Darth Maul

Okay... this fic's based on a suggestion from Lord Destroyer.

Maul peered down the Theed power core anxiously. "Are you sure about this?" he asked the director.

"Positive," the man answered, smiling brightly. Maul wondered if the director had gone insane a long time ago, causing him to think up stupid ideas that could possibly endanger people's lives. If he was going to be honest about it, Maul didn't fancy a fall down a power core.

Nor did he fancy how he died. He got to die by being cut in half by a mere Padawan.

Not that he didn't like Obi-Wan. The guy was nice.

Yes, apparently in the director's little universe, Obi-Wan's killing of a Sith would make him famous, and show that he was extremely skilled. But what did that make Maul? Extremely unskilled, to be cut down by an apprentice?

Maul would have been less annoyed if Obi-Wan was the Chosen One, but no, the Chosen One was that little tiny boy named Anakin. If Obi-Wan could cut him in half, then what could the Chosen One do? Pulverize him with a snap of his fingers? That would be an even sadder death, for a seemingly powerful Sith like him.

"Do I have to do this?" he whined, for the first time in his life. He never whined. Never. Not even when Mother Talzin made him give her a pedicure.

He shuddered, remembering that ugly experience. At least that hadn't been a life-or-death situation. He could seriously die if he fell down that power core.

"Sorry, Mr. Maul, you were paid to do this," the director pointed out. "We're going to start filming now, okay? Remember your part?"

"All too well. All too well."

I seriously can't believe I have to fall down a power core and get sliced in half by a Padawan in the same fight. And I'm so money-crazy I'm actually going through with it.

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