Fever fixed her sunglasses in place as she walked out of her therapy session. The team had been together about 2 weeks and everyone was getting along pretty well.

"Shut UP!"

"Whatever Artemis! The Greek gods would be offended you're named after them!"

"Oh really? At least I am not a huge NERD!"

"Hey! Being a "nerd" made me a hero!"

"Yeah, right because you have saved so many people!"

"Oh, like you have!"

Artemis and Wally were fighting in the living room. Fever stepped quickly around them and headed to the kitchen.

"How long have they been at it?" She grabbed a cookie off of the tray Megan just took out of the oven.

"There hot! Be careful!" robin flipped down from the rafters.

"Don't worry those who control fire can't be burned."

Fever looked at Robin and rolled her eyes. He was such a little freak, but he was her little brother in every way. She would always protect him. It had taken a long time for her to let anyone in after her parents…but Dick managed to squirm his way in and promptly dragged Wally and Roy in as well.

"You are such a JERK!" Fever turned her head and saw Artemis stomping out. Wally stood in the living room until the Zeta tube announced her departure. Then he zipped over to the counter and grabbed some cookies.

"Hey, hotstuff," Wally looked at Fever and winked. "And hello beautiful." He greeted Megan as well.

"Wally, I am older then you don't tempt me into cougar-dom."

"Sorry, gorgeous. I can't help myself. Wally and Fever had been getting closer as this exchange went on.

"Okay, break it up." Robin shoved himself in between the two older teens. Megan quickly changed the subject.

"Wally, you said you wouldn't fight with Artemis anymore."

"Sorry, Megan. She started it, what is her deal! It's like she sympathizes with villains or something!"

"Wally, have a little empathy. Some people are desperate and do things and it spirals out of control. My life could have gone a lot differently if I had made different choices." Wally knew everything about her past and her identity. They were close; they constantly flirted but never did anything. They both insisted they didn't like each other. It was the same with Roy, except they did not like each other more than friends. Dick, Wally and Roy were her adopted brothers and Fever would do anything for them.

"Well, Robin, we better get home. We have school tomorrow."

"Coming Mother," Robin stuck his tongue out at Fever and ran for the zeta tube.

"Why you little! See you tomorrow, and Megan those cookies were awesome!" Fever rushed after him and the Zeta tube announced they were gone a second later.

"Ahh, Miss Cassidy. Can I take your sunglasses for you?"

"Thanks Alfred."

Alfred had started calling Cassidy "Miss Cassidy" about a year after she started living full time at the manor. Alfred called guests by their last names and anyone he was close to by their first. That was the moment Cassidy realized she was a part of the Wayne household and not just guest. Alfred was a good friend to her and her confidant. He was the first to know she was Fever and he didn't tell Bruce. He never even hinted. Cassidy knew she could tell Alfred anything.

"Dinner is ready, Miss. Bruce is home, and he wants to hear how your test went."

Cassidy had come to think of Bruce as an older brother. No one could replace Bryan, or her dad, but he wasn't like Bryan at all. Bryan had always been there for Cassidy; Bruce was there when she needed him most. When Cassidy had gone to her house to sort out her things, she insisted on going alone. Bruce had been driving her but was getting worried she would be attacked so he started coming in with her. He never spoke while they were there; he just sat on the couch and read while she packed up her parents stuff. Soon she started asking him about stuff she would find and she learned more about her parents. Whenever she would find something that made her cry, Bruce would get up and hold her. Not saying a word, until she calmed down. She liked that Bruce gave her space but was always involved in her life, as much as he could be juggling a multi- billion dollar company and the hardships of being Gotham's Dark knight.

"So, how was school, Dick?"


"Don't lie to me, what happened?"

"Some kids were being mean; I got in a fight, no big deal,"

"That is a HUGE deal, Dick. Don't let them talk to you like that." Cassidy cut in before Bruce could say anything. "What did they say?"

"They said I was a circus freak and gypsy trash. They said Bruce was only taking care of me because he need a good reputation. Then they said you would grow up to be a gold digging….they said bad stuff about you and I wouldn't let them do that! They can say what they want about me, but not you!"

"Cassidy can handle herself, Dick when I taught you martial arts you promised you would only use it as Robin."

"I know but I can't stand people saying bad stuff about Cass."

"I know, I hate it too. I still get comments from people, who think I am not good enough to take care of you, or I am doing it for the wrong reasons but you have to control yourself."

"Alright, I wish they knew who you really were sometimes."

"Me too. But it is safer for all of us. Never tell anyone who you are."

"We know, Bruce." The strange family fell into more normal topics of conversation after that.

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