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"JACKIE! You have to get up! Otherwise you and your sister's going to be late for school!" Mom yelled from the other side of the door. I groaned an answer

"Kay, we'll be ready within the next 10 minutes." I stayed up in my bed until I heard footsteps going away from the door. I then hooked my legs on my bed railing and leaned back. Since I was on the top bunk, I had nothing to worry about. I was hanging upside down and ended up staring right into my twin's eyes. "Aah!" I screamed and ended up unhooking my legs which ended with my back on the floor. "Okay, that hurt." I groaned.

"You okay Jackie?" My twin asked getting off her bed and helping me off of the floor.

"Yea, thanks Jacquelyn."

"No prob." She smiled. Her chocolate brown eyes still held worry. I stared back with my own icy blue eyes.

"You know, we might want to get dressed soon." I said breaking the silence. Jacquelyn laughed sweetly

"Yea, we don't want Mom chewing our ears off. " We both laughed, we loved our mom we just loved messing around with her. People say that we look just like her, but none of us could see it. Sure I had her eyes and Jacquelyn had her light brown hair but that's where similarities ended between us and our mother. I ended up having snow white hair from my father's side along with pale skin. Even if I spend all day in the sun, my skin won't tan at all. Jacquelyn got her eye color from our grandma from mom's side. Jacquelyn and I got the same slim figure and facial structure from our dad. People also said that both of us get a mischievous glint in our eyes when we come up with a new prank or idea. But what can I say? We both loved a good prank.

"Jackie! Jacquelyn! Hurry up! There's no school today but people are already walking around in their costumes.!" We both groaned.

"We're hurrying! It's very hard to get costumes on when your pressured!" We yell back. It was hard to get our costumes on considering that it was Halloween and our birthday. We usually dress up in the same things on Halloween, but this year we decided to change things up a bit. Jacquelyn decided that she would wear something from the colonial times. She wore a white long sleeved shirt with a brown vest. It was covered with a brown cloak that covered her hands and also had a place near the neck to tie it to keep it from falling off. She also wore brown shorts that ended just above the knee with black string tied around both her calves. Her costume was complete with a shepard's staff with the top being in the shape of an 'S'.

"What do you think?" She asked me

"Stunning," I replied smiling, "What about me?" I was wearing a dark blue hoodie with some frost designs here and there and I also had some light blue eye shadow as well. I also wore the same shorts as Jacquelyn but with frost designs on them. My calves also had string around them but the string was the color blue instead of black.

"Beautiful. Now let's go! I want to be outside as soon as possible. Oh! And don't forget to bring the extra staff in case this one breaks!" Jacquelyn said as she headed down stairs.

"Gotcha!" I yelled back, backtracking to our bunk bed until I came across the extra staff. It looked just like the one Jacquelyn had except this one had a hint of blue. I rushed out of the room, bolted down the stairs of our two story house and sat down at the kitchen table right when our mom walked through the door.

New record I thought to myself. Mom smiled at us

"Well, it's about time. I was just about to send Wynter and Frosty upstairs to fetch you two." We all smiled as our twos dogs bounded into the kitchen upon hearing their names. They practically jumped onto mine and Jacquelyn's lap.

"Frosty! Get your muzzle out of my cereal!" She laughed trying to push the dog off of her. I tried to laugh the best I could, but it was kind of hard to do with a 80 pound dog sitting on your chest.

"Mom.. little... help..?" I said the best I could. She stopped laughing but was still smiling as she pushed both of the snowy white huskies off of us.

I guess that you could say that they were also like twins and the only way you could tell them apart was with their eyes. My dog, Wynter, had deep blue eyes that held love and kindness. And Frosty, Jacquelyn's dog, had light brown eyes full of compassion. Both dogs were very protective of us and only growled when they knew that someone couldn't be trusted. But over all, they were just big, soft teddy bears.

"Okay you four." Mom said as we finished up breakfast "I'm going away on a business trip for a couple weeks and your father will still be over seas for about 3-4 weeks until he is able to come visit us again."

"Yes, Mom." I said

"And we know that you don't want us to get into any trouble while your gone,"

"And we also know no having any boys around until you return."

"You can trust us, we're turning 17 today." Jacquelyn and I answered at the same time.

"Okay, so just remember if you two need anything call me on my cell. And keep both dogs with you at all times." Mom said as she headed towards the front door.

Keep the dogs with us at all times? Huh, that's a new one. I thought and I could tell that my twin was thinking the same thing. When Mom finally backed out of the driveway, I turned to face my sister. "Soo," I started. Jacquelyn turned and looked at me like she knew what I was going to say.

"Let me guess," She said "You want to go down into the forest and go by the lake?" I smirked

"Yup! But after we go around town to see everyone else's costume." She just rolled her eyes and got off the couch, grabbing our dogs leash by the door.

"Fine, but you know what mom said."

"I know, I know. Keep Wynter and Frosty with us at all times." I said as I put the leash on Wynter's collar. After making sure that our costumes weren't ruined by the dogs, we headed outside with our staffs in hand. All around us kids were dressed up like animals, superheroes, and almost anything that you could think of. I saw a kid dressed up as a wolf and almost ran up to him just to hug the living daylights out of him. But Jacquelyn held me back.

"I know you love wolves and all," Jacquelyn stated "But your not going to run up to a random kid in a wolf costume."

"Aw come on! He was just soooo cute with his little ears and his little tail-." I started but my twin caught me off.

"And it would've ended very badly if I didn't stop you. I'm surprised that you lasted this long without wanting to put wolf ears and tail on your costume." And then she got it. "You put them on when you were in the bathroom, didn't you?"

I smirked "Yup!" I pulled my hood down to reveal wolf ears that were the same color as my hair and started to run towards to forest when it came into veiw. Even though our little town in Wisconsin was surrounded by trees, this part of it just had something almost magical about it.

"Jackie! Wait up!" I heard Jacquelyn yell behind me. I only slowed down when I reached the tree line with Wynter. Looking behind me, I saw My sister not too far from me. Then she suddenly stopped and what looked like fear spread across her face. "JACKIE!" I heard her yell as I looked back to she a tall, dark figure standing over me.

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