The girl waltzed into Mt. Justice about a week after the team was formed. She was wearing civilian clothes and dark sunglasses, much like Robin. She stood next to Batman with an air of ease that only a few people possessed near the Dark Knight. She looked angry, Robin rushed to her anyway.

"Fever! You're joining the team!" the 13 year olds excitement was clear, as was his familiarity with this girl. She embraced him, her face softening for a moment before adopting the hard, angry glare again.

"Yes," Her voice was smooth, but had the lilt of age that only someone who has been through very hard times could have. "But not of free will." She looked pointedly at Batman.

"This is part of your healing process," Batman's gruff voice told her impatiently, he had obviously told her this many times before.

"Healing process?" Kaldur questioned.

"She okay?" Wally was bouncing on his heels. Even though he knew Fever, it didn't stop him from being excited that someone new was joining the team.

She had waist length red hair, but not a showy red like Wally's, a subtle color that looks brown until the sun hits it. Her eye color was a mystery, but everyone could see her long legs. Tanned and…scared .She had long, winding scars running up her legs. She also had them on her arms, but they were different. The scars on her legs were deep, made a knife at some point in her life. The ones on her arms were shallower, less noticeable. But instead of taking away from her beauty, they added to it. They made it savage and wild. She was not ashamed of them; she was wearing very short, short and a red t-shirt with short sleeves.

"This is Fever," Batman spoke out, causing the whole team, minus Robin, to jump. They had been trying to figure out what could have caused the scars. Abusive parents? Gang run in? Self-harm?

"She will be joining the team," Batman ignored Kaldur and Wally's questions and offered no other explanation. He looked at Robin. "Take care of her."

"I don't need taking care of!" She had a temper."

"Take care of each other," The zeta tube announced Batman's departure.

"Hello, I am Kaldur'am," Kaldur extended his hand. She looked at it for a moment before sighing and muttering, "I'm mad at Batman, not them," and taking his hand.

"Nice to meet you,"

"Batty won't let you revel you identity either?" Wally had raced to the kitchen for some food and come back. Crumbs sprayed everywhere. Fever rolled her eyes, used to Wally's antics before saying a curt, "No," and adding sarcastically under her breath, "but it's not like the whole League knows or anything,"

She turned to Robin.

"Alrighty, Robin, you gonna show me around?" Her demeanor changed when she spoke to Robin, it was clear she cared for him.

"Yeah!" Robin disappeared.

"He does that," M'gann said.

"I know, I live with him," She disappeared too.

"Defiantly a Bat," Artemis commented. Suddenly the girl reappeared in front of her, upside down.

"I am not a "Bat"," she said calmly. "I am merely praying upon Batman's generosity and happened to pick up some of his habits." Gone again.

"This should be interesting," Artemis whispered to M'gann. She nodded.

The next morning, the teammates living at the mountain were greeted to the sound of running water. The mountain had 6 rooms with private bathrooms. The idea was that the League founders would stay at the base more than the others, it hadn't worked out. Megan, Conner and Kaldur all had private bathrooms, seeing as they lived at the mountain. Wally and Artemis also had one, in case they wanted to escape home life for long periods of time. Robin had not taken one, he almost never stayed at the headquarters, if he needed a shower he could use Wally's. So Fever had gotten the last one, Batman was really trying to keep her identity a secret. The mountain had public showers and washrooms. The only time they were used was when Black Canary or Batman came over, or if the team didn't want to track blood and dirt into their rooms.

Conner rolled over and looked at the clock. 7:00. Twenty minutes later the water shut off. By that time M'gann, Conner and Kaldur had all woken up and gotten dressed. Fever walked into the kitchen, where everyone had congregated and started to some breakfast for herself.

"Good morning!" M'gann's cheerful voice rang out. Breaking the awkward silence that had descended upon the kitchen.

"Good morning…" Fever turned to look at M'gann. "Megan, right?"

"Oh, we never introduced ourselves last night. Yes, I'm Megan and this is Conner."

"Nice to finally meet you," Fever shoved food in her mouth, she had made almost as much as Wally would have.

"Finally?" Kaldur questioned.

"Yeah, Robin told me about you guys," Fever smiled. "He speaks highly of you all."

"Well, it is a pleasure to meet you too." Megan smiled back. "Where do you go to school?"

Fever seemed to ponder for a moment before replying.

"Same place as Robin, in Gotham."

"Hello Megan!" Megan slapped her hand to her forehead. "Silly of me to ask. What grade are you in?"


"So you're the oldest," Kaldur commented.

"Guess so," Fever mumbled around the last bite of her HUGE breakfast. "I have to go; I want to see if I can catch Robin before he leaves. We usually go to school together. Nice to meet you Megan, Conner, Kaldur'am."

"Please just call me Kaldur,"

"Okay, see you,"

Fever walked to the zeta tube. "Recognized, Fever B -109,"

Batman had a zeta tube right into the Cave. Only certain people could access it. Like Robin, Fever and the founding team. A special code was needed. Alfred was waiting for Fever when she arrived.

"Hello, Miss Cassidy,"

"Hey, Alfred,"

"Master Bruce, I am afraid, has left with Master Dick,"

"I figured that would happen,"

"But," Alfred pressed the button that would reveal the elevator up. "Miss Gordon and the Commissioner are here, I said I was going to get you."

"Okay," They got out of the elevator and Cassidy went to the front hall.

"Hey, Barbara! Commissioner," Cassidy nodded to the Gotham police man.

"Hey Cass, I know you usually go with Dick but I thought you may want a ride today," Barbara spoke a mile minute.

"Sure, Dick went with Bruce. Guy bonding time."

"Perfect! See you at the car," Barbara rushed off.

Alfred brought Cassidy her school bag.

"Thanks, see you after school," Cassidy bid farewell to the butler and walked to the car with the Commissioner.

"How are you Cassidy?" Jim Gordon was a pleasant man, Cassidy liked him.

"Good, feeling the pressures of 12th grade though,"

"I am sure. Are you planning to go to University?"

"I don't know yet, but I want to get into Archaeology and Science."

"Wow, two doctorates. Ambitious."

"Yeah," Cassidy was quiet for a moment. "I will do them separately though."

"Good idea," Commissioner Gordon laughed.

They had arrived at the car to find Barbara waiting, having forgotten to get the keys before running off.

"What took you so long?"

Jim Gordon and Cassidy Pennington looked at each other and laughed. It was just so Barbara.

A/N-This idea has been rattling around in my head for months so I finally wrote it down. Just some quick notes. I changed the continuity a bit. Artemis joins the team at the beginning, also I put her home life as crappy. I imagine that sometime she is overcome by the fact that her mother was a supervillin and is angry she left her and Jade to deal with her father alone so sometimes she has to get away. Wally's dad is abusive, so he gets away by staying at the mountain. It is early September when the team forms. I will keep the pairings the same. No need to mess with a good thing! ;)

Thanks for reading!