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The Orange Juice Experiment

One morning in early April, Dr. Amy Cooper went into the bedroom that her 4-year-old daughter, Lita shared with her baby sister & baby brothers who were six-months-old.

"Lita, it's time to wake up." Amy said.

Lita opened her brown eyes, "Thank you for waking me up, Mommy." she said.

Today was April 2nd, Lita's birthday.

"You're welcome, my little birthday girl." Amy said to Lita.

Lita sneezed just as her father, Dr. Sheldon Lee Cooper entered her bedroom covered in strained pea baby food.

"Uh-oh," Sheldon said to Lita. "that doesn't sound too good."

"What doesn't sound too good, Daddy?" Lita asked Sheldon seriously.

Lita sneezed again.

"That doesn't sound too good." Sheldon told his little girl seriously.

Amy felt Lita's forehead, "I'm so sorry, Sweetie, it looks to me like you have the flu." she sighed gravely.

"Daddy?" Lita asked.

"What is it?" Sheldon answered his daughter.

"Would you please get me some orange juice?" Lita asked Sheldon.

"I'm so sorry, Honeybee, but we're all out of orange juice." Sheldon answered.

"Could you please make some fresh squeezed homemade orange juice for me?" Lita asked Sheldon.

"I'm really sorry, Honeybee," Sheldon said to his little girl. "but I don't know how to make orange juice."

"Come on Sheldon, I'll help you," Amy said. "but change your shirt first!"

"Okay, Amy." Sheldon said.

After Sheldon put his soiled shirt in his laundry basket and changed into a clean shirt, he joined Amy in their apartment's kitchen.

Amy had sliced six oranges in half after she had washed her hands.

"Wash your hands," Amy said to Sheldon sternly. "then, I'll teach you how to make orange juice."

Sheldon washed his hands as Amy got the juicer out of one of the top kitchen cupboards.

"My hands are all clean now." Sheldon said to Amy.

Sheldon then got a pitcher out of one of the lower cupboards in the apartment's kitchen.

"Now," Amy told her loving husband. "let's make some orange juice."

Baby Wataru started crying.

"Hold on Sheldon," Amy said. "I've got to change a dirty diaper."

"Will do, Amy." Sheldon said.

Amy left the kitchen to go change Wataru's diaper.

While Amy was changing Wataru, the doorbell rang.

"Oh, who in fresh hell could be answering the door?" Sheldon asked irritably.

Sheldon went straight to the door and opened it.

Leslie Winkle-Koothrappali and her 3-year-old son, Raja were at the door.

"Hello, Dr. (Bleep)." Leslie said to Sheldon.

"Leslie." Sheldon said.

"I have a present and a birthday card here for Gingersnap... I mean, Lita." Raja said to Sheldon placing the present and birthday card into his arms.

"Thank you, Raja," Sheldon said. "I don't want you anywhere near Lita while she has the flu, so allow me to give these to her."

"Thank you." Raja said to Sheldon.

Leslie & Raja then left for their own house.

Sheldon went straight into Lita's bedroom with the present and card in his hands.

"Raja was here, he brought a card and a gift for you for your birthday." Sheldon told Lita.

"Thank you, Daddy." Lita said.

A little while later, Sheldon & Amy entered Lita & the babies' bedroom with Lita's tall glass of fresh squeezed homemade orange juice to find their daughter reading her new storybook, Sofia The First that she got from Raja as a birthday present.

"Here is your orange juice." Amy said to Lita.

Lita set her book down, "Thanks, Mommy." she said.

Lita then sipped on her orange juice as Sheldon picked up his daughter's copy of Sofia The First.

"Is this what Raja got you for your birthday?" Sheldon asked Lita.

"Yes, Daddy," Lita answered Sheldon. "this is my best birthday ever!"

"Daddy & I sure are glad that you are having a good birthday, Lita." Amy said gently.