It was a meek and cold night, a rare occurrence in Fiore; as it was the middle of summer. Within Natsu's house we stumble upon our main character lying on a chair, snoring lightly as a bubble forms outside of his nose. His right arm is dropped over a cradle in which Sakura resides, peacefully sleeping. Her body is snuggled up against Natsu's arm, a warm smile on her face. Happy sleeps on his shoulder, his head hanging off the edge of the shoulder, drool slipping out from his mouth. The house is silent and probably for the first time since Natsu moved in, clean. Mirajane stands outside, her white hair flowing behind her by the cool summer breeze and her eyes remain closed; enjoying the feel of the wind against her skin. She sighed. During the course of the day, she had to convince the hyperactive dad that she had agreed to become the mother figure for his little daughter. Honestly, Sakura was the cutest thing that she had ever seen. She wouldn't be too surprised if other women fell for the little one's charm. However, she was not going to let her go without a fight, that was for sure. She wasn't known as one of the strongest mages in Fairy Tail for nothing.

Erza froze in her tracks, her sword stopping mere inches from the dark mage's neck. These were the same mages who had destroyed the town in which Sakura had been found. She shivered and grinned manically. I feel a disturbance within a force… someone has had the balls to challenge me. Oh, this, I can't wait for. She finished before killing the dark mage without a second thought. Seriously, they were a mercenary guild, what did people expect? That they were going to spare their enemies? As if. Innocence was taken within this business much quicker than some people might expect. She slowly got up and raised her fist, impaling the incoming enemy.

"What a freaking idiot." She growled, before jumping away.

A spontaneous shiver went down several females as they felt an immediate reasoning to defend themselves and get themselves to cover as soon as possible. Shit was going to go down extremely soon.

"COOOOOLLLLLL" A shriek ran throughout the entire guild, deafening many members and managing to piss off the rest. A short blonde male walked into Fairy Tail, eyeing everything within the guild with star filled eyes. Jason, the local reporter from the Sorcerer Magazine had decided to make an appearance to do an exclusive interview with the poster girl of Fairy Tail, Mirajane. Mirajane stood the bar, with a gentle smile on her face. She had completely forgotten about this interview. While she was smiling on the outside, Mirajane was sweating bullets on the inside. Shit! I totally forgot.

Mirajane was a master at hiding her emotions. After all, during the Lisanna incident, she had to force an act to make everyone believe that she was alright and that she was past her sister's death. Truth to be told, she had never gotten over it. Even today, when she has her baby sister in her arms she can still visualize the horrifying events that occurred that day with clear detail. She often had nightmares and had to go to Lisanna's bed to reassure herself that her sister was actually here and not dead. She shivered, not opting to think about this right now. She looked to her side and saw Natsu playing with his -our- child while Elfman was clutching his head with both of his hands.

"Ugh. He is definitely not manly. Can I please teach him some lessons on manliness nee-san?" Mirajane playfully put a finger on her lips as she hushed him. She was always amused by this lively reporter and it never hurt to get a few laughs in.

"COOLLLL! Everything here is always so amazing I can never seem to get enough! WOW! There's Lisanna! How are you doing?" Lisanna looked up from her chocolate shake, giving him a small smile.

"I'm fine, Jason, thank you." She said meekly. Mirajane frowned. Something was wrong with Lisanna. She was acting a little strange; usually she would enthusiastically greet the young reporter and go on with his jokes before eventually laughing and politely dismiss him. Jason took a step back, not used to the sudden coldness of the young mage. He noted her behavior before continuing on towards Mirajane. He might sound and look like an idiot, but he knew exactly what he was doing when he had to do a report for his magazine. Although his methods were considered strange, as a reporter, he never missed out on any of the details that occurred within the guild. He smiled. Time to get the news of what was happening around Fairy Tail and get an exclusive interview with Mirajane. It had been 7 years since anything noteworthy had happened in this guild and he was not going to lose this chance to beat his competitors.

"So Mira!" Jason exclaimed, focusing his attention towards the white haired mage. Mirajane returned his smile and tilted her head to the side.

"Anything I can help you with Jason?" She asked sweetly, her arms resting on the side of her body, making her curves extremely evident to the young male. Jason gulped and fought back his nosebleed and then quickly shook his head, getting into his professional attitude.

"ALRIGHT! It has been a long time since any of the famous Fairy Tail mages have been around so this is a really special deal! Mirajane, would be please mind answering a couple of questions?" Mirajane nodded her head.

"That's fine Jason. However, could you please at least stop standing in the middle of the guild can come closer? That way, you won't be interrupting everybody and I'll be able to answer all of your questions without having to raise my voice." She replied with a cold aura surrounding her body. She left no room for argument as Jason mutely followed her to her bar. Scary! Thought some of the members of the guild. Mirajane turned around, a smirk gracing her face. She still had it.

"DADA!" Jason heard a shriek followed by fits of uncontrollable laughter. He turned his head to see the legendary fire dragon slayer holding a small girl who looked between the age of one and two. Her pink hair bounced on her forehead as the fire mage launched her in the air and caught her right afterwards. The girl's eyes sparkled with happiness as it sprung a smile on Jason's face. Realization crept upon Jason's face.

"Cool! Is she your daughter, Natsu-san?"

Natsu smiled at Sakura and turned to Jason with his hands around Sakura. His grin widened on his face as he ruffled her hair.

"Yeah. She's the best daughter in the world! Aren't you, my little Sakura?" He rubbed his nose onto hers and she squealed with delight. Jason smiled as another realization hit him extremely hard.

"Wait... if you have a daughter… does that mean that she has a mother?" Natsu laughed.

"Well of course, what would you expect?" Jason's breathing hitched as his palms started to quiver. No way. No way had one of the most eligible bachelors in all of Fiore gotten married without anybody knowing. And definitely not without his knowledge. He was close. Jason thought he had gotten lucky with the Mirajane interview. But if he found out who the mother of this girl was, then that would make this edition of his magazine a definite best seller. All he had to do was wait it out.

"So, Natsu-san, who is it?" Natsu pointed to Mirajane.


Jason froze rigid, his face depicting complete surprise. Natsu cocked his head sideways. He took his hand and waved it in front of Jason's face.

"Hello? Jason? Are you alright?" After a couple of seconds of not responding , Natsu turned to Mirajane. "I think I broke him, Mirajane." Mirajane grinned.

"He's not the only thing you broke. Look around the guild." Natsu looked turned around, and by this time, everybody was acting normally.

"What's the point of acting surprised? I've seen some crazy shit with this guild. I should really be used to this" Someone muttered, drinking another mug of ale.

"She's gone Wakaba."

"I know Macao."

"Our dream girl has left us, Wakaba."

"Let it slide, man. We both have wives."

"But still man. She's gone. Taken. We can't even look at her anymore."



"WWWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH" A cry left the older man, tears cascading down his cheeks.

"There, there. I knew that was going to come sooner or later."

"SHE'S GONE!" At this point, Macao and Wakaba were sobbing uncontrollably into each other's necks, their shoulders heaving up rapidly. The majority of the guild sweat dropped and left the two perverts as they were. Everyone knew no matter how they behaved, they were extremely honest men and would never cheat on their wives. Everyone knew that both mages would bring hell to earth if any harm was to befall their wives.

Aside from this, everyone was acting normally and civilized. In fact, it was the quietest and most polite that the guild had ever been.

Gajeel was sipping his tea with his cat, tipping him in response.

"Good day to you, sir. Kind day we are having, no?" Pantherlily turned to him with a full tuxedo on his body.

"Why yes indeed, good sir. Yes indeed." Pantherlily inspected Gajeel before giving a small chuckle. "My good friend, do remember to lift your pinkie. It signifies elegance."

"Exquisite. I will get to it immediately." Gajeel commented, tipping his top hat. "Thank you, kind sir."

"Well you know what they say, good sir."

"And what might that be?"

"Class is higher than swag"

"What is swag?"


"Would you gentlemen mind if I join you two?" They lifted their heads to see Elfman walk in with a cane and a top hat. He was sporting nothing but his underwear.

"Why not, good sir? Do join us."



"Why indeed, wonderful sirs."

Natsu took a look at them, flabbergasted.

"Well damn."


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