Pepper's eye slowly opened and she winced at the large amount of pain all over her body. Despite the pain she shifted the chairs and other debris off of her; she slowly sat up and looked around the wreckage. There were little fires everywhere and she heard sirens, Pepper slowly got to her feet and tried to move through concrete and mettle. She gasped and placed her hand on her side which made it worse, she looked down and found a large shard of glass sticking out her side. "Oh Ow!" she said clenching her teeth, "Help! Is anyone there?!" a raspy voice called. Pepper kept her teeth clenched and she moved towards the voice, she flipped the meeting table off of no other than Stane. "Hunt! Help me up!" Stane demanded and Pepper rolled her eyes, she held out her hand and painfully helped up her employer.

Stane got to his feet and brushed off his shoulders, "Are you alright?" he asked and Pepper nodded. "Can I have your tie?" she asked and Stane was taken aback. "Excuse me?" he asked and saw that she was breathing hard, "Your tie…can I have it?" Pepper asked holding out her hand. Stane blinked and took off his tie handing it to her; Pepper grabbed the in one hand and pulled out the shard of glass out of her side with the other. Stane's eyes widened as the bloody broken shard of glass hit the floor, "Mrs. Hunt…you're…" he said and trailed off. Pepper held up her hand and shook her head "I'm fine…we just need to get out of here." She said and Stane nodded.


Tony grabbed his coat from the back of his desk chair and ran out the door. He tried to make his way to Stark International but traffic was completely jammed. Tony got off the bike and ran through the traffic towards the sirens and smoke.

He got there within minutes bit was stopped by a police officer. "Please my…wife is in there!" Tony said gasping for breath, the officer looked at Tony then at the building and he sighed. "I'll take you over by the ambulance. You can wait there." He said and lifted the police tape. Tony nodded and followed the officer, "Can I have the name of your wife? It will help searching for her." The officer said and Tony nodded, "Her name is Angela Hunt…" he said. The officer nodded and walked over to the search party, Tony stood there fidgety and trying to not run into the wreckage himself.

"Look!" someone shouted and other shouts filled the air. Tony looked up and his heart flipped, Pepper stumble out of the wreckage with Stane beside. "Can I get a little help over here!?" Stane shouted and Tony now saw that Stane was holding Pepper up. He ran forward but an officer stopped him by grabbing him around the waist and pulling him backwards.

EMT's ran forward and helped Pepper over to a stretcher; Tony shook off the Officer and ran to her side. "Hey…Ang…" he said quietly and took her hand, Pepper looked up to see Tony there holding her hand. She smiled and gave it a gentle squeeze "hey…I'm fine." She said and her eyes slowly closed. The EMT's moved her into the ambulance and Tony sat beside her, "You the husband?" an EMT asked and Tony nodded.


Tony sat in a waiting room of a hospital hoping to see Pepper soon. He looked up to see Fury looking at him from a doorway; Tony stood and moved towards a coffee machine. "What in the hell happened?" he asked quietly putting coins into the machine, Fury sighed "we think it's a warning…" he said pretending to scan the other machine. Tony groaned and rubbed his eyes, "Do you think we've been made?" he asked and Fury shook his head. "They're suspicious but they have nothing on you." he said putting a bill into the vending machine. "What are we going to do?" Tony asked taking his coffee out of the machine, Fury thought for a moment "Lay low…take some time off and take care of your wife…let this all blow over." He said and left.

Tony sighed and went back to his chair. A doctor walked up to him and Tony sat up straight, "Are you Mr. Hunt?" the doctor asked and Tony stood up and nodded. "Your wife will be just fine. All she needs is to relax and rest." The doctor said with a smile, Tony sighed in relief "Can I see her?" he asked. The doctor nodded and motioned for Tony to follow him. Tony opened the door to Pepper's hospital room, "Hey…" he said and Pepper looked up. She smiled "Hey…" she said and tried to sit up. Tony rushed forward and placed his hand on her shoulder, "Take it easy." He said gently. Pepper relaxed into the pillows and her eyes grew heavy, "How are you feeling?" Tony asked taking her hand. "Like I was hit by train." Pepper said laughing and Tony frowned, "It's not funny Pepper." He said very quietly and Pepper sighed. "My laptop is still in the wreckage." She said and Tony sighed "Fury can get it." He said quietly.

A light knock on the door made them both look up. Stane stood there awkwardly holding flowers, "I uh just wanted to make sure my new assistant was doing alright…" he said and Tony smirked, He actually cares…I'll be damn…he thought. He stood up and held out his hand "I'm John…Angela's husband." Tony said, Stane shifted the flowers to a different hand and shook Tony's. "Nice to meet you." he said and handed over the flowers. "I should go…a lot of work to do. Get well Hunt." Stane said and left.

Pepper and Tony looked at each other shocked. "Wow…he cares…that's weird." Pepper said chuckling, Tony merely smiled "maybe under all of that evil there is a little bit of good." He said. Pepper smiled and yawned, Tony sat back down and took her hand again "Get some sleep…we'll go you home tomorrow." He said quietly and Pepper closed her eyes. Tony leaned back in his chair and watched his pretend wife sleep, is it bad to hope this undercover work never ends? He asked himself. He then smiled, would she marry me for real? He asked and he glanced at Pepper again. I need to talk to Rhodey! Tony thought desperately.

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