This is a first time for me to write a SiriusxSeverus.

I must warn that my writing is not...grammatically correct or doesn't make sense. I know I have been told about that. There is no need to flame me about it. Instead, point out my writing errors for me to improve and learn. I am deaf, so it affects my writing.

Warning: Slash, cuss, lemon, mpreg, violence, slight bashing, and cravings (I am not responsible for your hunger in the future of your reading).

I will add on any serious warnings if needed, but I think I covered all the basic.


The war was finally over…

People were shocked to see how intense the battles of Harry Potter and Albus Dumbledore against Voldemort, A.K.A. Tom Riddles. The ministry was the likes of an audience to see the tremendous magic in the exposure. Harry's friends were fighting the Deatheaters on their life to no ends. The Order of the members had joined his friends to give them an upper hand on the war and Severus was well aware of the outcome to this battle. He was there, fighting nonverbally in his spell casts, and made sure it was impossible to tell what side he was truly on.

Sirius noticed the potion master within the room and struggled to stay focus. Luckily, the war was the first priority for him and he saw his cousin. She was eager to strike the attack and he was aware of his position. He prevented her chances and joined on the other side of the room. She snarled at the 'traitor' of the family and he struck the attack without needing to give his heart to her.

Severus noted with Lucius's behavior changing to pull away from the 'enemy' and attacked Bellatrix willingly. She was furious at her brother-in-law and focused on him alone. The rest of the deatheaters were rather lost and distracted. It begins to make an easy target for the Dumbledore's army. Severus slipped out of the department of mystery to seek out headmaster immediately. He saw the screaming dark lord being hit by a couple of powerful wizards and burst into an exploding dust.

Lucius saw his marked arm fading the dark mark and the rest of the Voldemort's followers acknowledged the fact they are no longer connected to him. They were too well aware of the truth had revealed. The war was over…the light side had won.

Hermione and Ron were quick to their action, freely to trap their enemies who served for the lord, and Lucius dashed off to his return to his home before being arrested or questioned into this. He did not need to push it and he knew it was all an act.

Sirius helped the army to collect the rest and the Aurors were willing to take care of the rest. The final battle has finally come... It was an ultimate shock to see the world will stop fearing in one's dark power over them. Sirius went to the Grimmauld and sat down in his kitchen.

There was one thing has changed it all and he noticed Severus was there. His heart raced went he saw him, but at the same time, trying to survive the vicious attack. He couldn't help it and want to call the potion professor something. The familiar nickname he was proud to call him by, but Severus has no idea the purpose of the name behind it.


He swore that she would never get that loud from that room. He figured this might shut her up if he tells her. He marched up and opened the door as he sees her face. He was furious to see her at all.

"The you-know-who is dead!" Sirius barked, "He's gone for good! The Deatheaters are no longer deatheaters. Happy now?" He mocked her.

For once…she was not blabbering and ranting her heads off at him. The words he spoke were only the truth and she bored at him. He did not move, uncertain of her behavior may happen soon, and frozen in his spot. Her lips smacked together to process these thoughts out first – despite of the fact she's a portrait.

"Since the dark lord failed, you shall need an heir." She blankly put…too calmly for his ears to finally accept.

He blinked, "My godson is my heir." He simply put.

Her head shook twice, "No. A blood related heir, he is a surrogate. You need a Black heir and you will soon to be inheriting the Black money. It is in the Will of your father and he stated that if the dark lord is dead and gone, you must have the inherited money and to keep it, you must have a family."

His arms crossed, "I doubt you'd want a family that is not all pureblood."

"Not during the war. There is no more war and you will have a family. Now, go knock someone up or marry them or whatever comes first. I expect a family." She put it.

She was walking out to another portrait and Sirius watched her go with a scowl appeared on his face. He was not certain what to think of this now.

A family.

The thought of a family echoed through his mind and wondered how he could possibly make it happen. Where his chances would be or what might happen? Who'd date him or let him have a family of his own? Who'd be willing to be bottom? Those thoughts hooked onto him through the day to the end of the night. It replayed a million times, but slowly, the answers weren't so far fetch for himself.

"I need him…I definitely need him." He stroked his chin, "How…can I convince him?"

He headed to his room and thought deeply of his plans. He knew this isn't a one-time thing. It would be more involvement, root the plans out, and lay them out carefully. He may not have been in the Slytherin house, but his family represents it. He knew the tricks to be cunning to slip into course of action towards a plan to be successful. During his years at school, he barely put much in of efforts. Currently, he forms an effort to gather to his own success.

His plans had to be reasoning and careful…or he'd lose it for good. He has issue for wanting a family. He used to, but the war was too much in their hand. For now, he has to keep up with his decisions and allowed being eventful for others.

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