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Bored. -SH

Bored. -SH

Boooored -SH

John, I am bored. -SH

John? -SH

Joooohn -SH

Jawn -SH

Jaaawwwnnn -SH

John, you can't pretend like you're busy. I know that you are free this block. -SH

:'( -SH

do you see what you made me do. -SH


:( -SH

John chuckled as he read over these messages. He really had needed to get some work done. School had been in session for just a few weeks, and already he was stressing out about grades. John actually had to do the work and try to learn in most of his classes, unlike Sherlock, who was apparently able to absorb information through osmosis. Actually, John thought to himself, trying to sound smart It couldn't be absorbed through osmosis, as osmosis is specifically for water. God I'm such a nerd...maybe its Sherlock rubbing off on me. John smiled at that though. If that was the worst side effect of dating Sherlock Holmes. then he could live with it. Unfortunately, worse side effects had already proven that hope to be untrue.

Aside from the first two classes of the day, Sherlock and John had every class together. Consequently, they spent a majority of the day together. While they weren't flamboyant about their relationship, the certainly didn't try to hide it. They could often be seen walking down the halls hand in hand or even giving each other hugs. They hadn't dared kiss at school yet though, although they both agreed that it was their favorite after school activity. Most days, the two boys would go back to the tree house after school, or would go exploring in the forest. It was the most fun John had ever had with a friend, or even a significant other.

The one downside to his spending so much time with Sherlock was the lack of other friends. Sherlock didn't like many people, but was exceeding clingy towards those he really did like. So John didn't have much time to even try and make other friends. The only other place he could was on the rugby pitch. The school had instituted a new rule this year that required every student to participate in a sports team, and John and Sherlock had both chosen Rugby. They were both really good players, and were therefore mildly respected by their peers. Sherlock's talent, especially, came as a surprise to many. He was incredibly agile and lithe. It seemed he was always in the right place to receive the ball, and could easily dodge around those who could catch up with him to try and tackle him. John was good at tackling and passing. He always knew where Sherlock was, and was not afraid to go in for the ball. Due to their synergistic talents, they often worked in close partnership, and often out-scored all of the other players. John enjoyed having this time to relax, but could tell Sherlock didn't share his sentiment.

Sherlock's rugby skills alone could not prevent the others at school from bullying him. Sure, according to Sherlock, it had reduced the number of incidents, but Sherlock was still getting cornered once a week, at least. He had managed to get away with just a few nasty comments most of the time, but at least twice now things had gotten physical. John couldn't believe how homophobic the students here were. At his old school, anyone who came out as gay immediately invited to join a small group of gays who would band together if anyone of them got picked on. It had started two years ago, and had managed to eradicate the little amount of homophobic bullying that took place at the school. Here, he was pretty sure that he and Sherlock were the only two out-though he knew for sure that there were at least three others- and therefore took the brunt of the bullying. Sherlock didn't seem to care. He just looked adoringly at John, rather as if John was his new puppy. John knew he was more important than a puppy, or similar pet, but still felt like that's what most people related him to. Everywhere he went it was Sherlock Holmes and his Faithful Sidekick. John tried to block them all out, but he obviously needed more practice as he was horrible at it.

As the bell rung, John rushed to his locker-which was conveniently just next to Sherlock's locker- to meet Sherlock to go to their next class, Human Anatomy and Physiology. This was always John's favorite class, as the subject matter intrigued him, and getting to see Sherlock properly for the first time that day always set his heart aflutter. He eagerly scanned the hallway for any sign of that dark mop of curls. When he finally spotted them, his face broke into a wide grin and he charged forward to meet him. When he met Sherlock, a grin broke across his face as well.

"Hey, Sher." John said as he grabbed Sherlock's hand. Sherlock raised their intertwined hands to face level and placed a kiss gently upon it. Both boys' cheeks pinked.

"My John." Sherlock murmured, dropping the hands between them.

"Sorry I didn't answer," John explained "I hadn't finished that coloring packet that's due today. I swear, why do we have to learn to color. We aren't in primary!" John exclaimed, launching into the third rant this week about learning to color. Sherlock smiled, squeezed his hand and replied "Its okay, I was merely bored. I found that thinking of you helped decrease my boredom. Of coursing, a conversation with you, spoken or not, would have been much more effective." John smiled even wider.

"You can be so sweet sometimes you know." John said as he squeezed Sherlock's hand back. John absolutely loved this. The easy yet sweet conversation. The absolute adoration on both sides. The general respect they had for each other. It was marvelous, and John wanted it to last forever. Wait... Did I just admit to myself that I wanted to be with Sherlock forever? Did I just, in essence, admit that I want to marry him? John was unsettled by the realization that he wasn't adverse to the thought. But bloody hell! I haven't even told him I loved him, or graduated high school, or prepared for a career or...anything. It took him a moment to realize that he had completely skipped over the part about being in love with Sherlock. Am I in love with Sherlock? He asked himself. It was this question that distracted him for the rest of the day. He tried his best to pay attention to Sherlock and his other classes, but this question took precedent to all else. Did he love Sherlock Holmes?