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"Would you be sad if I died?" The sudden question from their captain made the crew freeze what they were doing and stare at him. It wasn't like Luffy to be so serious.

"Are you speaking to anyone in general?" Nami asked.

He shook his head, but did not say anything else. Everyone in the crew had known about the nightmares of his brother, and the saddness that stayed in him, even now. He was most likely asking because he knew a lot of people were pained by his brother's death.

Chopper was the first to answer his question. "I'd miss you," he said. Luffy made him smile. He played with him and was kind to him. "You're my friend."

"I'd miss you!" Usopp agreed. He had held his hand out to Usopp, instantly becoming friends. "To honor your name, I'd let the flag stay on the ship, even though I'd be the captain."

"I think I'd miss you," Nami said now. She rolled her eyes. Luffy did trust her and seek revenge for her even when she betrayed him. No one is a true friend if they wouldn't do that. "Although I'd enjoy the quiet."

"Of course I'd miss you, bro," Franky said. Luffy had a way of drawing people in.

"Yohohoho, Luffy-san, I would also be saddened by you death," Brook told him. He had restored Brook's lost hope.

"I believe I would miss you," Robin told the boy. Luffy was very interesting and had a way if keeping her on her toes.

"I might miss you," Sanji said. He'd been willing to step into a fight that wasn't his, over and over. "Who else would compliment my cooking like you?"

Everyone looked to Zoro, since he wasn't speaking. He had been staring at the sky, but noticing everyone's attention on him, he turned and looked at the crew. Looks like he had to reply, if it was so important to his captain.

He sighed and looked to Luffy. He was his first mate, been with him through much more than the others. He's been with Luffy since the beginning, in cool times, and in sad times. They'd fought along side one another and aided one another. There was no one else he could think of that had ever been a closer friend.

"I wouldn't miss you," he told Luffy. "I'd follow you."