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"Let's get this over with…I'd like to turn in for the night soon as possible." Severus pointed out.

Sirius nodded, "Of course. Just remember, it is Friday."

Severus desperately hoped he wouldn't have recalled the day and this might not end quickly as he wanted it to be. Sirius's hand slipped onto the professor's neck and caused him to purr into a soft whimper. The animagus adored the sound and rubbed him some more. Severus responded to his touch naturally and unaware of what was happening. He didn't recognize his sound coming out and confused.

"You're calm," Sirius commented.

The words took a while to sink into Severus' mind and clicked to understand what had happened. He jerked away from the animagus' touch and glared at him with a soft growled.

"Don't touch me!" He hissed.

The grey eyes leaned at him, "Severus," He growled, "Stop being independent here. You will allow me to touch you in a way I think best for you."

The professor was irritated to the way he's being treated and hated it every second of this. He did stop growling and tried not to go against him any further than necessary. He was desperate to escape, but he was trapped.

"Now, come back here and tell me why you are stubborn about our mating?" Sirius pointed the seat next to him.

Severus obeyed willingly and sat next to the man, "I…do not trust you."

Sirius sighed, "You're afraid I'd be like James, isn't it?"

Severus nodded and glanced away ashamedly. Sirius noted his troublesome, but he accepted that as his answer.

"Severus, come here." His arms spread opened.

Severus did as he was told and felt arms around his shoulders. He was being cradled slowly and it was…relaxing.

"I will make a promise, okay?" He smiled, hoping to him having some faith, "If I do abuse you or take advantage of you, you have my permission to report this to Dumbledore, and he can punishment to put me in my place. If you feel uncomfortable about anything, let me know and I will do anything to change that. I will not ask much of you other than bond with me and quality time, so I can understand you a little better. I will let you have your quarter, I will let you teach your classes, provide detentions to your students, let you socialize with others, and let you have time to make your potion. I know your schedule, so therefore, I will know when to see you at a proper time. I will not make it publically know because I know this shames you." He tried to say as much as he wanted, but Severus did not once interrupt him.

"Why me?" He whimpered

Sirius wanted him calm, but he refused to repeat the stubbornness in his submissive right now. Words can work for a short time, but he had to be careful. One word can mess everything up from all of his hard work.

"Before James started to…harass you, I was confused why I was looking at you so many times. I was awed at your intelligent and wanted to stand out in your eyes. James caught me checking you out after a year and he was making comments. I wasn't paying attention to what he was doing…I-I saw him teasing you and felt ashamed for having a crush on you. I thought to look at another way, but I couldn't." His knuckles brushed the man's cheek, "James kept pushing it and when he forced the upside down levitation spell on you, I got mad at him and he thought I was upset about failing a test for Potion. I did punch him in the stomach and told him to knock it off." Sirius chuckled, "He was confused and thought to leave me alone to study." His knuckles continued to brush the man's cheek, "When I was alone for once, I realized I had feelings for you when I began to be an animagus. The heat turned me around and made sure James didn't pull the same stunt and that he left you alone. I made sure I was there so he doesn't go too far, but I wasn't too sure how you felt about me."

The grey eyes looked away, not sure how else to explain it, and Severus heard his words through thick and thin. The black eyes tried to comprehend each words and noted the behavior from their past. No matter what, he knew the truth was there and couldn't help it to believe Sirius's honest.

"One chance and if you mess this up, I will demand to end this mating immediately." He insisted.

Sirius smiled, "Thank you. Now, I hope it is not much to ask…another date for tomorrow?" He grinned.

Severus sighed, "After I finish making potion in morning and noon."

"Evening will be fine, as long I can take you to places at night."

Severus knew the man would do anything, especially an animagus can be almost equalized as a Veela. If he tried to test against either of them, he would be eternally trapped from their dominate mate's arms and absolutely no freedom.

"I'd like to calm you down, your purring is adorable."

The potion master whined, "Don't…it's humiliating."

"Towards who?"


Sirius chuckled, "No one here knows us and they cannot hear us since it's charmed. Will let you me?"

Severus sighed, knowing he would lose sooner or later, and Sirius took this as a yes. His hand curled behind the man's ears and rubbed him there softly. The professor eased and purred to the animagus' ears. The inner 'Padfoot' adored the beautiful sound from his submissive mate and kept making him purr for a while.

"You're beautiful, Severus." He whispered to him, "Don't ever change." He smiled at the man, who seemed out of this world.

Severus leaned in willing, unaware of his own doing, and Sirius enjoyed this moment very much. He kept rubbing the man's neck softly and slowly. This was the best part to see a peaceful potion master. Time did not matter or bothered to be rushed. The animagus took his sweet time and managed to get Severus' head on his lap. He checked his watch and realized it was getting late.

He patted the man's head, who's sleeping now, and he held onto his submissive mate to apparate back home. He promised to not cross the line and decided to carry him to his quarter. Severus curled into his arms, unknowingly what he was doing is cute to Sirius, and the man knew his portrait's password. He searched the bedroom and located it. He noted it was dark and barely any window except by the living room for a small one. He picked up pieces of an idea on Severus' life is like in the room. He wanted to change it, but he couldn't…not without the man's permission.

He sets Severus under the cover, used his wand to replace the robe into nightwear, and left him alone for the night. Sirius smiled, adored watching him sleep comfortably, and left the professor's quarter.

Sirius sat at his table and tapping his fingers. His head shook and thinking about how to approach this properly. He knew how Severus feels about being a submissive and tried to give it more of a…powerful view. That's the problem, most submissive mates aren't known for to be powerful. He began to understand where this was going and clicked of an idea to help Severus to stop thinking of it that way.

For a minute, he glanced around in his room and noted something shifting. He sighed and realized something.

"Harry, I know you have an invisible cloak. Come out, pup." His hand wavered.

The cloak removed quickly and the green eyes did not seem to be in comfort, "Is…did everything go alright with your…mate?" He stood there, uncertain to move at all.

The grey eyes read into the boy's eyes, "Yes, it did go well. He took a while to pull down his wall, but he will have it back up again soon enough. What's wrong, kiddo?" He gestured the teenager to an available chair.

Harry dropped his cloak and joined his godfather along. He was far too upset and several things were on his mind. Sirius wondered the possibilities with the boy, knowing the war must have changed him, and definitely no doubts about it.

"…I…I don't want to…" He struggled to find the right words, "…go back to my aunt's house." He admitted finally.

Then it hit him. The promise he had made to his godson and realized how much Harry wanted to move in with him soon.

"All you had to do is ask, kiddo. I'd love it if you move with me. I'm thinking of getting the elf house to clean it up before we're there."

The kid lit up happily, "I don't have to move back there?"

He ruffled the raven hair, "Nope. I'll tell Dumbledore you're moving in with me and I'm sure he won't mind anymore. You're no longer in danger anyway." He shrugged.

Harry leapt onto his godfather and hugged him, "Thank you! I won't be a bother and get my own place before I graduate here-"

Sirius blinked, "Harry, I'm not going to kick you out before you finish. It's your home too," He smiled, "I don't care if you lived here with me until you're in your forties…just keep your nose out of the bedroom during at night."

Sometimes, it was difficult for the boy to adjust to someone who actually cares for him other than the Weasely family. He nodded and went to his dormitory with his cloak in hand. Sirius chuckled and he found this to be quite interesting. Although, he needed to think a bit more ahead to make his plans a success with his submissive.

Sirius prepared his quarter nicely and made it interesting to be home like. He wanted his submissive to be comfortable and to please him the most. He rearranged everything, including the living room, and nothing to remind their houses they grew up in here. He was ready to pick up his mate and hoped it would go well or he's doomed to fight back what is his.

He walked across the hallway and smiled at the portrait with his respect.

"Please tell Severus I am here." Sirius told her.

The lady portrait nodded, "He shall be informed in a minute."

Sirius nodded and waited outside for at least a minute. The door slowly opened to reveal the man and he wasn't pleased or interested for this 'date'.

"Mutt, you better not think about repeating yesterday." His arms crossed.

Sirius chuckled, "I cannot read mind, Severus, but you'll have to explain."

"For helping yourself into my quarter and do what you please." He scowled.

Sirius knew what he had meant, but he hated to interrupt his sleep. He had a feeling tonight would be a bit differently.

"You seemed tired last night and I only made sure you were in bed with a spell of pajamas. I promise," He held up his hand, "I did not invade privacy, or crossed the line."

Severus carefully read him and noted the man's grey eyes did not once move away. He noted he was telling the truth, but suspected something may be up.

"Next time, simply wake me up." His submissive demanded.

Sirius' brow rose, "Okay? Anyway, I figured for today's date I'd cook anything you are in the mood for." He bowed and offered his hand to his mate.

The professor sighed to his annoyance, seeing he will not have much of a choice, and accepted the man's hand. He hated what he's putting up with, but he figured it would be better off not to be command by his…dominative mate. Sirius held his hand and led the way to his quarter, not caring about his password, and they entered in.

The potion masters took in the sight of the quarter and realized it was not the same anymore. Sirius did not look at him to see the reaction and pretended nothing has changed. He allowed his mate to be on the couch and Severus did it willingly this time. He smiled at the man out of respect.

"What would you like to eat tonight?" The animagus eagerness to please his mate tonight, as if only his Padfoot's tail could be wagging away.

Severus glanced up and found himself confused. The man has meant to keep his words earlier and wishes…to serve him? He did not understand why he wasn't expected of him.

"Firebread." He decided to test him on that.

The animagus smiled and accepted the challenge. He walked over to the kitchen and began to gather all the ingredients he needed to make the firebread. He was glad he knew how to make this by heart and he refused to fail his submissive.

"How was your potions today?" Sirius asked, while chopping vegetables.

Severus crossed his arms and leaned back in his seat, "Fine. They were…easy with time."

The animagus nodded, "Of course, you are the best potion master there is."

Severus scowled at the man, doubted to believe his words, and refused to look at him anymore. He observed the room and Sirius kept cooking.

"Severus, how much do you know of Animagus?"

Severus turned his head to his dominate mate and understood why he's forced to be a submissive. He hated to be put into this situation. He suspected that without the animagus' form, he wouldn't have to be put up as his mate, and free. However, this wasn't going to be ignored anyway.

"I should have suspected that." Severus muttered.

Sirius sighed, "Severus, you know I will not make you miserable because of our mating. I take it you are familiar with animagus mating?"

The professor nodded, "Yes…I'm afraid I do."

Sirius puts the food together and put it into the oven for certain of minutes to cook. He washed his hands and walked over to his submissive. He sat down next to him and pulled the man closer to hug.

"Don't be afraid," He sheepishly smiled, "You're different than most average submissive." The grey eyes tried to meet into the black eyes, "You are much powerful than me, you are much intelligent than I am, and very strong too."

"Yet, I am weak because I am your submissive…I cannot do as I wish or go against you. I-I feel afraid you will…punish me." Severus was opening a little, but it was a start.

Sirius retrained himself from rubbing the man's neck or this might cause a little complication down the road.

"No, you aren't weak and I haven't punished you, have I?" The professor shook his head, "See? If I have, all your independent behavior would have been taken care of by now and you'd be the one cooking. So far, I am allowing some independency and I want you not to worry about anything that is your responsibility, understand?" The animagus smiled.

Severus nodded and understood him. He still hated this situation and felt weak, but this man here is giving him the idea that he's strong.

"If I am not weak to you, what do you expect of me other than not to threaten your dominative side?" The professor's brow went up.

"Well, I expect that you would be willing to be my submissive, let me care for you, and you can protect yourself and me. You'd probably point out my flaws in a matter of seconds and rant about it." He chuckled.

Severus blinked and thought about it. The man made it seems like it wasn't a bad thing. Others has not once treated him anything he could be given like respects, care, trusts, and among of other things. The animagus was giving him everything he seeks for…yet, could he truly find happiness through his dominate mate?

His guards eased down, but still thought of keeping his independency around somehow. He still has his own space, teaching his class, and potions time for himself. Yet, he most interested in teaching something else.

"…I am curious if you let me be the professor of Defence Against the Dark Art for upcoming year." His voice kept low, but nowhere near a whisper.

Sirius grinned, "Harry has been telling me you always wanted the position and I don't see why not. Do you wish me to convince Dumbledore to let you have the job?"

Severus was rather surprised. It was usually the opposite and others would demand he does not have this job because he was 'evil'. Sirius did not see it this way, he saw it as an opportunity to make his life successful, and being positive of their status relationship.

"Please?" He whispered desperately.

"Alright, I will talk to him in the morning as the first thing to do and hopefully there will not be an issue. Anything else?"

Severus shook his head, not wishing to push his limit, and he could see the animagus is willing to do anything to make him happy. Everything was much new to him and he wasn't too sure if it was to trust this man. After all…Sirius is courting him at the moment and wanting to make a complete mating acceptance in their progress.

By the way, 'Firebread' is another word for pizza, just different types. The one Sirius is making is called, Rosalie Fiorino Harpole - Traditional Bruschetta Bread. The recipe can be found on here - : / w w w . /recipe/bruschetta-bread

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