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Adam woke up slowly.

First his sense of hearing kicked in, registering the noise of city traffic outside, a car honking, the screech of brakes. As his mind lifted out of sleep, he felt a warm puff of air on his neck, soft hair tickling his chin, and a warm, lean body pressed against him.

He opened his eyes to see Kurt, fast asleep on top of him, his arm draped warm and solid over Adam's bare waist.

Kurt's mouth was open and his breath was warm on Adam's throat. Kurt's face looked relaxed and peaceful, and Adam reached up to brush Kurt's sweet-smelling damp hair off his forehead. He gently dropped a kiss onto Kurt's head and watched adoringly as the sweet gesture woke Kurt up.

Kurt's eyes opened, and he smiled, sleepy and content, up at him.

"Hey," said Kurt softly, putting both arms around Adam.

Adam hugged him back. "Good morning, gorgeous," said Adam with a warm smile.

Kurt sighed contentedly. "Morning," he mumbled. "How are you feeling?"

So in love with you.

Adam's lips could still feel last night's kisses. He could still feel the stretch where Kurt had filled him up the night before, moving inside him. "Fantastic," was all he said. Adam ran a large, warm hand down Kurt's bare back.

"I love your hands," mumbled Kurt.

"They love you too," whispered Adam, wrapping his strong arms snugly around Kurt and holding him tight.

"Mmm," said Kurt.

"How are you feeling?" asked Adam, trailing a hand down Kurt's side. Kurt laughed and pulled away. "Ooh, ticklish," said Adam.

"I'm great," said Kurt. "I need the bathroom."

"Okay," said Adam, sliding the tips of his long fingers up the side of Kurt's neck and into Kurt's hair, his big hands lovingly cradling Kurt's head as he pulled him into a kiss.

A warm, sleepy, devastating kiss.

Adam pulled back and searched Kurt's face, smiling when he saw Kurt's wide, cheek-stretching, sleepy-eyed grin.

"Come on," said Kurt. "If we hurry, maybe we can take a quick shower before everyone else gets up." Kurt dropped a kiss over Adam's heart and got out of bed, shivering in the cold room as he grabbed a leopard print robe hanging on the wall nearby and slipped into it. He reached for a plain red robe and tossed it onto the bed toward Adam.

"Come in when you hear the shower running," said Kurt.

It was early and the apartment was quiet as Kurt pulled back the privacy curtain and walked toward the bathroom.

Adam rested back on Kurt's luxurious pillows, stretched his long arms up over his head, and grinned.

He got out of the warm bed, stepped onto the cold wooden floor and slipped into the red robe Kurt had left for him. At the bathroom door, Adam heard the shower running, and followed Kurt's instructions to go in, opening the door very slowly. "Kurt?" he called quietly.

"Come in."

"We need to be quick," said Kurt once Adam had joined him in the shower.

Adam giggled happily, a bit too loud. Kurt put a finger on Adam's plump lower lip in a gesture of quieting him, and then reached up and stroked his thumb along the morning stubble on Adam's jaw.

"Sorry I'm scratchy," said Adam. "I can shave."

"I like it," murmured Kurt, leaning up to drop a quick kiss on Adam's jaw. "We can shave later if you want. Right now we need to shower before everyone gets up."

Kurt glanced down at Adam's naked body, and then he smiled up at his face, looking happily dazed. He poured some soap into his hand, and began to rub his soapy hand over Adam's chest.

Adam's smiled as if he'd just won the lottery. He soaped up his hands and began to wash every inch of Kurt's body. When he finally reached his soft cock, Adam caressed Kurt so gently and reverently that tears started to prick at Kurt's eyes.

He began to harden in Adam's hand. "Hmm, here's an area that may need some extra attention," murmured Adam, bending to kiss Kurt's neck.

"Together," Kurt whispered, shifting to press their erections together in his hand. Adam wrapped his larger hand around Kurt's.

They were leaning against the shower wall, sated and gasping quietly, when they heard a knock on the bathroom door.

"Perfect timing," said Kurt. "Just a minute!" he yelled toward the door. They finished cleaning up, rinsed off quickly, and Kurt turned the shower off. Stepping out of the tub, they found towels and dried off for a moment before hurrying back into their robes.

"Ready?" Kurt asked Adam, his hand on the doorknob.

"Ready." Adam nodded his blond head. His hair was a wet mess, and his cheeks were pink.

Kurt opened the door and took four steps out of the bathroom before bumping into a warm body.

It was Blaine.

"Kurt?" Blaine asked. His eyes, angry and confused, shifted up to Adam behind Kurt. "Who's this?" Blaine's voice dripped venom.

Kurt's chin dropped, and he stood there silently, his mouth hanging open.

"Well?" Blaine persisted.

Kurt shook himself. "What are you doing here?"

"I came up with Unique to visit colleges."

"But why are you here? Rachel would have told me if you were coming."

"Long story," said Blaine with a dismissive wave of his hand. "I asked you a question," he said curtly.

Kurt clenched his teeth. "And who says I have to answer it?"

"Oh come on, Kurt. We both know you belong with me."

Kurt laughed, a sarcastic bark of a sound. "YOU WISH!"

"People are going to hear you," said Blaine, clutching his head and wincing. "Stop raising your voice."


"There's no need to make a scene," muttered Blaine haughtily.

"Kurt can make a scene any time he bloody well wants to," muttered Adam, gently placing a hand on Kurt's leopard-print covered shoulder.

Kurt tensed. He took a good look at Blaine, swaying slightly on his feet. Blaine's eyes were red. He looked exhausted, and a little nauseous.

"Are you hungover?" Kurt asked Blaine incredulously.

"You shut your damn mouth," said Blaine to Adam, ignoring Kurt. He looked back at Kurt and lifted his finger to poke Kurt's chest, on the triangle of bare skin the robe didn't cover "And you..." Blaine spit out angrily. "You move to New York and you start sleeping around, but you think you're too good for me..."

"Now just a minute!" said Adam.

Kurt's mouth curled in disgust. "Don't. Touch. Me."

Adam stepped in between Kurt and Blaine, and Blaine angrily shoved Adam with the palms of his hands, knocking Adam back into Kurt, who stumbled. "Hey!" yelled Kurt angrily.

Adam pinned Blaine against the nearest wall.

"Let go of Blaine, " said a cold voice from behind them.

"Santana, stay out of this," said Kurt. "Blaine started it."

"Get him off me!" said Blaine, trying to push Adam's much stronger arms off of him.

"Are you going to behave yourself?" asked Adam, in a tone one might use with a four year old.

"Fine," said Blaine sulkily. Adam stepped away, and Blaine made a big show of rubbing his arm, pretending Adam had hurt him.

"What is wrong with you?!" shouted Kurt in Blaine's face. "I want you out of my apartment. Who invited you anyway?"

Blaine's face crumpled. "How can you say that to me?" His eyes filled with tears.

Rachel stumbled sleepily out of her room. Her eyes widened at the sight of Adam, Kurt, Blaine and Santana, and she looked at Kurt. "I told you to check your phone! I texted you! I told you Blaine was here!"

"I was a little busy," said Kurt sarcastically.

"Yeah, we could all hear you getting busy," sneered Santana. "This one's a little loud," she said, jerking her head toward Adam.

"Do you want to leave too, Santana?" said Kurt, his eyes blazing. "Because we never invited you. You just showed up with your suitcases and moved in!"

Kurt saw Unique walk out of the living room. "I wondered who else was sleeping on the couch," said Kurt quietly.

Unique tightened the belt of her robe angrily around her waist. "Blaine Devon Anderson! Are you trying to get us kicked out of here too?!"

"What do you mean?" asked Kurt.

"We were staying in my aunt's hotel, and Blaine decided it was open season on the mini bar."

"Oh no," said Kurt.

"Oh yes," said Unique. "My aunt gave us a free room, and Blaine decided to drink everything in the mini bar. And then he picked up a hair dryer and used it for a pretend microphone, and started singing I Feel Pretty, and he tossed the damn blow dryer into the mirror!"

Santana burst out laughing.

Blaine winced. "Would you lower your voice please?" he said haughtily, rubbing his temples with his fingers.

"If you don't want a hangover, don't get wasted on my family's dime! You're lucky my aunt didn't call the police since you're underage!"

"Unique, could you excuse us? This is between me and Kurt," Blaine said, trying to change the subject.

"You have a lot of nerve, Blaine. You could be a little more grateful," she insisted.

"About what," he said condescendingly.

"First of all, I didn't have to come with you last night when you came here. I didn't have to make sure your sorry ass got here safely. My aunt didn't have to pay for a cab to get you here," she shouted.

Blaine clutched his head and whimpered. "Please."

"That cab and that mirror are coming out of my allowance. That money could have paid for a lot of voice lessons, or Broadway tickets, or high heels...or... anything but saving your sorry ungrateful ass!"

Brody walked out of Rachel's room. Naked. He saw everyone standing around and scooted back behind Rachel's privacy curtain to put on some clothes.

Santana raised her hands and gave Rachel a questioning look. Rachel just shrugged.

"I'll pay you back, Unique. Look, Kurt..." said Blaine, moving toward him.

"No, Blaine. I want you out of here. This is my home. Adam is with me."

"Yeah, I think everyone with ears knows that Adam is with you," said Santana, rolling her eyes.

"Santana!" hissed Rachel.

"Oh like you and that naked guy are any quieter?" scoffed Santana.

"You're just jealous because I..."

"I have nothing else to say to you," Kurt said to Blaine, ignoring Rachel and Santana's bickering.

"But if you could just listen..."

"Does anyone want Blaine to be here?" asked Kurt. "Rachel? Santana? Because if you do, Adam and I are going to spend the day somewhere else. And the night," Kurt said pointedly to Blaine. Kurt was starting to shake, and Adam moved closer to him and ran a soothing hand down his arm.

Kurt turned to look at Adam. He let a long breath out, trying to calm himself. He looked back at Blaine. "Now get out of my way."

Blaine walked into the bathroom and slammed the door shut.

"Idiot," muttered Kurt.

Kurt was heading back to his room when he heard Thunder Road by Bruce Springsteen on his phone. He picked it up.


"No, it's not too early," Kurt said. He rolled his eyes and smiled at Adam, who let out a sigh and patted his back, before stepping away to get dressed.

"Uh huh," said Kurt agreeably, gazing hungrily at Adam as he tugged his briefs up over his long legs and reached for his jeans.

"I'm not upset!"

"Well actually..." Kurt lost his train of thought watching Adam's biceps and stomach muscles flex, as he lifted an olive green henley shirt over his blond head and began to pull it down over his chest.

"Sorry dad. Yeah, I know about the storm coming in tonight."

Kurt shivered.

"No, I'm upset because Blaine just showed up here, that's why."

Adam could hear Mr. Hummel yell "What?"

"I didn't invite him here! He just showed up and the girls let him in!"

"Put him on the phone," Adam heard Burt say.

"Dad, you don't have to do that."

"Put him on the phone or I will call him myself!"


"I still have his number!"

'"Fine,' Kurt sighed. He put his hand over the phone and whispered "You decent?" to Adam.

Adam nodded.

Still in his robe, with Adam close behind him, Kurt found Blaine in the kitchen with a sullen expression, putting a frozen bagel in the toaster .

"It's for you," said Kurt, handing Blaine his phone.

"Hello?" said Blaine, taking the phone with a puzzled expression.

And then he turned pale.

Blaine swallowed hard. "Yes of course," he said.

Adam couldn't quite make out what Burt was yelling at him.

"Yes of course, Sir. Right away."

Blaine hung up and handed his phone back to Kurt. "Well, I've got to get to the airport. I wouldn't want to miss my flight."

"But I thought you weren't leaving until tonight?" said Unique.

"There's a big storm coming tonight, and I'm going to try and get on an earlier flight."

"If you're sure..." said Unique.

Blaine looked terrified. "Don't worry about me. I know a couple of Warbler alumni who live in New York if my flight gets cancelled."

"Now he tells me," muttered Unique.

"Great seeing everybody!" said Blaine with false cheerfulness.

"Do you even know how to get to the airport?" asked Unique with a concerned expression on her face.

"Yeah, yeah. I'll be fine. Bye everyone!"

Blaine's bag was packed and he was out the door in record time. His abandoned bagel popped up in the toaster.

Kurt let out a deep breath.

"I am so sorry, Kurt." said Unique. "I don't know what's wrong with that boy."

Kurt managed a smile for her. "It's not your fault, sweetheart. Now come on, Adam. Let's go get some breakfast. You come too, Unique."


"Yes, you," said Kurt. "I want to hear all about your college tours."

Unique smiled a small, reluctant smile. "If you're sure."

"Positive," said Kurt. "I just need to get dressed."

"Me too," she said.

"What about me?" said Rachel with a pout.

"You can eat Blaine's bagel," Kurt said.

"That sounds dirty," said Santana with a smirk.

"Oh my God," muttered Kurt, rolling his eyes. Shaking his head, Kurt went back to his room to get dressed, with Adam following him.