Fever and Cassidy both had private sessions with Black Canary. Sometimes Cassidy wouldn't take off the mask. Canary and Fever went into the therapy room. Fever took off her mask, brown eyes full of dread, she knew what was coming.

"How are you feeling?" Canary asked concernedly. She had come to care for Cassidy, the whole league had.

"Not well," Cassidy looked at her lap. "It just keeps replaying in my head over and over and over…" She trailed off.

"Which one? Tell me the whole thing."

"Both," Cassidy sank lower in her chair.

"Tell me," Canary urged.

"You have heard it before," Cassidy hated talking about it. It hurt. "I have told you before. Why do I have to tell you again?" Cassidy sounded like a scared child, refusing to repeat something they said.

"Healing." Canary leaned forward and put her hand on Cassidy's knee.


"Come on Bryan. PLEASE!" A newly eleven year old Cassidy was begging her newly thirteen year old brother to take them out for ice cream. They both had their birthday on the same day. Despite not being fully related, Bryan loved Cassidy.

"No Cass. It is too dangerous," Bryan answer came out less definite them before. Cassidy was wearing him down.

"Please, please, please!"

Bryan looked at the clock, 8:30. If they were quick, they could get home by 9:00, and they lived in fairly good part of Gotham. Also, Marie, Bryan sort of girlfriend and his best friend Jimmy were there too.

"Alright fine." Bryan looked at Marie and grabbed her hand. "Let's go!" Bryan ushered everyone out the door.

They were walking home, everyone had ice cream. Cassidy was licking the ice cream off her cone when she was grabbed from behind and dragged into an alley they had been passing.

"Cassidy!" Bryan screeched and ran after her, friends in tow.

In the alley way, someone held their hand over Cassidy's mouth. She could taste paint. She heard a

maniacal cackle in her ear and knew immediately who it was, even before her brother rushed around the corner and stopped dead in fear.

"The Joker." She whispered against his hand. Somehow he heard.

"Heh heh heh, yes little girl. Usually I don't play with someone as insignificant as you but I have been deprived of fun ever since Batsy locked my up." He laughed freakishly again.

Cassidy was terrified but she didn't take karate, jujitsu, kick boxing and Kung Fu for nothing. She lashed her foot back and got the Joker right in the Joker Family Jewels. He screeched, dropped her and doubled over in pain.

"Mister J!" Oh, crap. Nobody had seen Joker's crazy girlfriend, Harley Quinn. Oh, double crap. She was pissed! Cassidy backed out of the alley toward Bryan.

"You hurt my puddin'" Harley had a gun pointed at Cassidy. Then she stopped.

"You hurt someone I love, so I will hurt someone you love." She turned the gun and shot Bryan.

Cassidy felt something warm splatter her face. She tasted something salty in her mouth. Her ice cream, as well as Bryan's, was lying on the ground. She heard Marie's scream and Harley and Joker's maniacal laughter. She saw Jimmy's face of terror and shock. She turned her head and saw her brother lying on the ground, crooked, bent, dead. So she did what her instincts told her. Fight.

Cassidy was a have demon, so inside of her were demon instincts. They came out in moments of stress, anger. One of these instincts is possessiveness. Even though she couldn't own a person, Bryan was still hers and Harley did not have permission to kill him. Cassidy launched herself at Harley, eyes blazing, hand beginning to gather the heat needed to burn Harley to the ground, but right at that moment, the police showed up .Cassidy let Harley swat her aside. She still wanted revenge, but she managed to suppress the anger. So she screamed at Harley instead and latched on to her brother's body.

"You bitch! Die! Burn!"

Marie and Jimmy tried to get Cassidy away from the clowns and toward the police but she would not let go of Bryan. When Marie tried to take her off, Cassidy thrust back with her elbow, still screaming and crying, and hit Marie in the nose, breaking it. The Joker and Harley got away, still laughing. Not long after Batman showed up.

"Where were you!?" Cassidy screamed and turned her anger on the hero who had failed to protect her brother. "If you had been here he would still be alive!"

"I was dealing with the Riddler."

"Who cares!? As soon as the Joker had escaped you should have gone after him!"

Batman said nothing. The commissioner was surprised; it was his team on the scene. Batman never took crap from anyone and this young girl was screaming that he was a failure. Cassidy couldn't talk anymore, she sobbed into her brothers shirt. The commissioner walked over and knelt down beside her. He didn't say anything and, after a moment, Cassidy turned and buried her face in his chest. He held her until the sobbing stopped.

"Cassidy!" Her parents, Richard and Jennifer Pennington, had shown up.

"Mom…" Cassidy ran to her mother, who as soon as seeing Bryan's body, fell into hysterics. "It's all my fault, if I hadn't convinced him to go…" Cassidy broke down into sobs again.

"No, honey, no. Shush, shush," Cassidy father held her and his wife close. He knew about Cassidy's parentage and still loved her.

Jimmy and Marie had been taken to the hospital for shock and Marie's bloody nose. The police told Richard and Jennifer to take Cassidy home. They would ask her questions in the morning.

"I will find the Joker." Batman stepped up to the family as they were leaving.

"I think you have done enough damage, Batman." Richard spat the name out like a curse word. "Just leave us alone."

Richard led his wife and daughter away. Commissioner Gordon went up to Batman. "You going after the Joker?"

"Yes." The Batman disappeared.

A/N- Okay, so explaining Cassidy's past, and why she needs therapy is going to take a while. About three chapters. Sorry, she has a complicated past. At this point she is not Fever yet. Just a heads up, I have almost all the chapters planned. This story will be in 2 parts, I guess. This is like the first "Season" of Young Justice. I will not be using a lot of the missions from the show, except for key plot points, like the New Years episode. The second "season" of Fever will be pretty much the second season of YJ. I like the story line. Right now for "season 1" I am looking at about 21 chapters. That number may change to accommodate some other chapters. Thank you for reading and please review.