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Sirius waited for his mate to come out of the shower and glad it didn't take more than two minutes. Severus is trap in his arms after the minute he's out of the bathroom. He deeply regretted it.

"Why don't you take a shower and I'll leave you the clothes on the bed." He smiled.

Severus nodded, "Thank you…" He whispered, not wishing to encourage the man's ego to have full control over him.

The animagus nodded, "Any who, I will be getting Harry and the rest of everything else taken care of. Don't eat without me." He smiled.

The submissive sighed and accepted this reasonably. He was rather pleased to gather more clothes…he couldn't stand the idea of being naked anywhere. He wanted to be in his regular clothes he used to wear. Now, he wondered what Black had in mind. For now, a shower is necessary and he was released from the man's arms. He headed into the shower and refreshed himself.

Sirius nodded and watched his mate care for himself. He headed out of his quarter and directed himself over to the headmaster's office. He was happily to complete all three bonds well without…greater difficulty. Severus is his submissive mate and no one could take him away. He's proud to admit it was worth it all.

He was heading up the stairs, grinning to know he was going to have a family of his own, and a home of their own. The grey eyes spotted familiar faces of two men and the eyes went into shock. In the office of Albus' was like a living room, a couch provided with Harry in the man's arms of a Malfoy. Well, the young Malfoy that is. He was holding Harry and the savior was trying to maintain in his arms comfortably.

"Harry!" Sirius barked, his jaw dropped.

Harry leapt up from the hug and stood out the floor, "Siri!" He panicked.

Malfoy instantly growled at Harry and the Gryffindor immediately sat down. Draco wrapped his arms around the hero's naval area and tightened up the hold of him.

"What in the name of Merlin's is going on here? Why are you with him?" The grey eyes narrowed at the young enemy.

The raven hair shook his head, "Wait, Sirius, I can explain!"

"Just get away from him, Harry!" His arm gestured him to come closer.



"I suppose you should be rational, Sirius." Albus walked in happily.

Sirius jumped, almost having a heart attack when the elder appeared out of nowhere, and his eyes are almost popped out. Albus hummed to his delight at the fact he still have some sneaky skills as a Slytherin he is himself. That, he knew Severus wouldn't like it if his godson being treated like this by his dominate mate.

"Wh-wait, what? But, this is a Malfoy! Shouldn't we be concern why he's controlling my godson? And how he is still in school when he should be home now?" Sirius looked at the headmaster.

He hummed, "Yes, I supposed he should be. However, he is a Veela and Harry is his dominate mate. He made his claim after the war with me and took the approach slowly. Mr. Malfoy was able to confess during your…final bonding. I allowed them to stay and kept them separately for the night. Keep in mind, he is Severus' godson and you know what it is like when it comes to have a godson you care for deeply." The man's eyes twinkled.

Sirius stammered and tried to think this thoroughly first. He processed one thing at a time and that's the veela part. In his situation, he should know better how common between Animagi and Veelas are for knowing who their mates are after they become of age at least. They'd do anything to have their mates, even if it meant to sacrifice the life they used to have or make other kind of sacrifices to make it successful otherwise. Lastly, the godson part would not be good. Especially, when the fact he's connected to his submissive mate. Therefore, he had to settle things calmly and understood why Harry accepted this willingly.

"Oh…right. Sorry," He sheepishly smiled, "A note would have been nice to know before coming here." Black rubbed the back of his neck.

Draco lifted his head, "Besides, I don't like being separated from Potter."

Harry sheepishly smiled, "I didn't expect this to happen, and I have to be his dominate mate anyway." He shrugged away.

The animagus hasn't expected this either. He always thought the creatures would be dominate and their mates to be submissives. Then again, Harry is the strongest wizard in their world and Draco is a simple wizard who knows most of spells and held high standard in society. It had made sense in a way.

"Sirius, you are free to take them home with Severus. And, how is he doing?" Albus wondered.

The animagus smiled, "Quite well. Although, he's willing to try for the baby. I think he hasn't sunk in yet."

"Give him some time, my dear boy. Severus isn't used to being loved other than by his godson. I believe having Draco with you will help well in your relationship." Albus smiled proudly.

"Come on, Draco, we better get our things now."

"Will you carry them," The young Malfoy asked.

The green eyes narrowed his eyes at the pale blue eyes, "Don't be lazy and let yourself go to the head, Draco. We carry our own things." He insisted.

Draco lightly growled, but Harry let it slide by. He refused to let his mate to do nothing or light work. They haven't had exactly establish telling Mr. Malfoy who the mate is and what role they are. Right now, this summer is going to play out differently than they can expect. Sirius watched them head into their guest rooms and waited with the headmaster.

"Thank you, Albus. Oh," Sirius recalled something, "Is it too late for Severus to get the position he wants?" He worried about that, he knew how much his submissive wants this job desperately.

The elder twinkled with a smile, "No. He has the job already. I wasn't going to reject him this time and besides, I couldn't let him until Tom is out of the way."

The animagus blinked, "Whose Tom?"

Harry came out with his trunk, "Tom is Voldemort." He said as the matter-of-fact, without fearing the man's name.

Albus nodded, "I prefer calling him by his biological name. As much as Voldemort despises of his name, I call him Tom or Thomas. Depends on the mood." He shrugged, "Very well, I hope you all have a wonderful summer and treat each other well. I shall see you for the beginning of school." He smiled, gestured the door out of his office.

Sirius blinked dumbfounded at the man he had known since he was born. To admit the names had made things easier and vowed to never name a child that seems so unoriginal. The young Malfoy and Potter headed out together, walking ahead of their future Transfiguration professor, and exchanged smiles for each other. Sirius thought it was cute, but he knew better to not question things too much. Especially, he knew these two would be a lot of headache to the case of their lives. Summer would be the starting of it now, who knows how they'd survive.

As they arrived to Sirius' quarter, the man spoke his password and they headed in. He knew that he was gone for only ten minutes and that Severus takes about almost half an hour to clean up and other things. He headed into the kitchen and gathered his tools and ingredients.

"Have you boys eaten, yet?" Sirius figured a family quality time would be best to begin.

"No, Siri, Dumbledore thought we'd eat at home." Harry answered.

"That old coot knows his graduated students too well, Potter."

"Draco!" Harry glared at him.

"Sorry," The Malfoy frowned.

Sirius figured Harry hasn't exactly understand the role of a dominate mate should be expected, but he was rather glad his godson is the dominate one instead of the submissive. He would have gone protective mode to his little pup. For now, he figured he'd talk to him later this week. Right now, they should focus on having breakfast like typical family.

"Any who, kiddo's mate, tell me about yourself other than you're a Malfoy like your father and you're a Veela. I already grasp that idea." Sirius flipped some sausages.

Draco blinked, "I speak several languages besides Snake language like Potter here-"

The animagus jerked his head around to stare at the boys, "What?"

The green eyes nodded, "It is in the genes of mine. Draco thinks that his Veela and combined with Slytherin, it attracts him to have me as his mate. Anyway, Hermione mentioned that since I am in the family of a Slytherin from several generations ago of my several times great grandfather and I inherited Parseltongue. That, possibly that Voldemort might have triggered it. I've spoken to snakes since I was almost eleven."

The man's brow rose, "And you never occurred to tell me because…" He was hoping his godson would explain.

"Because everyone already knew and heard about it during the second year." Harry looked up at his godfather, confused to see why he didn't know.

"Oh," His head turned back, "It was probably because I wasn't paying attention until your third and fourth years with my suspicious of the rat."

"It would make sense," Harry shrugged.

Sirius was gladly to be finished cooking and used his magic to levitate them over to the table. He provided the morning tea for everyone, Draco nodded to show his appreciation, and took a sip. Harry smiled at his godfather, pleased to know that he would never have to return to those vile muggles, and he's free. Sirius sat down across the boys and figured having a conversation wouldn't hurt until his submissive joins them.

"Anyway, kiddo's mate, besides the languages. Do you have particular talents, skills, hobbies?" Sirius wanted to learn more about him.

"Erm, I suppose reading traditional-"

"-Honestly, Draco. Here I thought, you were raised to be proud of yourself at the things you are highly confined in. You adored potions work as your hobbies, rode half breed dragons, raised several muggle pets, and often enjoys attending to social events." The familiar godfather of Draco's.

This made things easier and he agreed with his godfather. He took a quick sip and turned to see him –wait, he spit out surprisingly to the man he grew up.

"You're wearing white silk!?" Draco was in ultimate shock, "How!" He desperately wanted to know.

Sirius snickered, "He doesn't have total privilege to clothes yet. He has to earn them as a submissive mate. Besides," He grinned, "It looks great on him."

Severus groaned and muttered annoyingly to his ends, "I cannot wait until I have my full privilege back, Black."

Sirius shrugged, he knew this was only going to last for a couple of weeks, and how the man dresses himself. He might as well enjoy it now while he can. Severus wore white silk dressed shirt with black pants. At least it was the pants that Severus was highly comfortable with most of them. He sat down next to his Animagus and noted they were all having breakfast with their godson. However, the black iris observed the behaviors and closeness between the young boys.

"Not that I care, but why are you this close to Potter, Draco?" The brow rose.

Draco nodded, "I'm…Harry's submissive."

"No further to explain. I can understand where this is going, believe me." The black eyes rolled over to the savior, "However, we will talk later."

Harry nodded, "Figured anyway. We're just going to take things slow and work this out together. For now, Draco is living with us. We can't be separated due to the fact he shouldn't have distance himself from me for three weeks."

Draco was using his wand to clean up the tea spit. He felt terrible, yet he wasn't expecting to see Severus wearing anything in silk material. The potion master understood anyway.

"So, how did you get Uncle Sev to wear white silk shirt?" The young Malfoy had to know!

The grey eyes glanced up the blond kid, "I took his clothes away, used forbidden demand not to allow him any clothes until he earns them, and pretty much uses it as a punishment and reward setting."

The man whimpered, "Must you embarrass me in front of them?"

Sirius chuckled, "Sorry, family doesn't count…except Mr. Malfoy doesn't count. No offense," He shrugged, "But, it's my job to embarrass you, Severus."

"I thought it was mainly with protection and care?"

Sirius shook his head, knowing this would take a while to tease him properly, and they finally got out of the bedroom…literally. No one can take Sirius's submissive mate without a demand for divorce and legal reasons. However, he doubt he has to worry about Gregory anymore. For now, they were to enjoy their morning and bond with their godsons. Draco snickered slightly to see some victory on seeing his godfather wearing silk clothes and it was impossible to make it happen. At least he was glad someone sees it his way for once! He believed his summer was turning around better than he had expected.

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