floating away from Chika and to the girl, she opened her eyes, tool the stick, and she glowed like Kako did,

"VIRGO ZODIAC POWER, MAKE UP!" she yelled, her outfit was purple,

"SAILOR VIRGO!" yelled Scorpio, Aries and Libra in unison,

Then, the five girls who seemed to be watching the fight, left mysteriously,


The monster was being burned,


Thanks to Libra, the fire went out but the prehistoric creature seemed to almost be blind,


The giant earthquake surrounded the monster and nothing but the monster, he then fell to the ground,

"SCORPIO! NOW!" said the other three,


The creature was now drowned in water,. He shrunk to a toy, this was different then usual.

The building was ruined, until a shadow in the shape of a man appeared, he threw a blue rose that glowed like the sunshine and the building was returned,

"Who…was that..?" asked Sora,

Everybody detransformed,

"Thank you, Virgo, I'm Natsukawa Sora, and these are my friends, Yuki Tanemura and Kako Yana, what's your name?" asked Sora,

"Me? Uuuh, I'm Ishida Asako, I'm in Middle School" the girl replied…

My name is Sora Natsukawa, 15 years old in Middle School, my grades are good, I have a good record at school too, but really, I don't have any hobbies but playing the MMO Grand Fantasia, oh, and did I mention? I'm a Sailor Zodiac Soldier, Sailor Scorpio! And I have three teammates, my best friend, Tanemuta Yuki-Chan, who's Sailor Aries, and my shy quiet detention buddy Yana Kako-Chan, she's Sailor Libra, then the newest member of our group, Ishida Asako-San, she's Sailor Virgo.
Were on a mission to find the rest of the five Sailor Zodiac Soldiers, and to find out more about Sailor Chibi Moon and her friends…

Chapter 3 End