WARNINGS: Contains cursing, boy x boy material, and horror-like elements. Additionally, all characters in this fic are property of their respected owners. I view the PewDieCry pairing as a result of their personas and not the as the real people themselves. Therefore I will not use the character's real names in this story (with the exception of Marzia, simply because everyone's used to calling her "Marzia" and not "CutiePie"). Please read at your own risk.

So without further ado, enjoy!

Chapter 1

"Pewds…What the hell have you gotten us into?"

I scratched the back of my head and shrugged awkwardly. "Ehmm, I'm sorry, Cry, I really needed your help looking for it! I didn't think that was gonna happen." I notioned over to the car. Somehow all four of the tires had been punctured and deflated; now it was completely useless, seeing as we didn't have any spares or patches. We might as well have run out of gas or had the engine give out. There was no way we were going to continue our drive any time soon.

Cry was not amused. "Regardless of what you intended, we are now stranded out here, and it's starting to get dark out." He sighed exasperatedly.

"I'm sorry, okay? Geez!" I said, pressing my palm against my face. I felt so stupid right now. This whole situation was all my fault…

~Half an hour ago~

"WHOOOOO! I FEEL ALIVE!"I cried out enthusiastically. I fumbled with the video camera for a few seconds but managed to turn it around so it was recording my face. I stuck out my tongue and laughed. "Best vacation EVER!"

Cry glanced at me briefly and laughed, then returned his eyes to the road. "You're crazy, Pewds. Why are you even recording this anyway?" He turned the wheel slightly as the rocky path curved to the right.

"Because I feel like it!" I laughed some more as he shook his head, chuckling at how hyper I was being.

We were driving to a cottage that Cry owned up in southern Illinois. It had taken a lot of planning and luck, but we eventually found a time slot in which we could meet up and hang out over the summer. I had met up with the gamer in real life several times before, but those times were far and few between. Even despite that, we were as close friends as anyone could get.

Anyways, the plan was for me to fly to Florida and meet Cry at his house, where we would then pack up our stuff and go on a 24-hour-long road trip. Finally, we would get to spend two and a half weeks at the cottage hanging out, swimming, making bonfires every night, etcetera. This was gonna be so freaking awesome! It was too bad Marzia couldn't come to do this with us (she had other plans with her friends, and we mutually agreed that it would be okay to have some time apart while we partied). But I knew Cry and I would have a blast regardless; after all, we always did.

Right now we had about 3 hours left of driving. We had already crossed the border into Illinois, and the scenery had gradually changed from flat plains to the full-blow forest we were currently in.

I faced my video camera back to look out the passenger seat window. "Damn, this forest is getting really thick. The sun's not even shining through some parts." Wanting to get a better shooting angle, I rolled down the window and stuck my arm outside it while holding the camera.

Suddenly, I saw something strange up ahead. I leaned forward and unbuckled my seatbelt, trying to crane my arm around the side of the car and film it. It appeared to be a tall man wearing a suit, for some reason standing among the trees on the side of the road.

"Who the hell is that?" I wondered aloud as I climbed further out of my seat.

Apparently at this moment Cry decided to glance over to me again. I could only imagine his look of surprise when he saw me hanging halfway out the window, my rear sticking straight up in the air. "Pewdie, Get back in your seat."

I shook my head. "No, seriously, who the hell is that? What are they doing?" As the figure got closer, I tried to steady the camera in my hand. This was really weird, and I needed to get it on film. It's not every day you see a guy in a suit standing in the middle of the forest.

"I don't care if that's the freaking Pope, you're gonna fall right out the window! And I'm not paying for your medical bills."

Now the figure was really getting close, but for some reason I was having trouble getting a good view of him. "Cry, just look at this guy! He's—SHIT!" My eyes suddenly widened as we passed over a particularly large road bump, causing the camera to slip right out of my grasp and tumble down the side of the pavement.

"'He's shit?' What kinda' drugs are you on, friend?"

"No no, that's not what I meant! Stop the car! Stop!" I cried out.

The brunette seemed to give me a questioning look before slowing down to a stop. The second he pulled over I flung the car door open and frantically got out. "My camera! Do you see it anywhere?!"

He shook his head. "Nope. See, now if you listened to me you wouldn't've dropped it in the first place."

"I know!" I said. I sprinted back the way we came, scanning the road for my missing—and by the way, very expensive—recording device. "Just help me find it! Marzia's gonna kill me if she finds out I lost it!" I stopped running at around the point where the camera fell.

The gamer slightly adjusted the mask adorning his face before jogging to catch up with me. He looked around briefly then clapped a hand over my shoulder, shrugging nonchalantly. "Well, I don't see it anywhere. I guess you're screwed."

I lightly pushed him away and frowned. "Aw come on! Don't give up so quick—it's gotta be around here somewhere. It probably fell off the side of the road, or something."

We spent the next twenty minutes or so walking aimlessly around the giant trees and vegetation, keeping our eyes peeled for the small black item. Pretty soon I started losing hope, and we eventually called it quits and made our way back to the car.

That was when we found the sabotaged tires.

"What the hell happened to your car?" I asked as we walked up to the blue Honda. I couldn't believe it. What could possibly have caused this?

"I don't know, friend," he responded softly, "I don't know…"

~Present time~

"What do we do now?" I finally said, trying to swallow the guilt festering up inside my stomach.

The brunette stood in thought for a moment before fishing through his pockets. He pulled out his iPhone, holding it up in the air and waving it around at different heights. "No signal. Figures."

I pulled out my phone and got the same results. This was bad, very bad. The sun was just barely hovering over the horizon, and when it disappeared, the two of us would be stuck in the middle of a forest at night, with most likely no civilization around for miles. Not only that, but nobody knew where we were, not even Marzia—she probably thought we were at the cottage already, or nearing it.

It was like the perfect scenario for a horror game. How appropriate, I bitterly thought to myself.

The two of us stood there uncomfortably, trying to figure out what to do. If we couldn't call anyone and we couldn't drive, what were we supposed to do? Walk?


…Nah, that was insane. Totally insane.

"…I don't—"

"—I think we gotta walk." Cry suddenly interrupted, turning to me. His face was perfectly still, like a statue.

"But…" His words puzzled me for a moment, but then I got it and cracked a smile. "Haha! Good one, Cry!"

I playfully shoved him in the shoulder. Much to my confusion, however, he didn't return the enthusiasm. Instead, the American's eyes retained their cold look of solemnity. That didn't—I mean, he was joking, he had to be joking.

"Wait a sec, are you being…serious here?" I shoved him once more.

He promptly nodded. "Yep."

I felt my fists nervously clench and unclench. That was a terrible, terrible idea! We would be out in this enormous forest by ourselves with no connection to the outside world and no idea what was in store for us. If we left the car, anything could happen. Anything.

"Cry, you know how I am with… y'know…" I trailed off. I couldn't bear to say it out loud; I'd sound like a pussy.

The other man faintly laughed. "Pewdie, there's nothing out here except a bunch of trees and stuff," he said reassuringly, scruffling my hair like I was a little kid, "It's okay. Nothin's gonna happen, okay? I promise." He headed back to the vehicle and started rummaging through the car seat pockets, most likely searching for things we could take with us.

I sighed. I knew he was right; as much as I didn't want to admit it, we really had no other option but to walk. I just couldn't help but feel a twinge of…well, something, something not good. Something unsettling. I would try my best to brush it off, but I doubted that would work for very long.

With that in mind, I made my way over to Cry as he searched the interior of the car. It was a bit difficult to see his face (the mask usually covered most of it), but I thought I saw a glimpse of a frown underneath the white cover. I looked over his shoulder to see what he had found so far.

He was holding a bunch of stuff in his hands. "M'kay, so I found the emergency medical kit plus a flashlight and a couple of batteries." The items were dropped into my hands, and I examined them. The medical kit had some antibiotic ointment, bandages, scissors to cut said bandages, medical tape, and a few alcoholic wipes. The flashlight was pretty small—about the size of a coffee mug—and when I turned it on, the light only reached out about twelve feet in front of us. I quickly turned it off again, for we only had one replacement of spare batteries, and we needed to save it.

Then I noticed we were missing something. "What about the map?" I asked as Cry handed me a couple of water bottles and snacks.

"Can't find it," he responded unhappily, climbing deeper into the passenger's seat, "That's really weird—I put it on top of the dashboard when we were still driving. But now it's gone."

"It can't just disappear like that," I added in. It wasn't like a freaking map could get up and walk off by itself—it was a map! The only way for that to happen would be if somebody… "Oh, man. Jävla fan."

"English, please."

I grabbed the brunette by the shoulders and pulled him out of the car, flipping him around so he faced me. "Cry… Cry, what if there's someone here? What if they took the map and slashed the tires on purpose? What if they're trying to strand us here? What if—"

I was silenced by the other's hand over my mouth. "Pewds, I told you not to worry! There's nothin' out here, remember? Now just relax and take a deep breath. You've been playing too many horror games, I think."

Well, no shit, that's my freaking job! What did he expect? I was tempted to roll my eyes but quickly decided against it. Instead I took the advice and tried to calm down again. Like I mentioned before, Cry was right. He had to be. Cry was always right. Right?

When he was sure I wasn't going to scream bloody murder, my best friend lowered his palm from my mouth and turned back around to continue searching the car. I, on the other hand, put the items on the ground, walked to the other side of the car, and sat cross-legged on the hood.

As the sun began disappearing below the tops of the trees, my mind began wandering back to Marzia. I really wished I could call her right now or reach her in some way. I wondered if she was thinking about me, hoping I was having as much fun as she probably was with her friends in Italy. If I could at least hear that bright, almost child-like voice, I would not be nearly as nervous as I currently was. Marzia always found a way to make me happy, and that was why I loved her. A part of me wished she was here with me, despite the fact that this was a pretty dangerous situation.

But at least I was with Cry... If I had been out here by myself, I wouldn't know what to do.

The sky was completely dark now. The moon illuminated the tops of the trees and the road, but the forest was so dense that it didn't reach the ground. I stared out at the rocky path our car had been travelling along, thankful that some natural light was shed on it. Wouldn't it be awful if we had to walk through the trees instead?

Just as that thought passed through my mind, something funny caught the corner of my eye. I looked over to the left to see a tall man standing in the shadows, just out of reach of the moonlight.

Is that the same guy as before? I wondered, blinking rapidly to make sure I wasn't just seeing things. If so, why the hell is he wearing a suit out here?

I quickly turned my head back to the American. "Hey Cry, it's that weird guy again. Look at him!"

He climbed out of the seat and followed the direction of my pointed finger. "Liar. You suck."

What? I snapped my head back over to the left to see that the person was gone. "I swear, he was right there a second ago!" How did that happen?

"Seriously, friend, stop saying stuff like that. I don't see anything. You're starting to creep me out..." The gamer shook his head and climbed back into the car, his face once again obscured from view.

I opened my mouth to say something but closed it again. I was already on edge, but there was no reason to make Cry the same way, too. I rubbed my arms, trying to make the goosebumps go away. Maybe he was right—maybe playing all of those horror games really did make my imagination go insane… There was nothing out here. Nobody was trying to strand us out here. The map was probably stuck somewhere in the car, and the tires must have run over something sharp and deflated on their own. Yeah. No need to be afraid. That was just silly.

A chill suddenly ran down my spine. A large shadow slowly crept up from behind and completely engulfed my entire body, blocking out the light and turning the air frigid. A high pitched ringing began to course throughout my ears. It hurt, felt like there was static scratching, scraping at my brain, reducing it to nothingness. I reached up and held my head in my hands, trying to shake off the feeling—the feeling that there was…something standing behind me. Something big.

My heart clenched at the thought. I swallowed nervously as it sped up faster, and faster, faster until it felt like it would burst right out of my chest. I couldn't breathe.

Who's there?

My stomach caving in on itself, I ever so slowly craned my head over my shoulder.

A towering figure in dark clothes stood over me, silently watching. I sat there frozen in fear as the void face leaned closer and closer to mine, only inches away from the tip of my nose. A black, slender hand reached out towards my quivering form. I couldn't move. I couldn't speak. I was hypnotized.


"What in the…hell is that—Pewdie! G-get away! Run! NOW!" A warm hand suddenly grabbed onto my forearm and yanked me backwards. Disoriented, I tumbled off the hood of the car and crashed onto the gravel. I was roughly dragged across the ground, and the world turned into a blur of dark colors. The ringing still echoed in my mind over and over again.

"Please, friend, get up! GET UP! I can't do this much longer!"

As the noise started to fade away, my world pieced itself back together. Cry was gripping me by my underarms and half-dragging, half-carrying me down the side of the road and into the woods. His mask was askew, and the part of his face showing was wracked with anxiety and fear. Using him as support I pulled myself up, and he grasped my hand as we started to dodge through the trees. I could barely keep up with him and stumbled occasionally, for my mind was still in a state of chaos.

I don't know how long we ran. It felt like an eternity. But when we were so exhausted we could barely speak, and I felt like I was about to throw up, we finally slowed to a stop. Both of us panted in exhaustion as we collapsed to the dirt.

I swallowed, trying to quench my dry throat. "…Wha...what…was that thing…?"

"I…have no…idea…" Cry managed to gasp out before he started coughing violently.

The next few minutes were spent on the ground as we tried to catch our breath and calm down. When I was finally under control again I sat up and rested my arms on top of my knees. Cry did the same, using his arms as support as he leaned back with his legs crossed.

"What do we do now?" I asked, "I don't even remember where we came from. Where's the road?"

The brunette readjusted his mask before responding, "I was too busy running to pay attention to where we were going. I don't remember either."

"…So now we're lost?"

"I guess so."

I rubbed my eyes with my palms. "Well, shit. Do we still have any of the stuff you found?"

Cry nodded and shrugged off a small, grey backpack that I hadn't noticed before. He then handed it over to me, and I zipped open the largest pocket. The med kit, flashlight, and one of the water bottles were inside. "I was in the middle of packing everything when I looked up and saw that…thing about to grab you. My first instinct was to get us out of there—I-I'm sorry, I left some stuff behind."

I slightly frowned at that. "Don't worry about it, Cry. I'm just glad we're both okay! You saved me," I exclaimed, scooting forward and pulling the gamer into a tight bear hug. In that moment he could have easily just high-tailed it out of there and left me to fend for myself, but instead Cry turned back and risked everything to get me. Not many people would do that. It was calming to know I had a true friend like him.

He returned the embrace and laughed. "Pewdie, you know I'd never leave you behind! I know all too well that you wouldn't survive ten minutes without me."

I quickly pulled back. "Yeah, I totally would!" I argued.

"You so wouldn't."

"Well—well… you suck, so there!" I stuck out my tongue like a ten-year old and pretended to pout. I couldn't keep a straight face, though, and soon enough the two of us were laughing again.

Funny how even in a situation like this we could still smile and joke around.

After we had calmed ourselves down, Cry stood up and put on the backpack, dusting the dirt off his jeans and green hoodie. He held out a hand and I firmly grasped it, using it as leverage to get back on my feet. We then looked around at our environment. The trees seemed to choke out any light from the sky, looming over us like giants. It was pretty quiet, save for the occasional cricket chirp or gust of wind passing through; the silence held a sort of tension in the air, as if something was about to jump out of the shadows and scare the living daylights out of me.

We didn't really know where we came from or where to head next, so Cry and I simply picked a direction and started walking. Hopefully we were going the right way. If we weren't…well, then I guess we'd have to just deal with it. There was no other option.