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Chapter 1: Ten-second Head Start

"Skye, can you see something we can use to break out of here?"

"No. We're pretty high up off the ground too."

Another hour's passed and we're still suspended in a cramped cell hundreds of feet in the air. Not much longer until the rope supporting us breaks. All of our hard work for nothing. I can't let it end like this. There has to be a way up. The cell door is locked and I don't have my cane.

"Where is my cane?!"

"You lost it?"

"No! Someone must've taken it before we got locked in here."

"Nick! The rope!"

I look to find the rope is about to snap . A way out is out of the question since we've been trying to figure something out since we were here.


"The rope!" Skye yelled out. We begin to fall quickly to the ground. Evertything goes blank.


"Are you guys gonna come over and hang out?" Nick asks her two best friends, Skye and Jake, as she cracks open a can of her favorite soda. Today ends the last day of Sophmore year year and begins Summer. Skye is an orange-colored cat and Jake is a grey wolf.


The walk home was pretty relaxing. The hot, breezy air made it a bit uncomfortable, but that didn't stop them from enjoying it.

As they walk into the kitchen, Nick's father is sitting by the island. His face had a concerned expression. He guided his coffee mug to his mouth drank from it before he acknowledged his daughter and her friends. Taking the hint, the two friends head upstairs quickly.

"I need to talk to you, Nicky."

"Am I in trouble?"

"No. Take this and study it. Your mom doesn't want you to have this. It's really up to you which path you want to take, whether it be theif, cop, or neither. You have grown to be a mature and responsible young lady. I'm okay with whichever you decide. You know of my past and of every Cooper before us."

"Thanks Daddy." She hugs her father and heads back upstairs to her father.

The two friends are found sitting on bean-bag chairs listening to music. They both look up to find Nicky holding something gold in her hand. She has the biggest smile stretched across her face. Nicky pulls out the thick book and locks it in her drawer. She turns to the two friends and plops down onto her bed.

"He gave it to you?" Skye asks.


"That's awesome!"

The three friends just stood there in an awkward silence. Nicky walks to her window and slides it open. She looks at Jake and Skye and gestures for them to get up and climb onto the roof. They get up and climb out. The air is still warm, and the sun will be setting pretty soon.

"So what made your dad wanna give you the book?" Skye asks.

"He said that I was ready to have it. Just thinking about I'd be excited to go out and actually pull a heist. All the excitement. The adventure. It sounds so fun."

"I know what you mean. Well its almost 6 o' clock. We should be heading home for dinner." Jake says.

"Alright. I'll see you guys tomorrow then."

The trio climb back inside through the window. Skye and Jake say their goodbyes to Nicky and walk out of her room. She lays on her bed and grabs the Thievius Raccoonus. She begins to read.

Rioichi Cooper (status: deceased) – Ninja ancestor from Feudal Japan. He created the Ninja Spire Jump and implemented Japanese artwork of himself in his part of the vault. His weapons were two small canes, resembling hooked sais (a Japanese dagger). He used the Spire Jump to sneak into heavily fortified castles in Japan.

"This is Daddy's hero... I wonder what it is about Rioichi that he likes so much..."

"Tennessee Kid" Cooper: Western-outlaw ancestor from late-nineteenth century America. He carried a six-shot revolver with a hooked handle as his "Cooper Cane". Tennessee Kid also invented the rail walk and rail slide which he utilized to make stage coach and steam engine heists. He left his revolver and his hat in the Cooper Vault alongside his wealth and legacy. He is seen smoking a cigar in his picture. Tennessee Kid guarded his loot by testing the intruder with his signature move which consisted of rail sliding a figure-eight railroad track powered by inertia.

"Seems legit. Well, guess that's enough reading for tonight."

Nicky closes the Thievius Raccoonus and locks it back up inside her drawer. She climbs back onto her bed and curls up in a corner of pillows. She can't help but wonder what it was like to be a thief following in your ancestors' foot steps. Sly had helped Nicky make her cane for her quinceñero. Of course he did it without Carmelita knowing. Nicky's kept it on her closet shelf. After a little while, she falls asleep.

"Did you bring the stuff?" A young raccoon about the age of 17 in a tree holds out his hand.

"All I have is this backpack and whatever's in it." A fox says as he hands the racoon boy the bag.

"Stay here Jay, I'll be right back." He straps the small back pack onto his shoulders and jumps out of the tree.

The raccoon climbs up the tree near Nicky's window. He opens the bag and pulls out a black hoodie then puts it on. He slides the window open and heads in with the hood thrown over his head. His face is barely visible anymore. All features, now concealed. He stands over Nicky and gently wakes her up.

"Cooper, wake up!" He says in a hushed voice.

"Go away, Daddy." she mumbles without realizing who she's actually talking to.

"Wake up now!"

Nicky opens her eyes to find that someone she doesn't know is in her room. The only visible thing is a greyish-brown racoon tail. "Who are you and what are you doing here?!" She says with a tough look on her face.

"I'm not here to hurt you. I just want to... 'discuss' some things."

"What exactly do you want to 'discuss'? The fact that you broke into my house and woke me up? Who are you anyways?"

"I'm not your enemy."

"Is that so?"

"Just thought I'd give you a warning. Call it a 10 second head start if you will. She is after you're family. Specifically your father. Leave here as soon as possible. Stop her before she gets to your family."

The boy walks to the drawer where the Theivius Racoonus is being kept. He mysteriously opens the drawer and takes the thick book out. He flips open to a random page and slides an envelope in it, then stuffs it back in the drawer. He quickly opens the drawer and jumps out of the window.

"Wait!" He hears her call to him. He looks back to her, waves, then jumps out of the tree.

"what just happened?" Nicky thinks to herself. She's a bit frightened and shocked. She looks at the drawer and wonders how did he manage to open it? She unlocks it and pulls out the Thievius Raccoonus and opens it to where the envelope is. It's in Sly's section. She opens the envelope to find a note with 3 tickets attached to it.

"Take these tickets. They're to start you off. This will be your head start You have something that I'm after. Something I need. I'm also trying to help you. Someone is after your family. You have to stop them before they can do anything. These tickets are for tomorrow night at 1 am. Travel light. Only take what is needed. Bring only those who you can trust. When you arrive to your destination, you will be escorted to your first hideout. From there on out, it's all up to you. Good luck!"

Nicky slides the tickets from the paper clips and reads them.

"Intl. Airlines.
Name: Roger Last: Cutsham.
Seat No.#: 12A, 12B, 12C Destination: Tokyo, Japan.
Date: 3/12 Time: 0200"

Nicky is stuck in disbelief. She decides to go back to her nap. The next morning when she wakes, the tickets are still sticking out of the Thievius Raccoonus. It wasn't a dream after all. She pulls them out and rereads the note. Someone really is after her family. She pulls her phone out and unlocks it. She goes to her messages and enters Skye and Jake's names.
"Meet me at my house ASAP!" Send.