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Warning: Violence, cuss, slight rape

Sirius traced his fingers on the man's stomach abs and admired his body. The professor is sleeping, unaware of what was going on, and not realizing the greatest process happening right now. He leaned in to kiss the abs and gotten a faint moaned from his submissive. He was slowly waking up from his dream.

Thoughts were processing down little by little until Severus clung onto his mate to cover his privacy in such red cheeks exposed on him. Sirius chuckled and tried to make him uncurled up.

"Do not worry, no one will see you like this. Only I can," He leaned in to kiss his temple, "How's your sleep?"

The Slytherin huffed, "Not myself?"

"Well, that doesn't count. Now, we both have classes to teach in a couple of hours and we should eat with our students."

Severus whimpered, "I do not want to put up with those prats."

Sirius patted his Slytherin, "I know, but it's almost over. They will be going back home less than a week and it is their exam week."

"Obviously, you have not realized what teachers have to put up with during the stressful students, especially the Ravenclaw." Severus snide toned towards the prats.

The animagus rolled his eyes, "Just get your arse out of bed and go to the Great Hall with others. And forget about the book." He thought to mention.

Severus pulled away and looked at the man. He was sure that his mind was blocked. He chose not to comment and he's still determined to make it happen anyway. He got out of bed, gathered his clothes as he put them on. He headed out to the great hall and observed his surrounding nonetheless. The students hardly noticed anything due to their studying for their exams today and eating to be provided with full energy for their busy scheduled week.

He walked up to the table and about to turn left as his usual seat would be located. Yet, something has changed. He was aware of the former DADA was fired for placing harms on Harry and other students.

"Hm, a submissive mate," A new voice spoke has caught Severus attention by turning around to see who spoke, "Ah! A stubborn one. I like that." This man stood in front of Severus.

He had lighter brown hair, yet, flat. His blue eyes were bright. He appeared to be in his late twenties, wore professionally in reasonable green and brown robe, and a few inches taller than the potion professor. Severus stepped back for a space between them.

"If you wish to be fooling me, I suggest you do not." He hissed.

The man chuckled, "I see you do not know your place. My, my, your mate should have not left you alone." He smirked, "That leaves you open for me."

Severus tensed up his muscles, not daring to allow any advancing to happen, and felt too forward with this young man. He did not understand why a new animagus is trying to claim him.

"Now, come here and let's get you under my wing. I should be able to protect you better." The man kindly smirked.

The professor couldn't go against his words and felt his feet moved on the command. The new professor held him almost like a baby. Severus whimpered softly, afraid to what may happen next, and none of the other professors were here. Just a few students, but this exposed what he really is and that's weak.

"Good little submissive, aren't you?" The man said.

The potion master was desperate to break free, but he couldn't. He knew the risk, but he drawn his conclusion that this man is hired for a temporarily DADA professor. However, he has never met this person or known the replacement was quick.

"I-I am not!" Severus managed to stand his ground, "I-I will not be yours."

He felt the hand patted his back, "You will be mine and you will behave right now."

Severus scowled at the man. He hated to be forced like this and grew scared when he's being scolded at by a complete stranger. He could not win this time and whimpered to show his defeat. In his mind, he wanted his dominate mate and not this man.

"Siri-sirius!" He finally picked up the man's name.

A growling appeared out of nowhere, being aggressive, and the man turned his head to see the black dog. He recognized an animagus anywhere and released Severus immediately. Padfoot transformed to his human form as Sirius and he glared harshly at the enemy.

"What the hell are you thinking? Why are you touching my mate?" He growled.

The new professor scoffed, "Obviously you did not keep him safe nor taught him in his place, so you failed. I should do this for him."

Sirius leaned in towards the guest and poked his chest, "You come near him again and I will crucio your arse! I don't need anyone but Severus to tell me how to handle him! He's perfectly capable of defending himself!" He violently growled, "I won't even care if I decide to let him use you as his target practice or as a slave!"

The young professor did not take the warning to personally, but he nodded as he heard the message. Severus kept himself distance from an unwanted dominate mate. He can see Black's threat was only to keep in his role stand strong. Black wasn't pleased to see a competition of another animagus in the area.

"He will be my submissive and he will not want you anymore." He scoffed.

Sirius grabbed the man's shirt, "What's your name?"

"I am Professor Gregory Talon."

Sirius growled, "Listen up, Gregory, I don't care who you are or what you're doing. Stay away from Severus or you'll have another thing coming!" He jerked him away.

Gregory fell onto his face and glared back at the enemy. He knew it would not be easy, but he wanted Severus at the most.

"You will lose! He's mine!" Gregory stood up and walked out the great hall.

Sirius watched him leave and pulled his submissive close to him. He knew this wasn't a good sign and he was rather glad his submissive called him immediately.

"I'm sorry about that. I'm hoping that won't happen, but I will make sure he isn't near you. You did the right thing and I'm proud you, Severus." Sirius cradled him.

Severus whimpered and buried his face into his mate's chest, "I-I did not want to be his mate. I-I shouldn't have stalled any longer to call you." He frowned.

He soothed his mate, "You still called me during the advancing of his, but now, I'm worried." His grey eyes looked back to see if Gregory would plan a sneak attack, "So, have your wand on and if he comes near you within ten feet, hex or curse him."

Severus nodded, "Will it be okay I call you if I feel unable to do so?"

"Yes, and I do not care when or where. I will be there." He patted the man's head.

Severus pulled himself away and looked around. There were only fifteen students and none of them noticed a thing that had went on. He was relieved to see no one knows anything and they would not see their professor weak.

"Alright. We'll have to get into the rest of the bonding before Gregory can claim you completely."

His submissive frowned, "So in another word, I have to complete the bond with you?"

Sirius patted his shoulder, "It's only the marriage bond that can verify this."

Now, he was rather sees why. He was not ready and shook his head quickly. Sirius sheepishly smiled and realized he'll have to protect him at his best effort.

"Don't worry, I wouldn't do it right away. As long he does not attempt to get your first bond, we shouldn't have to worry." He ensured him that.

The professor breathed, "Good. I am…not ready. I will help myself to eat now."

Sirius nodded and they went to their assigned seats. Others began to show up, the tables filled up with everyone here, and settling into their morning routine. It was less quiet than last week due to exams. Albus looked at his students and staff members before beginning anything else.

"Attention everyone! As you all heard that Umbridge is no longer with us. Therefore, we have a temporarily professor assisting us until your last days here. Please welcome Professor Gregory Talon!" He gestured towards his right, down four seats away or two seats away from Severus.

Gregory stood up and waved kindly. Sirius watched carefully, wishing to be next to his mate, and Severus observed his students, avoiding any attention focusing towards the new animagus. The rest of the school clapped to welcome him and just remained quiet. No one wanted to know what might be happening this time, so they chose to avoid the consequences of jinxing of a reasonable professor for once. No one wanted to know if the curse were lifted for the DADA.

Albus allowed the student to return to their breakfast and studying, but Professor Talon was uncertain of the students' reaction. He didn't understand, but he didn't care after a few moments. He knew he's responsible to have the exams dealt properly and among other things.

Severus finished his breakfast early and headed to his classroom before the others. He needed to gather the written tests beforehand-

"Tsk, he shouldn't really leave you alone. What an improper animagus!" Gregory walked in to help himself.

Severus slipped out his wand, "Leave." He hissed.

"Wand away right now, Severus. I demand you to behave and do as you're told!" He insisted.

Severus couldn't do that, but the request made it harder to resist. His wand was forced to be put away and he hated his weak position. His students would come here early for their exams and he knew that too well.

"Good submissive. Now, I can tell you're already taken and all. However, I can still have a chance. I'm surprised you're alone without him around you. He isn't a proper animagus to care for you and he fails." Gregory smirked away, knowing the rules at the back of his hands.

Severus refused to see things the traditional ways and he wondered why it was such a big deal.

"I will not be your submissive mate and I am already belonged to Sirius. I d-"

"-Do not say it." He commanded.

Severus huffed and glared at the man. He was down to his last chance for his safety.

"Sirius!" Severus looked around to find his mate anywhere, who has yet to apparate in as Black.

Black growled at the advancer, "What did I say, Gregory?" His teeth gritted.

"I do not care! Severus is mine!"

The older animagus clenched the brown hair, "You're only five years old of an animagus and I have been an animagus for almost twenty-one years. What is the rule for the Animagus code?" He yanked the man's hair a bit.

Talon grunted, "Not as long you are doing things the proper way!"

"I am!" He threw the man up against the wall and pinned him down, "I already claimed my dominate over him. I already told him what he can and cannot do. I already have his consent twice! He's mine!"

Severus observed the men fighting over him, yet, he feared to be placed with the wrong person. The book did state about regret with not being with the original mate and he only wants Sirius. No one shall have him. Right now, he's somewhat at risk.

"You are supposed to be with your submissive at all time. You are supposed to be the one protecting him. Besides, you need to be bind to him for the bond to be complete."

Black rolled his eyes, "Obviously, you missed the biggest rule. As a dominate mate, it is our duty to keep our submissive mate happy at all cost." He grinned, "You don't even know a damn answer to his favorite food, book, spell, color, and other things. What makes you think you can have my Severus?"

His blue eyes narrowed at him, "That is what courtship for. The only problem there is that you're in the way. He needs to know he cannot be dominate!"

Sirius sees this young man as a threat and he decided to do something about it. His eyes checked on his submissive and he sees him watching them. He knew something about his mate more than others did and that's defending for himself.

"Severus, did he take your rights away to use your wand to protect yourself?"

"Yes," Severus frowned, "I tried, but he told me what to do."

Sirius smirked, "Well, you can take it out and do what you planned on. Let's show him how…powerful you are."

The professor potion was pleased and drew his wand out. He announced one of the horrifying spells that shocks Talon in so much pain, yet, not as one of the unforgivable curses. Gregory screamed and tried to demand him to stop, but Sirius was able to cancel that ahead of time. There was no way Black wanted a competitor for his mate and he cares deeply enough to deal with the mess. He refused to treat him unequaled or weaker than who they are.

Once the spell was casted, Severus returned his wand away and watched the young animagus panting from his suffering consequences. Sirius chuckled to see the pathetic man could not handle a simple spell. They were used to pain because of the war, Voldemort, dementors, and curses for so long. They merely laughed at Gregory who thought this was the worst pain he has ever been in.

"Now, get to your arse out! I will tell Dumbledore about you making Severus miserable and he'll punish you for going this far!"

His blue eyes widened, "But the students need their exams!"

The grey eyes rolled, "I think potion, transfiguration, ancient runes, and history of magic are the only courses the students need to worry for exams. No one really takes the DADA exams any seriously. Now, get out!"

Gregory's eyes lurked over to the submissive and refused to suffer another consequence of pain. He picked up his feet and rushed out. However, he knew this would not be the last time! Sirius sighed and shook his head ridiculously for today. Sirius turned around and pulled his submissive into his arms.

"He didn't hurt you, did he?" Sirius read into the man's black eyes.

The professor shook his head, "No, just demands. He's almost bad as Potter. Insufferable prat, I refused to be his mate."

Sirius chuckled, "Good. I don't trust Gregory and the way he treats you. Now, if he shows up, use the spell immediately and call me in afterward. You are always my first priority."

Severus blushed, "Th-thank you."

"Anytime, Severus. For now, I'll stay and come here a minute before this class end. I don't trust Gregory and he seems to pick up quick from his mistake."

Severus sighed and this wasn't what he wanted to face with, but he somehow has to anyway. Sirius released him and the potion master went onto what he's doing originally before interruption. Sirius hid himself from the public, yet, his submissive knew where he's going to be. The students were slowly showing up early. Some would be questioning each other to help stay focus, some were rereading their notes without needing to look up, and some just showed up chanting to themselves. The rest chose to show up and take the exams as it is. Severus knew the routine and noticed the bell rang by the time he got his papers together.

Sirius knew he wasn't needed much by Minerva and he headed straight to the headmaster's office. He does not take anything lightly with threats and Severus is his! No one takes him without his permission! He was able to march right in without anyone stopping him and managed his way to see the headmaster.

"Ah, need more advice for Severus?" Albus commented.

Black shook his head, "No, I've got a major problem and that prick is messing trying to claim my submissive!" His teeth gritted.

The powerful wizard stared at the student, "Who is trying to claim him? Is he a veela or an animagus?"

"A five year old animagus! You hired him for a temp!"

Albus frowned, "Gregory shouldn't be able to want Severus. Has he threatened either of you?"

"He threatened both of us! He demanded a couple of things with Severus and telling me-"

"-DON'T LISTEN TO HIM! Severus wants me!" Talon's voice interrupted, bursting into the office as if he has such nerves to come around.

Sirius glared and wondered if this man was for real. Albus was startled by this and did not know what to expect this time.

"Severus wants me and not this man here! He said so himself!" He gestured towards Black.

The elder animagus scowled at him, "He called me twice! Severus does not like it when you tell him what to do, especially taking his defense away!"

Dumbledore glowered at the new member, "Gregory, did you tell Severus Snape to put his wand away?" He was not pleased.

Talon was taken by vicious tone and it does not take much to scare him. He was beginning to know where his place is.

"I-he was going to attack me!"

Sirius scoffed, "That's because he doesn't want you near him! I gave him permission to either defend himself or call me."

"I demand a trial to who gets Severus Snape as their submissive mate!"

Sirius frowned, "You cannot do that if we are getting married next week!"

"He doesn't smell like he has been proposed. All I smell is that you got two bonds. I can still compete!"

Albus displeased about this course of action going on and he knew the outcomes. He slammed his hands and rose up immediately to break the two up. The animagus men glanced at their boss to see what gotten him upset.

"Gregory Talon, if I hear you threaten either of them during this week. I will be sure no one will hire you on the school ground. Only Severus will come to you if he wants a new mate. However, he feels comfortable and trusts Sirius alone. I suggest you leave both of them alone or you will suffer the consequences. I take it that you're still twitched up by Severus' spell?"

Talon grew paler when the man knew already beforehand and nodded willingly to avoid his risk. He walked out with frighten fears and placed his tails between his legs. Sirius smirked to see he has people on his side, well, just Albus.

"Thanks. The trials are awful and I can't have my pregnant submissive go through that."

Albus' eyes twinkled, "You may need to do the binding bond soon. Explain to him that it will protect him from Gregory Talon. If you need a priest, I would be happy to do so."

A happy smile appeared, "Great. I hate to mess-"

He sensed something was very wrong and he didn't like that at all. He was too shaken up and Albus saw the reaction.

"What's wrong, my dear boy?" He frowned.

"Severus…is in trouble. In his classroom, I have to go quickly!" His feet moved, "Dang it! The room next to it!" He seethed, "Talon is going to be tailless by the time I get to him!" He hissed.

Black apparate over to the location and found his submissive naked with the competitor enemy. The man was trying to suck the member off his mate and this wasn't good. This means they were equaled to have him. The professor was too shaken of being in controlled by someone who is claiming for his submissive mate. Black transformed to Padfoot and attacked the enemy within a second. He growled bitten onto the neck of Talon's. Gregory tried to push him away, yet, failed to do so.

Albus arrived to the room and he spotted his staff member. He accico'ed a large blanket and wrapped it around Severus. Severus curled up to the elder for his protection and found himself uncertain. He was confused who is really his dominate mate and saw both of them fighting for him.

"He belongs to me! I will bind him to me permanently and you will never have him again!" Gregory struggled to get those words out, while trying to defend himself.

Severus heard it so much, he was too afraid of regretting not sticking around with Sirius, and that he would never be treated the way he wanted to be treated.

Sirius growled at his enemy, not caring about his words, and bitten him viciously to the point Gregory loses his strength to fight. It did not take too long, yet, felt like it had went on for hours. Albus witnessed the entire thing and guarded Severus at his best effort.

Padfoot transfigured to Black, "If you do that again, I will rip off all your damn limbs off, including the disguising thing of yours!" He kicked the man's stomach.

Gregory groaned and Black rushed over to his submissive mate. He hugged onto him and Albus backed away.

"Perhaps we should do this now before Gregory can continue." Albus pointed out.

Professor Snape glanced up to the headmaster, "W-wh-what?"

The headmaster sighed, "I have to bind you both. This way, Gregory does not continue to take advantage of you. I need him for the week, but he will not be able to continue this anymore. I'm sorry, Severus. I will do anything in return for you."

His head shook, panicking at the idea of marriage, and Sirius quickly placed his hand on his mate's neck to calm him down. It worked and he started purring. The headmaster has no idea what to expect, but he knew he's helping them to ease the trouble immediately. Animagus society is very competitive and they will not take anything lightly towards their submissive mates. He knew that well, but it's depending on the situation of the submissive. Right now, this was to protect his students.

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