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I heard someone scream loudly and the sound of quick footsteps as someone tried to jump out of the way as I traveled through the air to strike; I heard Harry shouting to stop in my head, but I ignored it. This man could potentially hurt my mate who was injured, and I was running on pure instinct. This man would not be getting to Harry; I would not allow it. Venom flowed freely in the black mouth as I opened wide.

Just as I was about to sink my teeth into soft human flesh, someone grabbed the end of my tail and yanked me backwards in a quick movement that made me a little sick and disoriented. It didn't help that I did not like being touched by anyone other than my mate. I hissed in fury and recovered quickly, turning the upper half of my body around and viciously sinking my teeth into the hand that was holding the end of my tail. I hissed cruelly as I injected my venom in a millisecond and then removing my fangs just as quickly. I squirmed around, trying to wiggle out of the man's grasp, but not succeeding. I stopped moving for just a few seconds and smirked as a gasp of pain and low whine was emitted from the person that dared stop me. Secretly I hoped that my venom would kill them; they had stopped me from protecting my mate, and that pissed me off.

I had to protect my mate, and this person who was holding me was getting in the way. Harry had already been hurt enough and I would not allow him to be hurt further. I twisted and struck the man's hand again, but still was not let go. It angered my further. I struck again and instead of immediately letting go, I dug my fangs in deeper and held on. I was sickeningly pleased with the fact that the man was panting heavily and whining with every breath.

Shh, Dexter. It is okay; I am fine. No one is hurting me. Shh, baby. Calm down. I heard the soft voice of my mate whispering in the back of my head and felt a soft hand running up and down my back even as I hissed and dug my fangs in deeper. Draco. Dexter. Draco.. Please, calm down, baby. Everything is okay.

Slowly but surely I managed to come back to myself as my instincts calmed down and I became more aware of my surroundings. I came to realize that the man's voice was my mate's voice and his hands were the ones rubbing soothingly up and down my scaled back. Soon enough, I was practically limp in Harry's hands and if I was a cat instead of a snake, I would have been purring in contentment. I slowly slithered up, winding myself around Harry's arm with ease as his fingers trailed over my body as I moved, until I settled myself across his shoulders and let my head rest against his collarbone. My tongue lazily flickered out to taste the air and I relaxed further when I realized that it was just Greg that was in the room. He wasn't a danger.

Sorry, Harry. I murmured softly and sincerely into Harry's mind as I nuzzled his chin. I was just lucky that Harry had been made immune when I originally bit him and made my mate mark. He didn't say anything but let me know that I was forgiven by lightly rubbing the tip of his finger against my nose.

"I bloody hate that snake, short stuff!" Greg shouted as he came out from the messy closet that he had jumped in to get out of the way from my attack. "And I am pretty sure that the little shit hates me too. God damn snakes," Greg grumbled as he threw off one of Harry's old shirts that had gotten caught on his belt and into back into the closet. I chuckled to myself as Greg struggled to get the shirt off and then stumbled only to fall flat on his face when the pair of pants that were caught on his shoes got in the way. "See!" Greg cried as he lifted himself up to rest on his elbows. "That bloody thing is laughing at me right now! It likes seeing me hurt or humiliating myself!"

"I think everyone likes seeing you humiliate yourself because you do it to yourself. And why don't you put that on instead of throwing it away there, Greggy?" Harry asked in amusement as he looked at the flustered, shirtless man lying on the ground.

Greg glared at Harry and huffed in exasperation, "I am allowed to flaunt my body if I want too." Greg teasingly ran a hand up his chest and pinched a nipple before sitting up and cursing as he tried to untangle himself. "You should clean up your room every once in a while."

He is an idiot. I murmured to Harry as I squirmed to find a warmer place on my mate's body to rest. I had already forgotten how bloody cold it was as a snake without something to keep me warm.

"Dexter says you are an idiot, and you know that I don't stay here often. I am only here because I knew that Molly would freak out if I brought a bloody snake to her home," Harry said as he lifted an arm and gently stroked me on the head. I hissed softly and tightened myself around his neck as I watched the action before me play out. I chucked to myself; it was going to be like a soap-opera in a few minutes. Especially Severus was still sitting on the ground dumbfounded and angry at the fact that he still didn't know what in the hell was going on. I lifted my head up, excited, as Severus opened his mouth. Damn, I wish that I could eat some popcorn right now.

"What in the bloody blundering hell is going on?" Severus shouted exasperated and confused beyond belief. It also didn't help that the two men had forgotten about him momentarily.

"Ohh well look what we have here. Harry you didn't tell me that you had a professor friend; you know how I love professor and their way with words," Greg purred teasingly as he stood up with an attractive stumble and walked with a sway over to Severus. "So, who are you hot stuff?" Greg asked with a purr as he ran a hand up Severus's chest.

Is he hitting on Snape? Harry thought incredulously to me as I felt his cheeks puff out from trying to hold in laughter.

That would be a resounding yes. I said back as Greg moved forward into Severus's personal space even closer and lightly nipped at Severus's neck before Severus shoved the man away. I had to give it to Greg though, he certainly did not give up even when the situation seemed impossible and implausible. I chuckled as I watched Greg's fingers slowly start to climb Severus's arm again who I swore looked a little flushed and weak-kneed. The situation was entirely amusing to Harry and I; I also found it a little disturbing since Severus was my godfather. Harry looked like he was about to bust a gut and I wasn't much better; the only thing that was helping me was that I was a snake and therefore I couldn't physically laugh. Harry, on the other hand, was probably going to die of laughter.

I laughed to myself in my head as Severus caught Greg's wandering and wayward hand with a vice grip. "No one that you will ever have the privilege of knowing," Severus hissed as he threw Greg's arm away and stepped back away from Greg with a vicious sneer. I hissed in amusement when Greg just smiled widely at Severus.

"Oh I like you," Greg purred.

"Harry, get this bumbling fool away from me. Now. Before I resort to castrating him," Severus hissed as he glared at Greg as if he was the worst scum on the face of the earth. Greg is in over his head, I said to Harry as I squirmed around a little bit to get more comfortable.

Greg gasped and then smirked slyly. His eyes lighting up, Greg whispered loudly enough for both Harry and Dexter to hear, "Oh so that is how you like to play? Well I'll be your student any day that you wanna play, professor. All you have to do is say the word," Greg said huskily as he walked his fingers up Severus's arm with each word.

I fell off of Harry's shoulders in shock as I proceeded to die of laughter inside. I didn't even notice when my body restored itself back into my human form and my laughter mixed with Harry's to bounce off of the bedroom walls. When I crumpled to the ground and wrapped my arms around myself to try to hold my stomach together as my stomach and chest heaved to catch a breath, I heard Severus gasp and move forward. I was still laughing as he wrapped me in his arms and held me tight. Harry backed away to stand by Greg to give Severus and I some sense of privacy.

"You are alive!" Severus exclaimed as he pulled back to look at me with tear filled eyes. I considered Severus to be my father; he had always been there for me and I could only imagine what I had put him through when I had disappeared without a word. I knew that he would have assumed that I was fine for a couple days, but as the days added up and became weeks and then months, I knew he had thought the worst. I couldn't believe that I had put him through a little bit of hell.

I smiled and nodded. "I am sorry for making you think otherwise," I stated with a shaky voice and pulled the man closer. Severus easily picked me up and cuddled me close on his lap; it was like I had never even left. Severus knew how to hold me to make me feel safe and secure. I smiled and gripped Severus's shirt with a tight fist as I tucked my head under his chin. "I missed you."

Severus hummed and pressed a kiss to the crown of my head. "I missed you too." We sat there for a few moments just relaxing and reassuring each other that I was okay. "I know that you probably don't want to talk about it, but how in the world did you end up as a Black Mamba snake in Harry's care?"

I laughed a little and looked up to the man I considered my father with a grim smile. "It is a rather long story."

"Well I have lots of time," Severus said with a significant look that made me squirm. I had forgotten how scary the man's serious don't fuck with my look was.

"It started…" I told the tale with quiet voice; I hadn't even noticed that Greg and Harry had left the room at some point. I knew that my mate wouldn't like the whole story, but I also knew that he would want me to tell him on my own. He deserved to hear it from my own mouth with him sitting in front of me like the good mate that he was. I also wanted him to be able to cuddle me close and murmur that everything was alright. I knew that he would make it all better with those simple words and keep the nightmares at bay. His presence was very soothing.

I continued my tale with soft words and tear filled eyes; it was hard to talk about my father and his vicious ways. I still didn't know how he could treat me, his only son, the way that he had, but I probably would never know or understand. Severus said that they only thing that I could do was learn to accept and move one.

I know that I have a long ways to go; with almost being raped by my father and Voldemort, I know that I will never be quite right. I think that is okay; I was never quite right beforehand anyways. But my mate would be by my side the rest of my life to help me through it just as I would help him through the tough times. It was my job as a mate and lover to be what he needed me to be. I promised myself then and there that I would be the best mate that anyone could ever ask for.

I know that Voldemort was still alive and that Harry would be at the center of everything that was to come, but I also know that he will have me by his side and that I will never allow anyone to hurt him. I would pull Severus into this plan too; he man was a sucker for puppy dog eyes. Severus laughed at me a little when I told him very seriously that I would be staying with Harry for the summer and for the rest of my life. It was like the man didn't remember that I had just transferred from a snake form. I needed to be with Harry and we would figure things out along the way. It was better for people to think that I was dead anyways though I would hate staying in the Gryffindor dorm with the Weasel. Hopefully, Harry would allow me to scare the shit out of him one night. But I would sacrifice myself and put up with the red and gold colors because in the end it wasn't really a sacrifice. It was me being able to be with my mate and protect him from all the other boys that would try to take him from me. After all, he is my mate and I am the only one allowed to hurt, use, and love him. By biting him of course.

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