Rest in Peace Always


Okay, this is a tribute to Ironhide, an honorable Autobot who died to Sentinel Prime, sadly, not in action, as I'm sure he would have loved. To die firing his cannons, his favorite hobby.

Ironhide was a tough mech. He was solid around others, the rock foundation that they built their base on, yet soft, malleable for change.

Ironhide could dodge a missile without a second thought; cover a small human's back with ease, and fire in both directions blindfolded. Ironhide could sit still as a toddler climbed his feet, have a soft tone as he spoke to his charge, and have a secure belt for all who took refuge in him.

If Optimus told Ironhide to change alts and go mini-van, he'd said "Frag no!" but do it anyway, if for the sake of the cause. If an ex-Decepticon mini-bot needed a ride to his warrior goddess, he'd give it, but he never said anything about it being a smooth ride. If Annabelle told him to have his birthday with hers, he'd do it, if only to make her smile more.

Ironhide knew how to make things right, in his own way. He came to earth, a war torn dinosaur, and left it, a softened family man who could make you smile at your worst.

Rest in Peace,





Ironhide is one of those characters who were in the first movie or episode and made it really far into the gameā€¦ he's one of those victims of the boss getting bored and deciding to piss off the fans by killing off a favorite. Bay was out of line, same with bringing in Sides but no Sunny. What right did he have to be Primus? Or Unicron? None.

Hide's my favorite, I searched of tributes and yet there were none, just stories of Annabelle and Lennox grieving and being all sad.

No one ever wrote about the good things. Everyone is remembering his end but not his beginning.

R&R people, tell me I'm not alone in his memory.