Title: A New Beginning
Category: Anime/Manga » Kuroko no Basuke
Author: CrystalIceSweet
Language: English, Rating: Rated: T
Genre: Drama/General



Desperate to fix the rift between them, Daiki Aomine decides to secretly follow Tamiko Kuroko to Seirin instead of going to Touou Academy, intending on surprising her. This marks the beginning of their high school adventures. How will the team do with 2 members of the legendary Generation of Miracles as well as a hothead like Taiga Kagami. Will Aomine and Kuroko ever be friends again? Fem!Kuroko. This is AU.

Disclaimer: Not mine. Image found on Tumblr. All credits to the artist.

Pairings: Aomine/Kuroko for now; may change. Will be up for vote.


22/02/13: First of all, I have rewritten some major parts of this chapter. My first chapter was so awkward that I wanted to cry. I hope this one is better. If you've noticed, I have changed the summary a little bit but the main points are the same.


A/N: While reading this, please take in to consideration that this is my first Kuroko no Basket Fic. I'm still really new to this fandom so I will mess up character personalities and quirks. I will try to make things as canon as possible but please be patient with me and don't hesitate to point out if there are any glaring mistakes in their characterization.

Please enjoy;) Review to tell me what you think.

I will be following the general timeline of the manga but there will be twists.

BETA REQUEST: I need a Beta who KNOWS the series really, really well. Meaning he knows all the characters quicks and all that (or at least most of them) I will need them more for character characterization, plot continuation, and names than grammar. I'm new to this fandom as I said so I want a second opinion. If you are interested please comment or PM me. Thanks.


Seirin High:Tetsuya Kuroko; Daiki Aomine; Taiga Kagami; Teppei Kiyoshi; Junpei Hyouga; Shun Izuki; Riko Aida (Coach).

Kaijo High: Ryouta Kise; Yukio Kasamatsu; Yoshitaka Moriyama; Mitsuhiro Hayakawa; Genta Takeuchi

Shoutoku High: Shintarou Midorima; Kazunari Takao; Taisuke Outsubo; Kiyoshi Miyaji; Shinsuke Kimura; Masaaki Nakatani

Touou Academy: Shoichi Imayoshi; Ryou Sakurai; Kousuke Wakamatsu; Katsunori Harasawa

Yosen High: Atsushi Murasakibara; Tatsuya Himuro; Kenichi Okamura; Kensuke Fukui; Masako Araki

Rakuzan High: Seijurou Akashi; Kotarou Hayama; Reo Mibuchi; Eikichi Nebuya


- PAST -

The only one who can beat me is myself. - Daiki Aomine -

- Aomine Daiki -

Aomine may not be the sharpest crayon in the box but he was far from stupid or ignorant. He knew that he messed up the moment Tamiko started calling him by his last name. Because Tamiko never called him by his last name; not since that first time in first year when he had smiled at her and told her that they were going to be great friends. And they had been best friends, ever since then. They were in the same classes, they liked the same things, and he was the only one who doesn't seem to see through her as if she wasn't there. That's not to say he always notices her presence, because even he had difficulty with that at times, but he actually made the effort of remembering she was there, of trying to befriend her. It paid off because Tamiko ended up sending a lot time with him, even when they didn't have any practice.

Tamiko was a year younger than him but they were still in the same academic year; she had bright blue eyes, longish teal colored hair and a pretty face. She would never be what one called classically beautiful but she was cute in her own way. She was the strategist of the team, their only female regular and Aomine's partner. While Aomine specialized in shooting, Tamiko specialized in analyzing the other team for weaknesses, develop battle plans, and make sure the ball always lands in Aomine's hands on the court. She was his shadow, as she once called it, and he was her light. Her presence made him glow brighter and – according to some – made him a better person; they worked so well together that they could practically predict each other's moves before the other even made it themselves. They were called the Golden Duo by the team; a name that always made Aomine smile. Although no one really know who Aomine's partner was, the legendary duo play of the Golden Duo was almost as famous as the Generation of Miracles themselves (although people keep assuming that the second person in that Duo was either Kise or Atsushi). It was a pretty impressive achievement, Aomine concedes, and he couldn't have done it without Tamiko.

It shouldn't be surprising to learn, due to her success at being sneaky, her most well known feature surprisingly was her almost utter lack of presence.

Some people nicknamed Tamiko "the ghost". Although it had made the girl frown at the time, Aomine couldn't deny that it was pretty accurate. Tamiko was always the one sent on recon missions to other schools because she can blend in with anyone. She is never seen unless she wants you to see her; partly du to her weak presence, partly du to her being abnormally fast – product of 3 years of intense training with the other regulars. While her lack of presence did wonders for gathering intel, it created havoc on her dating life.

Boys tend to overlook her because they never seemed to realize she was there. Even the classmates that had been with her from freshman year to senior year, in the same homeroom doesn't even know she's there if she doesn't take the initiative and talk to them first. Selfishly, Aomine was pretty happy with the status quo, because if no one sees her, no one will notice how perfect she is and what a treasure she was. Aomine wasn't blind to her cuteness, but it was the way she could effortlessly run literal circles around him and the way she was a demon on the basketball court that had sparked the crush back in second year, and which was still going strong as ever.

Aomine has never been good with love, so it wasn't exactly surprising that he can't seem to remember when his feelings of companionship has turned in to something deeper; something more intimate. He couldn't remember when he went from just being glad to see Tamiko because she was great company to blushing bright red and stuttering when she paid him a compliment. And last of all, he couldn't remember when becoming her friend wasn't enough anymore and he was starting to desire for more. And, to tell the truth, Aomine had actually believed that "more" was a possibility after Tamiko gave him homemade chocolate for White Day their second year. Because, while Tamiko did gave chocolate to all her teammates, his gift was the only one that came in a heart box. If he was honest, back then, if it wasn't for the interfering powers of their coach, he would have actually broken down and admitted his feelings for her. But as it turns out, the Coach had decided that since he didn't have a date for White day, no one was allowed to enjoy it; in consequence he had scheduled double training that after noon. And after training, Tamiko had been so wiped out that she went home the moment it was over, not even stopping for a shower. Thus that boat had sailed. Aomine had believed that he would have other opportunities after that, but then, 3rd year came.

With 3rd year - meaning their last year in middle school - nothing felt the same anymore. For one thing, they were the big kids on campus, and that status held a thrill of its own. But the biggest change of all was the realization that the Generation of Miracles has gotten so strong, that he had gotten so strong, that there were no more worthy opponents for him out there. After that, it had all gotten down hill.

Aomine could remember starting to feel bored with matches; the excitement that used to run through his body before every game had disappeared. Training was tedious and repetitive; not to mention he felt no more motivation to get better. After all, there wasn't a target for him to beat; everyone in the middle school district admitted that they, Teikou Middle Basketball team, was the best of the best. And with so much power and so much fame, basketball has lost its appeal as Aomine lost his drive and passion for the game.

He went through the competitions almost robotically - the team worked so well together that no thinking was really necessary there were no need for strategy meetings either because none of the teams were good enough to warrant special treatments. Tamiko's job as a strategist has lost its importance the stronger they grew. His and Tamiko's Duo play had become unbeatable; no one could stop them because no one seem to be able to even keep track of the ball. He knew that if he wanted to not die of boredom during those games and at least feel a little challenge, he and Tamiko had to stop using their secret weapon - although not that secret.

Perhaps telling Tamiko to not pass to him during games hadn't been the best approach; perhaps, in retrospective, that, coupled with the fact that he had been ditching the last few trainings - Aomine stay didn't understand why Akashi was letting him getting away with this - it may have sent the wrong message. Aomine didn't want to hurt Tamiko; hell, that's the last thing he ever wanted. Tamiko was his partner, even when they won't be playing together. He needed Tamiko, not because he may just love her, because she was a constant in his life. Her friendship and companionship were one of the only things that made him smile anymore. And of course, being the idiot he was, he acted before thinking and destroyed the bond between them.

He may not know the extent of that damage, but he knew was that he was desperate to fix whatever broke between them.

So, Aomine did what he did best, he was going to do something about it. He had a plan; of course, he had a plan. He may not be a strategist like Tamiko but he was good at plans. The plan came to life when Aomine accidentally heard Momoi ask Tamiko why she wasn't going to schools veteran in the field of basketball like the rest of the team and going to Seirin High of all places. Tamiko answered that she wanted out of this "victory is everything" mentality before she started to hate basketball. In all honesty, he can see where she was coming from, because even him at times had felt how totally predictable the whole thing was. Tamiko was the second strongest player on the team, she too must have felt the lack of good challenges.

That day, Aomine had gone back home to check out Seirin; he was delighted to see that he hadn't missed the registration date yet even if some schools, like Touou, had already sent out admission letters. He didn't know where the idea of following her to Seirin came from maybe it was kind of a spur of the moment decision but it made more and more sense the longer he thought about it. Touou was a good school but he realized that he kind of want more in life than that. He knew that if he let Tamiko go, any chance of them going back to before was gone; any chance that they may become more was gone. People say that one can do anything for love and it looks like that Aomine would prove them right. He may not love Tamiko to the point of wanting to propose mariage or anyhting, but he truly believe that they could have something special; he wasn't about to let all that go.

Besides, he wanted to continue playing basketball with her; his temporary insanity (aka, him actually telling Tamiko he didn't need her passes) didn't mean he wanted the Golden Duo to just die in middle school. Him and Tamiko could do great things together, and even make it to professional level.

So with all that in mind, Aomine was decided. However, that doesn't mean he wanted everyone to know about it. He thought about telling her and the rest of the team of course, but something inside him wanted to keep it secret a little bit longer. Perhaps he wanted to surprise her; perhaps he just doesn't want to gave her the chance to say no; to reject him. Aomine may be a ladies' man, but when it came to someone he really liked, when it came to Tamiko, he was as awkward as a girl with her first crush. The teen knew that his windows of opportunity was slim. He couldn't afford to mess up by stumbling about.

This was it.

- Tamiko Kuroko -

Tamiko sighed as she pushed open the gym's door, expecting to find it empty but was surprised to see it occupied. Aomine Daiki was actually practicing, his body already covered in sweat and looking as if he had already been there for hours already. Balls literally littered the floor around him, and she was sure that in a few minutes, he would have to start cleaning up or else he won't have any more balls to pull from the rack. But for the moment, despite the fact that their relationship was currently at its lowest, Tamiko took the time to admire him from afar just because he had probably not noticed her presence yet.

Even if she wasn't as emotionally expressive as other girls, Tamiko was still a teenage girl. In other words, hot boys with muscled bodies still held great appeal to her. She just doesn't flaunt her interest like everyone else. And as a teenage girl, Aomine Daiki was the epitome of the kind of boy that girls would drool over; athletic body, handsome features and a golden tan, Tamiko would have to be either asexual or dead to not feel something. Of course, since she works and studies with the guy at least 8 hours a day, she has learnt to keep her attraction a secret. They were friends and she wasn't about to let her hormones ruin their relationship for her. And besides, someone of Aomine's calibre will never notice a wallpaper like her. It isn't because she lacks confidence when she said that; it was the cold truth. She was confident enough in her basketball skills but her interpersonal skills leaves a lot of space for improvement.

Anyhow, Aomine may be handsome and all, but she considered him more of a brother than anything else. He was her best friend, the person she trusted the most in this world. At least that was what she had thought until that fateful day.

She was pulled out of her morose thoughts when Aomine, against her predictions, actually noticed her before she made herself known, and spoke up.

"Hey, fancy seeing you here," he greeted her, as lightly as possible, as if there was nothing wrong between them; as if they were best friends again. She resisted the urge to clobber him for that.

Instead she replied just as lightly:

"You're practicing. I thought you said no one could beat you but you. Why do you bother practicing?"

She couldn't help but smile internally when her words actually made him flinch. Good; he should feel bad.

"I..." he started, obviously not knowing what to say. She decided to put him out of his misery by cutting him off. She was here on a mission after all; she had been looking for Aomine for the past 5 minutes, since she needed to inform him that she was missing afternoon training to gather intel. She didn't know why Akashi bothered; it wasn't like Aomine cared anymore.

"I'm just here to tell you that the Captain has sent me to gather information on our next week's opponent. I probably won't be back until late afternoon so you don't have to worry. The rest of the team is already aware of this so I'll see you later."

With her mission completed, Tamiko turned to go.

She had expected him to just let her leave; she had expected a lot of things but she had not expected for him to reach her and pull her in to a hug.

"I'm sorry," he mumbled dejectedly against her hair, "I'm sorry for what happened; I will always need you and you know that."

Tamiko sighed. She pushed back a little and Aomine reluctantly let her go.

"Do I?" she asked, looking deeply in to his eyes.

Since he didn't respond, she sighed and shrugged.

"I have to go now, I'll see you later."

And then he surprised her the second time that day by asking to come along. He had never volunteered before; she knew it and he knew it. He had told her once how much he hated these recon missions. So Tamiko decided to be the bigger "man" and took the offer as the truce it was and nodded.

They were going to disband in a few month anyway; she was going to Seirin and he would most likely end up at Touou. After all they had already sent him a scholarship offer. They were going to go their seperate way so, it was understandable that she doesn't want to make these last few weeks together a battlefield.

As it turns out, it doesn't exactly work out that way.

To Be Continued...

OMAKE 1 - Junpei and Riko

- Jumpei Hyouga -

"Riko," Junpei Hyouga, captain of Seirin's basketball team, groaned as he saw their manager still hard at work making promotional posters, "Go home; we still have time before term starts."

"I can't" Riko admitted, a strange expression on her face.

Hyougo felt his eyebrows rise up.

"What caused the change?" he asked, because just two days ago, Riko wasn't like this at all. Sure, she was still dedicated to her job but working until so late in the night? That's unlike her.

Riko hesitated a little before answering.

"I don't want to discourage you or anything but I heard from my friends in other schools that a lot of them have offered scholarships to the members of the generation of Miracles."

"That team of prodigies?"

"Yeah," Riko mumbled tiredly, "I know for a fact that Kaijo High got one, as well as Shutoku, Yosen and Rakuzan. They were already strong teams before but now…Anyway, I have to make sure to work hard to get some players this year if we want to make it far. Even if we can't afford any scholarships to get a member of that miracle team, I still believe we can still win with sheer determination and hard work."

Jumpei couldn't help but smile at that.

"That's the spirit! Alright, even if I'm tired, I'll help you out; you can't do this all by yourself."

Ending Notes: I've decided to end the chapter here because he feels right. The next chapter will be rewritten as well to fit the plot better. Sorry for the trouble.