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I woke up feeling sore in all of my limbs and muscles, I barely had enough strength to lift up my head. Taking note that I needed new clothes, I glanced at my arm around and instantly wished I didn't, my arm was littered with tubes. One was filled with some kind of clear liquid, and one had red liquid in it. I knew it was blood but I really didn't want to think about it. I continued to look everywhere else but my arms. My eyes landed on a sleeping Jack Frost, he was positioned between mine and Jacquelyn's bed with his head leaning on his staff and the staff was clutched close to him. I smirked but my attention was turned to my sister when I heard her groan

"You up Jacquelyn?" I whispered

She whispered back "Barely, it feels like I got run over by a train, how long do you think we were asleep?"

"About three days." We both would have jumped if we could when Jack spoke. But since we couldn't we just looked at the now awake Jack Frost with an expression of surprise.

"Three days?! Shit! Jacquelyn! Dad's suppose to come back home yesterday!" Jacquelyn's eyes widened and Jack's face paled, the realization caused us to bolt up and I regretted it, the whole room started to spin violently and I almost tumbled out of the bed. Luckily I was caught by a yeti that was already in the room, the yeti spoke some gibberish and placed me back on the bed.

"Thanks Phil, could you tell North and the others that the twins are awake?" Phil spoke more gibberish and left the room, I then turned to Jack to ask him to leave so we could get dressed but he beat me to it, "I'm going to leave now so that you both can get dressed, if you need anything just call." and he left, closing the door on the way out.

"Should we get clothes and take a shower?" I asked as I carefully pulled out the tubes and slowly stood up

"We might as well, and something tells me that we better get ready for a lecture when we see Dad."

"Yeah, that's going to be fun." I replied sarcastically. We both went over to the only dresser that was in the room and opened the top drawer. Inside laid tank tops, unmentionables, and socks. I picked a light blue tank top, a few unmentionables, and a pair of socks. Jacquelyn picked a white tank top with a swirl of blue snowflakes on the bottom of it, a few unmentionables as well, and a pair of very light blue socks.

The second drawer had t-shirts, sleeveless shirts, strapless shirts, and long sleeveless shirts. I picked up a winter-blue long sleeved shirt that was kind of see-through but I had a tank top to wear underneath it so I wasn't worried, and going around the top of the shirt was an antique-looking cross with tiny little rhinestones adorning the shirt. Jacquelyn picked out a dark blue t-shirt with 'Winter is coming' on the front and the 't' was a sword that looked like the swords we had when we battled Pitch.

The third drawer had sweatshirts, hoodies, and even pants and shorts. Jacquelyn picked a gray zip-up hoodie with a single snowflake in the upper right corner and plain skinny jeans. I ended up finding a white sleeveless hoodie with a guitar on the front and a pair of black boot cut jeans. The last drawer had all kinds of shoes in it, but we chose the ones that looked fairly similar to our shoes before they got trashed. After making sure that we had everything, we looked around for the bathroom and it didn't take us long to find them. Even though they were separate, they were placed next to each other.

"Should we make it quick?" I asked, my twin shrugged and replied

"That would be a good idea."

~10 minutes later~

When I got on the clothes I picked out along with my fingerless glove, frost spread on almost every article of clothing on me but not on my glove. I looked over at Jacquelyn and frost had spread on her clothes as well. But I when I saw an inch or two of her hair change color, I adopted the look of shock.

"Uh, sis? Don't freak out, but some of your hair changed to blue." I don't think she heard me because her expression had stayed the same, the only change was that she was staring at my hair before she spoke.

"I would, but some of your hair changed to blue." We continued to stare at each other in shock. After about five minutes I broke the silence that had settled around us.

"Go to the Guardians?"

"Uh huh." and we bolted out of the room, almost knocking down multiple yetis that were in the busy hallway.

"JACK!" We both ran until we ended up in the room where we first met the Guardians. We burst through the door and caused everyone to jump out of their skins - Wynter and Frosty weren't fazed by it and continued to lay at Tooth's feet.

"What's wrong?" Jack asked as he flew over to us, taking note of our worried expression.

"Why did a section of our hair turn blue?" He paled a bit - if it was possible - and scratched the back of his head.

"Because you two are turning. . .immortal."

"What do you mean 'turning immortal'?" Jack glanced at the other Guardians for help and Tooth fluttered over with a box in her hands. It had a picture of a girl with brown hair with some of it covering the top of her eye and her eyes were the same color as her hair.

"Who's that?" I asked out of curiosity

"This is Jack's sister, Emma. And these are her memories."

"Why are you showing this to us?"

"Because you both are reincarnates of Emma, we wanted you guys to see what you're past life was like with Jack as a brother and it also might help clarify anything that confuses you. Here, put your hands on this." We did as we were told - which is rare - after a while a bright light covered our sight and Emma's memories opened themselves up to us.

~Memories start~

"Come on Emma! It's Christmas! Time to wake up!" A brown-haired boy jumped on his younger sister's bed and She woke up with a smile on her face as she stared at her brother.

"Where you on the Naughty list again Jack?" He pouted playfully and crossed his arms

"It's not my fault that I love pulling pranks. Let's go wake up Mom!"


~Next memory~

Emma sat at the root of the tree crying when her older brother came along,

"Emma?" She flung herself into Jack's welcoming arms

"Daniel wasn't being nice to Heather and I tried to stand up for her but then he pushed me down in the mud and ruined my new dress that Mom made." Jack patted her head and wiped away her tears and looked at her

"How about we tell Mom what happened and after evening chores are done we go and prank Danny?" Emma's face brightened and she smiled


~Next memory~

"I don't like being sick." Emma sniffled from underneath her covers, the older sibling came through the door with his shepherd's staff in hand and sat down next to the sick girl.

"Well, how about I make a deal with you. If you stay in bed until you get better, then I will teach you how to ice skate when the lake freezes over."


~Next memory~

Both siblings left their house with ice skates in hand and headed towards the lake.

"Be careful." Jack turned around and smiled

"We will." Emma continued to pull on her brother's hand, ecstatic about learning how to skate. When they reached the lake, they both pulled on their skates. Jack took her sister's hand and slowly led her out onto the ice. After she got the hang of balancing on the blades, she skated all around the lake. But when she stopped in the middle of the lake with Jack in front of her, the ice started cracking underneath her, changing the situation drastically. He took off his skates and knelt down

"It's okay, it's okay. Don't look down, just look at me." He tried to comfort his scared sister, but she kept looking down at the cracking ice.

"Jack, I'm scared." She shivered as more ice cracked underneath her

"I know, I know," He tried taking a step towards her but ice started cracking underneath his feet as well, "but you're gonna be alright. You're not gonna fall in." He quickly glanced down at the ice and at his staff, "We're gonna have a little fun instead."

"No we're not!" Emma cried, more and more cracks formed under the siblings.

"Would I trick you?"

"Yes! You always play tricks!" Jack tried taking a step closer to his sister but the ice threatened to break.

"Alright, well. Not-not-not this time. I promise, I promise you're gonna be," He paused until Emma looked up from the cracking ice and made eye contact with her brother, "You're gonna be fine. You have to believe in me." She let out a breath and forced herself to relax, Jack got an idea when he glanced at his staff one last time, "You wanna play a game? We're gonna play hopscotch. Like we play every day." He stood up straighter, and forced himself to relax as well, "it's as easy as, one," he took a step towards his staff, but the ice cracked when he placed his foot down. He didn't want Emma to worry so he pretended to lose his balance and make crazy gestures, enough to make her laugh and forget about the ice for now,

"Two. Three." He knelt down and - without breaking eye contact - felt for his staff, "alright, now it's your turn. One" She took one step on her skates and ended up moving back and forth a little bit and more cracks were formed in the ice. Emma gasped and Jack tried to comfort her and get the hooked end of the staff closer to her, "that's it, that's it. Two." She took a second step and the ice was straining, almost on the verge of cracking. She quickly looked up at her brother and back down to focus on her steps, "Three." on the third step, Jack hooked the staff around Emma's waist and pulled her onto thicker ice. But he rolled on to the thin ice while doing so.

Both siblings looked at each other and smiled, but their moment was short lived. As soon as Jack stood up, the ice underneath him cracked all the way and he plunged into the freezing waters.

"JACK!" She acted quickly and skated back to the edge of the lake, getting her skates off with lightening speed she raced back into the house with tears streaming down her face. As soon as their Mom came into view, she told her everything that just happened moments ago. After getting some of the men from the village they raced back to the lake. Emma was worried for her brother who just saved her, but the men came up empty handed, "Jack can't be gone! He's my brother! He has to be okay!" Emma cried harder when they handed her her brother's ice skates, the mom continued to hold her as the moon rose up from the horizon and everything faded.

~End of memories~

I opened my eyes and saw that both me and Jacquelyn were now sitting on one of North's couches. We looked at each other and a silent understanding went through us, we then looked up at the Guardians and the first one our eyes landed on was Jack. I almost lost it but we did end up tackling him into a hug, then we all started crying. Sandy was the first one to join in the hug, and the last one was Bunny. We all stayed like that until mine, Jacquelyn, and Jack's sobs turned to little hiccups.

"So, what are we going to tell our parents about the whole immortal deal?"

"Don't worry, Manny already made sure that both parents can see us and North will explain it." North's eyes went wide, Jacquelyn smiled

"You might want to be careful North, Dad usually brings some of his 'work' stuff home with him."

"Isn't your guys' Dad in the army?" Bunny asked

"Yup. You all might want to be careful." We broke up the hug and North grabbed his fur coat from a yeti and I couldn't help but ask, "are we going in the sleigh?"

"Better than using globe and appearing out of nowhere in front of your parents."

"Good idea." I jumped up and Wynter followed

"TO THE SLEIGH!" I cheered, we all went to the sleigh launching station and - with the help of the huskies - we got Bunny on with no problem.

"Buckle up!"

"Not falling for that again North!" Bunny yelled as the sleigh took off down the ramp


~time skip: 20 minutes~

When we finally made it to our house - since we couldn't use the snow globes - our drive way and the whole street was littered with police cars, news reporters and investigators.

"Uh North? I think you might want to park the sleigh behind the house."

"Good idea." He had the reindeer land in the backyard and it was a pretty smooth landing, Jacquelyn and I snuck back into the house and looked for our parents. Surprisingly, they were both there. We waited until all of the reporters and police left before we came out of hiding.


"Dad?" They both jumped and looked at us, our parents ran over to us and wrapped us up in a bear hug.

"Where were you two?" Mom cried

"We literally searched every part of the town looking for you!" We waited until they let us go before telling our story. It took a few hours, but we finally got them to understand. Though they still couldn't get passed the part that we are now technically immortal and have to protect children from a person that hides under beds and in closets.

"Are your friends here right now?"

"Yeah, I'll call them in," I went up to the back door where the Guardians have been waiting and called them in. When our parents saw the Guardians and the Guardians saw them, it turned into a pretty intense staring contest. The one to break the spell, was Jack.

"Hello, I'm Jack Frost. Nice to meet you." This caused everyone else to snap out of it as well.

"You too."

"I'm Tooth."

"You can call me North."

"Bunnymund, pleasure meeting you."

"I'm Sandy"

"Well girls, it seems that you all weren't lying. BUT if you really do have to go, I want to set some rules with you," We both groaned but we listened anyway, "rule #1-when you get time off, I want you both to come back home. Rule #2-be careful and rule #3-don't forget about us."

"We won't" Jacquelyn and I gave our parents one last hug - or one last scratch behind the ear of you were Wynter or Frosty - and climbed back into North's sleigh, "we'll miss you!"

"We'll miss you too!" We kept waving at them until we could no longer see them, but we stayed facing in our parents direction until we landed back at the North pole. Everything was still running smoothly and we stopped a the fireplace. Mine and Jacquelyn's first thought: what the heck is going on?. They all stared at us and we stared back in confusion when BAM! Elves were playing music. Yetis were twirling batons and North now had a giant book, when the music died down North cleared his throat. Which could only mean one thing-we were about to become official Guardians!

"Are you ready?"

"We are." We replied, smiles adorning our faces. Everyone else had smiles too, even the elves and yetis - glad they got over the whole accidently-breaking-some-toys-while-on-the-tour thing.

"It is time you take oath. Will you, Jackie and Jacquelyn Frost, vow to watch over the children of the world? To guard them with your life, their hopes, their wishes, and their dreams? For they are all that we have, all that we are, and all that we will ever be?"

"We will." We could barely contain our joy and Jack seemed to share our excitement as well as the others,"

"Then congratulations, Jackie and Jacquelyn Frost, for you are now and forevermore! A Guardian." Everyone cheered and Jack flew behind us and wrapped us in a hug.

"We are going to have so much fun annoying the kangaroo."

"Heard that Frostbite." Bunny couldn't help but smile as well

"Hey Jack? What do you think our centers are?"

"Already got it figured out. And it's determination." Jacquelyn and I exchanged a glance

"That seems to fit." I smiled, knowing that it was a perfect fit. And now we have all the time in the world to spend with our brother and his crazy friends.

"Hello Pitch. What did you call me for?"

"I have information about the soul that you wanted that the Manny took away from you."

"I'm listening."

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