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Spit and bright red crimson blood dribbled down my chin as I let my head flop to the side and rest against the cold stone floor. I sighed in relief as the metal door slammed shut, and the silence permeated the room for a quick minute. The echoing footsteps that drifted down the hall had me breathing in and out in relief and despair. They had finally left. I was finally alone for a few minutes. I didn't even bother trying to lift my skinny skeleton body off of the cold floor; I knew that they would be back soon enough and only punish me for moving. Not that I had the energy to move anyways.

I had always thought that I had a good understanding of pain, but now I know that I never had an understanding of the concept of pain. I didn't know that if you twisted a muscle just the right way, it would make pain flood throughout your body and then if you twisted it hard enough it would make a sharp pain last for hours. I didn't know that if you put a special paste on a fresh cut, it would make your blood flow without stopping for hours. I didn't understand that there was a sense of fear and uselessness that you would get as you lay surrounded in your own pool of blood and feel your body slowly start to shut down from the lack of blood. I didn't know that not allowing someone the basic food and water could make the pain so much worse. But now I did. I understood pain well now.

I took a shaky breath in and felt my lungs seize at the movement. My throat was sore and each breath was a struggle. I couldn't even remember the last time that I had drunk even a small sip of water, and my mouth had long ago stopped producing body was just hanging on by a thread. I knew that I was going to die soon, but I didn't care. I would rather die than serve a monster.

The door clicked open, and two heavy distinct footsteps approached my fallen body. I recognized one as my father's for he was the one that came to visit me the most, but the other was a mystery to me.

"Well Draconius, has your father managed to change your mind?" I sure as hell recognized the voice now; it was the very man that I was refusing to submit myself too. It was the man that wanted me to be his personal sex slave, but I was a Malfoy and I was no ones' bitch, especially when they were the Dark Lord.

"Unfortunately, no he hasn't." I whispered not able to speak any louder. My voice was raspy and my throat felt like someone had poured acid on my vocal cords.

Voldemort tutted in disappointment, "Well, that is just too bad; I really was looking forward to having you. Your body is simply exquisite." He ran a hand over my broken and battered body and I shivered in disgust wanting to move away but not able to.

"You will never have me," I chocked out feeling something in my throat break open and start to bleed. I swallowed the blood, feeling a little relief at the wetness and coolness that the blood provided.

The Dark Lord leaned over and lifted his hand to my mouth. With one finger his wiped at the blood that had managed to escape from my mouth and then lifted it to his mouth. I watched with disgust as his tongue came out and lapped at the bright red crimson blood that stained his finger.

He hummed in enjoyment and contentment, and then turned to my father. "Lucius, your son had the most delicious tasting blood. Come try some," He said with a wicked gleam in his eye.

Voldemort reached with one hand and propped open my mouthand then stuffed his other hand into my mouth, almost chokingme immediately. I gagged as his fingers pressed deep into my throat. Tears sprang to my eyes and my nose started to run as I struggled to breathe. I meekly tried to move, turning my head to get away from the fingers that were choking me and the hand that held my jaw open, but it was useless. I was too weak and Voldemort was too strong.

"Lucius, did you not teach the boy to deep throat? He should not be gagging this bad." Voldemort said as he looked momentarily over his shoulder, and then focused back on coating every inch of his fingers in my blood.

"I ordered the items that he could practice on a while ago my Lord, but they have yet to get here because I had to order through a muggle shop. Hopefully they will be here soon so that he will learn to stop gagging," Lucius said respectfully as he passively watched his son being manhandled.

Voldemort hummed, but didn't say anything. He finally retracted his fingers from my throat and looked at them with glee shining in his eyes. I wanted to throw up. His fingers were bright red, the crimson blood running down his long, spidery fingers and onto his hand before it disappeared entirely into the sleeve on his shirt. There was so much blood. I didn't know how much more I could losebefore my body would run out. I had lost so much already that I didn't know how there was any left in my body.

He lifted his blood stained hand to his mouth and began to lick at his hand with an eager tongue. I managed to make my head loll away; I didn't want to watch him devour my blood like some kind of starving animal. He was an animal. A monster. I could still feel snot and tears running down my face. I had been broken thoroughly and completely. I closed my eyes in acceptance. Everything hurt; muscles that I didn't even know that I had hurt. Pain resonated everywhere, and it wouldn't go away. I wanted to get away, but I knew that I couldn't. I was too weak, and my magic was exhausted trying to keep me alive. I was going to die here. My own father was going to kill me because I wouldn't agree to fuck his Lord.

I laid still and passive as I heard Voldemort finish licking at his hand. I didn't even flinch as the monster placed his hand on my chest and felt my broken ribs. I didn't let loose a whimper of pain nor did I cry out when he pressed down, hard, on them. I just laid there, accepting and ready to die. I knew that the moment he came into the room, he was going to kill me because I was the one thing that he wanted, but could never have fully. His hand started to move all over my chest, circling my nipples where he would pull and twist them viciously before moving down to press on a broken rib with a maniacal laugh always escaping his mouth. I hoped that he would push one of them hard enough to pierce a major artery so that this would be over already.

"Lucius, will you hand me your wand?" Voldemort said as he started to trail his hand lower and lower, still pushing painfully on my broken bones. My eyes snapped wide open as he wrapped his hand around my limp member and gave it a hard squeeze. I growled in my head and tried to squirm away. He could torture me, make me feel pain as much as he wanted, but he could no touch me like that. I was not his fucking bitch.

I felt my magic flair as the Dark Lord squeezed me again and started to stroke me. He moved his other hand from my chest where it had been holding me down, and used it to pry apart my legs. I tried to hold them closed, but he had them opening right up with a simple push on my broken bones. He moved in between my legs and held my legs open with his knees. I shivered in disgust as his eyes hungrily devoured my body spread open.

"I know that you are enjoying this Draconius. After all, your father did and you are so much like your father," His voice said as he trailed his hands up my thighs and started grabbing and stroking my member and balls. He reached up with one hand and took the wand that my father presented to him, and with a simple flick of the wand I was chained to the cold ground with my hands above my head, stretching my chest and torso up, and my legs were bent up to my chest but spread open. I accidentally let out a whimper of pain when the movement caused my broken ribs to protest.

"No, no," I murmured hoarsely as I shook my head when I felt a finger start to press at my entrance. I did not want this;I wanted to die. He could not have me; I would not let him have me!

"I told you, Draconius, that I would have you. I have decided out of the goodness of my heart that I will not kill you, but instead bond with you so that you have no choice but to obey me. You will want to be my fuck toy after this, Draconius. You will be begging for my cock to fill up your arse; for my cum to fill your channel and then run down your legs; for my hands to stroke and tease you. You will be begging me to fuck you every single time that I see you. You will be mine," Voldemort said menacingly as he pointed his wand at my limp member and whispered a spell.

I screamed as my member was flooded with blood, becoming fully erect in a matter of seconds.

"Such a good boy," Voldemort said as he stroked my now hard member with hard fingers. His nails painfully cut into my soft skin as he continued to run his fingers over my member. "He is almost as responsive as you Lucius."

"No, no…" I whispered as loud as I could, meekly shaking my head as I struggled to make my weak body move; the more that I struggled though the more that Voldemort got excited, and the more that he pulled on my member. I felt something building inside me; a pressure of sorts. It was building in my chest making it very difficult to breathe when you already couldn't breathe very well from broken ribs. It was expanding too fast though. I started to hyperventilate as the pressure continued to build, and it felt like my chest was going to explode.

I heard the rustle of clothes, and flopped my head over to see that the Dark Lord was removing his clothes with my father helping him by untying his shoes and then kissing his bare feet.

"You will be rewarded for your service Lucius. You have been such a good boy for giving me your son," Voldemort said as he placed a hand on blonde hair belonging to Draco's father.

"No, no…" I murmured as a little bit of blood gurgled from my throat. I didn't want this to happen. He was just supposed to kill me. I was not supposed to live through the night. I didn't want to have the man be intimate with me. I would not bond with the monster. The pressure in my chest, if possible, expanded more.

He walked towards me and stood over my trembling body while my father looked on with a blank face. I hoped that my father would burn in hell for doing this to me; he was my father. He should be protecting me from danger, not giving me to one of the most dangerous men alive. The pressure seemed to be oozing out to the rest of my limbs now; it was covering my body like a blanket.

My body started to shake as Voldemort knelt down by my arse and slowing trailed his hand over my cheeks. He cupped my cheeks and I tried to shift my hips away; I didn't want this. I wanted to be somewhere else, anywhere else.

"You look so beautiful laying here completely broken and covered in your own blood. I am going to enjoy this," Voldemort said as he moved one of his hands away from my cheek and moved it towards his own fully erect member. He gave it a few strokes and I watched as he threw his head back and groaned in pleasure. He shook his head, and then refocused, guiding his member to my entrance. He brushed his tip against my pucker, his pre-cum making a wet sensation that had me shivering and wincing in disgust. He pressed the tip of his cock against the puckered opening, and when his cock started to stretch my opening to unbelievable widths, the pressure inside my body exploded.

I screamed as my body was contorted and shoved about like I was being folded in half. I felt like I was flying through the air, but I was so disoriented and confused that I had no idea where I was going or what was happening. I landed on the ground with a sick thud; something else probably broke. Dazed, I look around but couldn't focus on anything. Shapes, color, and objects seemed to all flow together as I continued to look up trying to see something that I recognized. I froze, why was I looking up?

I blinked my eyes and my tongue flickered out of my mouth, tasting the air. Tasting the air? What the fuck? Why did I taste the air? My tongue flickered out again, and I felt a shot of amusement when I realized that I could literally taste panic and fear in the air. What in the world is making people panic so much? I thought to myself as I flicked my forked tongue out again, and moved my scaly body a little. Holy great Salazar, I am a bloody snake! I moaned in my head as pain shot through every inch of my scaly body. How in the world do I get myself into these situations? At least I am away from my insane father and even insaner Voldemort. And they will never be able to find me because they don't know my animagus! I wanted to scream in happiness, but soon realized that I couldn't. I guess that I managed to open my mouth though showing off every inch of my terrifying form. I really need to look at myself in a mirror to see what is so damn scary.

"If you want to live, do not move an inch," I heard someone murmur to all of the individuals that were close by. I must have somehow landed in a very public place. I shifted my body again when I saw someone take a step out of the corner of my eyes. I snapped my head around and hissed, opening my mouth wide in warning, but moving my body that fast caused pain to ripple throughout my body once again. I hissed in pain showing my fangs filled with deadly venom as my small scaly body throbbed with pain.

The more that I moved, the more that my body reacted to the situation; my tongue was able to tell me that fear now dominated every person around me. It heavily permeated the air around me; my body was automatically going into a defensive mode, and the more that the people feared me, the more that I started to fear for my life. Are they going to kill me? I thought to myself as I shifted my body uneasily, curving into a coil with my small head resting on my large, circular, scaly body staring at the individuals that surrounded me. In the back of my head, I knew that this position would allow me to intimidate my prey and to strike easily if they got too close for comfort. Pain was pounding throughout my body, but I didn't dare stretch into a more comfortable position in case someone decided to step on me.

"Someone get the guy from the snake shop for god's sake!" A woman screeched as she stared frightened at my body. She was further away from me than most people, but she was still scared for her life. Her pupils were wide with a layer of sweat starting to appear on her skin. It was weird that I could now taste all of these observations. Personally I didn't know why they were so scared; I mean it wasn't like I was going to attack anyone. She looked at me like I was the reincarnation of the devil or something. Or at least I thought that I wasn't going to attack, but then again, there was a man to my right that was getting awfully close.

I reared my head back and opened my mouth wide, hissing dangerously as the man continued to get closer and closer. Stupid man thinking that he can get close to me! I followed the man with my eyes and head as he shifted back and forth, balancing his weight on the balls of his feet.

"Get the god damn snake already Russ!" An angry voice said. I hissed in response and coiled my body tighter. I wasn't going to be taken anywhere; the man could go and fuck himself for all that I cared.

"This is a magical Black Mamba Henry! Give me a little time unless you want to be taking me to St. Mungo's, and paying for very expensive anti-venom that might not even work! You know that these damn snakes have different potency of venoms depending on how much magic is in their bodies," The man in front of me, Russ, said with annoyance coloring his tone. His eyes never left my form, and neither did mine, even though he was talking with another man, Henry apparently.

"Alright, alright just hurry it up a little bit so that these people can calm the fuck down and we can leave," Annoying Henry said again with impatientness clouding his voice. Damn, that man is annoying. I would bite him just to get him to shut up. I said to myself as I continued to stare at Russ in front of me, and flicker my tongue in and out. I wanted to smirk in amusement when I saw Russ murmuring to himself about disrespectful brats that thought they knew about snakes better. Apparently my lack of hissing indicated that the man could come closer because he took a step. I eyed him warily, and hissed in warning when he took another cautious step towards me. He was finally close enough for me to taste his presence, and I baulked when I tasted other snakes and reptiles all over his body. Obviously some scaly critters found his presence soothing and wanted. I wasn't sure if I was one of them yet.

"You are a beautiful snake little one," Russ murmured to me as he stared hard trying to gauge me, "Where did you come from? I could never imagine someone wanting to get rid of you. You are so beautiful."

I let my tongue flicker out again, and held it out longer so that I could get a better perception of the man. He was afraid of me, but it wasn't an all consuming fear; it was like he was in awe of me, but at the same time didn't want to frighten me and cause me to harm someone. He was also respecting the need for distance that I obviously wanted. He was a smart man. And there was the bonus of being told that I was a beautiful snake; it made me want to preen. I let my body relax a little, and watched as Russ relaxed a little bit too, but was still very cautious as he took a small step forward. I eyed him, but made no move to attack or hiss.

"Oh yes such a beautiful snake."

It was a like a dance. Russ would take a step forward, pause, deterring my mood and allowing me to adjust to his presence, before taking another small step. All the while he was murmuring complete nonsense about my beautiful form. It was quite entertaining and amusing to say the least. I still couldn't believe that I had struck so much fear into so many people simply by being in the area. My thoughts shifted back to the situation at hand when Russ lifted his foot. I tensed and bared my fangs a little when Russ took another step and was only about two feet from me. Too close! My mind shouted. Russ wisely took the step back and waited. He made no movement as I stared at him.

We simply stared at each other for a few minutes. No one moved. Russ sighed and looked away from me for the first time. He shook his head at someone behind me. I knew in that minute that Russ wasn't going to take any more steps; he was going to wait for me to make the first move. He was a smart man. He was one that I respected.

I uncoiled my body, trying to ignore the pain that once again filled my body, and slowly moved towards the man. Gasps and screams of fright filled the air as I moved, but Russ knew that I wasn't going to attack. He bravely, or stupidly in my opinion, knelt down onto the ground and laid his hand, palm up, onto the ground. I slowly slithered towards the warm flesh that was in front of me, unconsciously going a little faster when I realized that I was cold. My tongue flicked against his hand when I arrived, and Russ didn't even flinch which made me respect him a little bit more.

I hummed in my head a little at the taste and the warmth that was emitting from his palm was all consuming. I started to move again, finding my way in between his sleeve and arm, slithering up his arm loving the warmth that was now permeating my broken and battered cold body. I made my way all the way up his arm and around his neck, then stopped and let my head rest on his collarbone. I hadn't realized that I was such a big snake until I let my body stretch out all over Russ's body. My tail was wrapped around his wrist a couple of times with the very end sticking out of his sleeve end, and my head was dangling down by his collarbone. I would estimate that I was a seven to eight foot long snake. I smirked to myself and let my head gently brush against the man's collarbone, nudging him to get moving. I wanted to get away from this noisy place.

"Good job man!" Someone yelled in relief.

"Oh thank you!" A woman yelled, relief coloring her tone.

"Lets get this little one back to the shop why don't me Henry?" Russ said wisely as he maneuvered the men and women that went to try to pat his back in congratulations.

"Of course boss. Back off everyone! We need to get through!" Henry yelled as he started to make his way through the parting crowd.

My body absorbed the shocks of the steps that Russ took as he started to walk carefully through the crowd, nodding at the relieved people. I relaxed even further when Russ reached up with one hand and gently placed it on my hurt body. My tongue flicked against his skin.

"What happened to you little one? I am going to need to heal you. I hope that you are willing to cooperate with me," Russ murmured to me as he stroked me through the fabric of his shirt. I nudged his collarbone again letting him know that I wasn't completely broken, and let my head flop back down exhausted. I knew that I would be safe with this man. He would heal me and protect me. He was a smart man after all.

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