My Mate

Disclaimer: Not copyrighting the awesome that is Stephenie Meyer for creating these wonderful characters. This is my first shot at a full fledged story so I'm really nervous at what you all think about this story. So on with the story.

Summary: Have you ever thought that being born into a vampire hunter family would make you mated to a vampire? I never thought so.

Chapter 1

"Bella. Can you come downstairs." My father yelled up the stairs.

Sighing I got off my bed. I headed downstairs. I reach the bottom and head to the living room and I see Dr. Cullen with my dad, but when I got farther in the room I see Edward. What are these two doing here? I thought.

I go stand by my father while I keep my eyes on Edward and when I do I feel this pull towards him, like I've finally been completed.

I didn't notice Edward was by my side until he grabs me around the waist burring his head in the crook of my neck, muttering mine over and over again. I wonder what he means when I realize that the only way vampires get like this was with their mates.

I see from the corner of my eye, Carlisle coming closer with his hands up. Edward senses this pulling me behind him and going into a crouch position. Carlisle stops were he is. Looking closer I see my dad smiling happy at what he sees.

"Dad what are you smiling about?" I demand

"Bella you are at the age to be move out and I talked to Carlisle about you and Edward meeting out of school to see if you guys are a mated pair." He stated simply.

I stared at him like he was crazy. I moved out from behind Edward going over to Carlisle to test my theory, if Edward really is my mate even though I'm human. As I move closer to Carlisle, I hear this whimpering sound come from Edward and I know my theory is right. Edward really was my mate and to end his suffering I moved back to him, burying my head into his chest sighing as I feel my body relax and his as well, when he developed my into an embrace.

"What in the world is going on here?" When me and my father heard that we both stiffened.

The plot bunny had hit me again and I had to write this one down before it got away on me. So what do think of the story. Leave me a review to let me know.