Author: HatefulRodeo

Story: Sirius' Awakening

Notes: This story takes place between Severus' and Sirius' fourth and fifth year. Sirius is fifteen while Snape is still fourteen when our story begins. Regulus is a year behind, entering his fourth year. I will be making James into a total ass in this fic so if you don't like it turn back now. Severus will love Lily but as a sister not a love interest. Also, this will be A/U, OOC and have SLASH so if any of these are not your cup of tea turn back now. ENJOY LOVELIES!

Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter. I will make no money from the posting of this story.

~*~*~*~*~*Chapter 1~*~*~*~*~

Sirius Orion Black was bored and irritated. He was stuck yet again in Number Twelve Grimmauld Place with his shrew of a mother and overbearing father. How was he to survive here for the whole summer? Sure there was a light at the end of the tunnel but he wouldn't be going to James' until two weeks before the end of summer holidays.

That meant he had several weeks of verbal battles with his mother ahead of him. Not to mention his younger brother's constant sneering at him; how had that even happened? They used to be so close and then he went to Hogwarts and was sorted into Gryffindor. After that Regulus began to drift away from him and Sirius didn't know how to fix it.

He loved his little brother, he truly did, but it seemed they were so different now. Sirius was a typical Gryffindor; he was loud, brave and didn't give a damn about what people thought of him. While Regulus was a pure Slytherin; poised, proper and upheld the family name with dignity. So different that sometimes it seemed their differences were insurmountable.

The sound of knocking brought him out of his brooding, curious he exited the sitting room and opened the front door before Kreacher had the chance to get it. What he saw when he opened the door was enough to bring his lips into a disgusted sneer; "Snivellus, what are you doing here?"

His nemesis straightened, those onyx eyes narrowing but before he could retort harshly Regulus entered the foyer; "Severus, are you alright? Come in, come in." Snape stepped inside and stiffly made his way over to the younger Black son, not paying Sirius the least bit of attention now that Regulus was there.

Regulus smiled a small smile at Snape and moved to go upstairs to his room. This peeked Sirius' curiosity, with little thought the elder brother followed the two Slytherins silently. When his little brother closed the door to his room Sirius kneeled and placed his grey eye to the keyhole and watched what was going on between his brother and his enemy.

He swore if Severus tried to do anything to his little brother he would burst into the room and hex the greasy git until he couldn't stand or speak anymore. However, what he heard and saw was enough to make his eyes bulge and blood freeze.

Snape was now standing hunched over, his face pinched in pain while Regulus buzzed around the room, speaking in low, soothing tones; "Sev, what happened? Did he hurt you again? I don't know why you go back to that house!"

Snape's eyes looked so full of pain and despair that Sirius felt afraid; what could make the usually composed, emotionless Severus Snape look like that? Settling in Sirius watched his brother and his friend, hoping he would get the answers to the questions racing across his mind.

Snape's low voice sounded; "You know I have to no place else to go, Reg." Regulus nodded sadly before approaching the taller boy; "Alright, we'll talk about that later. Right now I need you to take off your shirt so I can see what's wrong and apply the bruise balm and antibacterial salve if you have any cuts."

Snape nodded and stiffly began to tug off his faded long sleeved shirt. What Sirius saw made him want to gag; Severus thin back and skinny sides were covered in bruises and in some places the skin had split open. Who did this to him? The answer was spoken by Regulus and it made Sirius' blood race in fury.

"Oh Merlin Sev! Why did you let your father do this to you? Why not fight back?!" The older Slytherin lowered his head in shame; "He's my father, Reg. Even if he hates me and hurts me he is still my father. Besides, like I said before, I have nowhere else to go." Sirius watched Regulus' mouth firm into a thin line of anger as he began to massage the bruise balm into Severus' injured back; "Have you tried speaking to Dumbledore?"

Snape snorted; "Of course I have, every year since my mum died. The man just smiles and tells me it can't be that bad." Another snort was heard form Snape before he continued; "He insinuated that I was exaggerating my situation. It's pointless, Reg, but I only have to survive for a few more summers and then when I turn seventeen I can leave."

Regulus nodded, not looking any happier after Severus' words, and continued to apply the bruise balm. Sirius watched as the bruises began to fade from angry black and purple to a sickly yellowish green. It sickened him to know that any parent could hurt their child like this. Sure, his mother sometimes whacked him in the head when he was being a prat but she would never hurt him like this.

This was criminal and if Snape could be believed Dumbledore knew about it and did nothing! That hurt just as much as the knowledge that Severus' father was abusing him. How could Dumbledore not look into Snape's allegations? Something like this could not be pushed aside!

There was a heavy weight settling into Sirius' belly; it was guilt. He felt so damn guilty. He had contributed to Severus' misery; for over four years he had tormented the Slytherin, never giving him a moment of peace and then when Snape left Hogwarts he was bullied and beaten there as well. It sickened him to know he was no better than Severus' father.

True, he never physically assaulted the other but he had pranked him cruelly and insulted him at every turn. Merlin, he had said some horrible things to the other boy and now he felt disgusted with himself. He had no reason to hurt or target Snape, not really. Severus was a Slytherin but was that really a reason to hurt him?

And looking back he could see now that Snape never seemed to be the instigator in their fights. No, it was always James and Sirius who started the confrontation. It hurt to know he contributed even a little bit to Severus' misery; the boy always looked so sad even if his face never showed any emotion.

You could see it in the way he carried himself if you actually cared to look. The other boy always seemed to be waiting for something bad to happen to him because usually it did. The only time Sirius ever saw the other smile and let go, even just a little bit, was when he was studying something interesting or speaking with Lily Evans. And James and Sirius were trying to take her away from Snape because James didn't want the greasy git around Lily.

But it wasn't right. Sirius saw that now. Lily wanted to hang out with Snape, it was her choice, and who were he and James to try and split them up? Bringing his attention back to Regulus he watched as his brother slathered on the antibacterial ointment on Snape's cuts. Hopefully, the salve would prevent infection and quicken the healing process. Thank Morgana for magic and its ability to speed up recovery time.

But Sirius was concerned about internal injury; with that amount of damage it wasn't inconceivable that Severus had broken ribs or bruised organs. Standing, Sirius steeled himself and knocked on the door. He heard Regulus scurrying around, probably putting away the medical supplies, before he opened his door.

His brother opened the door and looked at him with narrowed grey eyes; "What is it Sirius? We're busy at the moment." Rolling his eyes Sirius pushed the door open, moving Regulus' slighter frame out of the way and strode into the room. He looked directly at a now fully clothed Severus Snape; "I know." With those two words any remaining color fled Snape's face and he began to quickly stand up only to wince in pain from the quick movement.

Sirius pressed his large hand onto Snape's bony shoulder, pushing him to sit back down; "Relax alright. I'm here to help." Both Slytherins watched him with suspicion, waiting for Sirius to say something cruel and hurtful to Severus about his situation.

Instead, Sirius pulled his wand and murmured a health scanning spell on Severus. The onyx eyed boy stiffened when Sirius' wand was drawn and his eyes widened fearfully when the spell was cast.

Sirius smiled; "It's alright. It's just a simple health scan; I picked it up off Pomfrey when I was in the hospital wing. When it's done scanning your body a piece of parchment will appear with any injuries you have on it. I'm concerned about internal damage." The two Slytherins nodded and waited for the scan to finish.

A minute later a piece of parchment appeared in front of Sirius, he grabbed it out of the air and began to read. As he though Severus had a few cracked ribs and his kidneys were bruised but from what he could see they weren't bleeding. Sighing in relief he offered the paper to Snape so he could review the results for himself.

Once Severus was done Regulus read through the results as well. When the younger Black male finished reading he nodded and left the room, no doubt going down to the potions lab to see if they had anything that could help Severus heal; most likely they did. Like all pureblood families the Blacks had a large store of potions as they hated to go to St. Mungo's or call for a Healer unless it was really necessary.

Severus' head was down but Sirius heard his soft voice anyway; "Why are you helping me? I would have thought you would enjoy seeing me like this? Doesn't it please you to see the greasy git beaten and defenseless?" Sirius reared back as if he'd been slapped; was that what Severus seriously thought he would do? Of course he did! When had Sirius ever cared that he'd hurt Snape? If anything he usually reveled in the other's torment.

He was once again disgusted with himself. Clearing his throat he spoke; "I'm sorry Snape. I really am, I was wrong to treat you so badly and I have no reason for it. Well I don't have any that would justify my treatment of you. Merlin, I've been such an ass to you and I really am sorry."

"I'll never hurt you again. I promise and I'll make sure no one else does either." Severus raised his head and allowed his deadened black eyes to meet Sirius' grey orbs. They sat like that for a bit while Severus examined Sirius to determine his sincerity, apparently he saw something he liked and nodded.

"Now, Severus." The sound of his given name coming from Sirius' mouth was enough to make Snape's eyes widen in shock but he said nothing and the eldest Black son continued; "You've said you've gone to Dumbledore and he hasn't done anything to help you."

The younger boy nodded but said nothing but he moved back when Sirius released a feral growl; "That bastard! How could he not do something? These are serious allegations and they should have been reported and investigated. I always thought Dumbledore was a good, honest and fair man but I can't continue to look at him that way if he allowed you to go back to an abusive home."

"But you're never going back there Severus. Never again! You'll stay here with Regulus and me. Our parents are rarely home and when they are they won't care if you're here, not if we tell them about your situation. My parents would never allow any magical child to be abused or leave them in an abusive home. Hell they may even make a complaint to the Ministry about your abuse."

Severus shook his head; "Please don't contact the Ministry. Your parents are alright to tell but I don't want to tell anyone else who doesn't have to know about the abuse." Sirius nodded in understanding but inside he wanted to find Severus' horrid father and rip him apart. No one deserved to hurt like this and no one had the right to hurt anyone like this.

Regulus entered the room again, carrying two potion vials in his hand. Severus sat up as straight as he could and took the two vials from the younger Black's hand. He examined them, obviously figuring out what they were, before popping the stoppers and gulping them both down. Sirius admired the way that Severus didn't even grimace at their taste; Merlin knew how disgusting most potions tasted.

Sirius watched as Snape relaxed onto the large bed when the potions began to do their work. Regulus sat next to his friend and explained exactly what the potions did, probably more for Sirius' benefit than Snape's; "The blue one was a pain reliever and the light red one was a potion that mends internal injuries. We didn't have Skelegrow but as long as Severus takes it easy his ribs should mend correctly."

Severus was now laying on the bed, his feet still on the floor and it was apparent he was fighting to stay awake. Smiling, Sirius drew his wand and levitated the boy so he could lie properly in the middle of the bed. Once Sirius was done Regulus removed Snape's scuffed sneakers and placed them on the floor.

Both Black brothers stepped away and observed a now sleeping Snape. Regulus broke the silence first; "Sirius, I trust you to not tell any of your horrible friends about this. Salazar knows that Potter twit will torment Severus for it." Sirius stayed quiet, he wanted to defend his friend but he knew Regulus was right. James was a good friend but he was also cruel to those he didn't like and the Potter heir hated Severus.

He merely nodded his agreement to his brother's words. Satisfied his little brother spoke again; "We'll have to tell mother and father about this. I'm sure they'll take Severus in for the summers until he's seventeen. I know you don't like them but you know they'd never allow a magical child to be hurt by a muggle."

Those words stopped Sirius' mind in its tracks; Snape's father was a muggle? He knew Severus was a half-blood but he thought the other Slytherin's father was a muggleborn not a muggle. Rage filled him; how dare a filthy muggle hurt Severus, a wizard?! Filthy beasts! Sirius' eyes bugged out at his vehement hateful thoughts about muggles.

Godric, he just sounded like his parents and that thought scared him. Was he like his parents? He always thought muggles were harmless. They were wizards, superior to muggles, so they didn't need to worry about them. But looking at Snape's battered, skinny sleeping form he knew he was wrong.

Muggles were dangerous to them; the proof was lying on Regulus' bed. But Sirius needed to know why Snape's horrible father hurt him like this; maybe the man was just a bad person. "Why does Snape's father abuse him?"

His brother's grey eyes hardened and filled with hate; "He's a drunk and a lay about. The man also hates magic and used to beat Severus' mother until one day he went too far and beat her to death during the summer between my first and second year."

"Severus saw it all, Siri. He watched that man tear his mother apart until he killed her. Now, no one is there to shield Severus and that muggle takes his hatred of all things magical out on his son." Sirius' mouth thinned in anger; "How do you know all this? I can't imagine Snape telling anyone about it."

Regulus nodded in agreement; "True, Severus isn't the type but when I was sorted into Slytherin and began classes I had issues with potions. I could brew them correctly but the theory escaped me. I was told Snape tutored students for a price and I approached him."

"After a while I began to enjoy speaking to him and one morning I woke up a bit early and went to take a shower. When I walked in I saw Severus stepping out of the shower and saw the scars. He was so humiliated that I couldn't bring myself to ask him about them right then but I eventually did. He didn't want to tell me at first and he didn't speak of it until the end of my second year."

"I was so angry when he told me his father hurt him like that but he assured me it never got too bad. He told me that Lily Evans lived close by and he went there when things got tough. But that was the summer his mother died and the beatings became worse. He escaped to Evans' house but he eventually had to go back to his father's. When he came back to school this past term he was underweight and sporting so many injuries."

"I snuck into Slughorn's stores and stole some potions and salves to help him heal. Thank Merlin they worked and before the term ended I told Severus where we lived so he could come here. Evans' family was going out of town and I wanted Sev to have a safe place to run to. I also stole some salves and balm from our stores here to keep in my room just in case Severus showed up here and needed to be treated."

Sirius absorbed Regulus' words before speaking; "Gods Reg! I've treated him so badly. I've been such an arse to him and now I feel sick with myself. He's been through so much and I've only made it worse. But I'll change Reg, I promise. I'll stop bullying him and make sure no one else does either. And I'll stop James from breaking Severus and Lily apart."

Regulus looked at his brother, a bit of pride shining in his eyes; "Thank you, Siri. Severus is a good person; kind, intelligent and attractive in his own right. He deserves to go to school and live in peace. Besides that Lily and Sev are friends, nothing more."

Sirius nodded and moved to sit on the bed so he could make sure Snape was alright. Regulus mirrored him and sat on the other side, both Black sons watching over their new charge. The youngest Black grabbed a book and got comfortable while Sirius' mind raced.

He had much to think about and it was all thanks to Severus Snape; he was not angry at the other boy for opening his eyes to the things his parents were constantly preaching. He never believed muggles were evil, hateful things but now he had to admit that his parents knew what they were talking about. Just looking at Snape was proof enough of his parent's claims.

The fact that muggles were dangerous to them and feared anything different from themselves was clear to him now. Truthfully, he never really thought about it but now all the preaching his mother used to do was swimming through his mind. The witch hunts and trials, the muggles burning them at the stake or drowning them.

It made Sirius feel guilty for ignoring his mother's words; sure she was bit nuts but she was his mother and would never lie to him. If she was right about this what else was she right about? He still didn't want to go out and hurt muggles, well he would love to murder Severus' father, but he wanted nothing to do with them.

And Dumbledore! How could the man turn his back on Severus' plight? Then again the Headmaster always seemed to turn his back to Severus' torment. The old man never stopped the Marauders from bullying the Slytherin, if anything he found it amusing, calling it childish pranks but some of their pranks were vicious.

At the time Sirius enjoyed the favoritism and impunity but now it was just another thing making him feel horrible. He and his fellow Marauders should have been given detention and lost points on so many occasions when they saw the Headmaster but it never seemed to happen.

He'd always thought Dumbledore to be fair but now that he wasn't looking at it through his rose colored Gryffindor glasses he saw the blatant disregard for the other houses and Dumbledore obvious favoritism of Gryffindor. The Headmaster especially seemed to scorn Slytherin; much like Sirius used to. But Sirius was a fifteen year old child while Dumbledore was an aged, wise wizard.

Shouldn't the man be able to put aside his obvious dislike for the snake house and treat them fairly? The man should have done something for Severus but he didn't. How many other children came to Dumbledore and were turned away when they begged for help? His parents always said Dumbledore was a prejudiced, manipulative, muggle loving fool and maybe, just possibly, could his parents be right?

It was a chilling thought and he found himself beginning to loathe his once adored Headmaster for his indifference to Severus' pleas. That decided it for Sirius; if Dumbledore wouldn't help Snape then he and Reg would. Severus Snape was now under their protection and woes betide the idiot who tried to hurt their charge. Severus' summers would be filled with nothing but good memories from now on, no one would ever hurt him here at Number Twelve.

His parents maybe a bit prejudiced about muggleborns and half-bloods but it was more for their ignorance of the magical world then their blood status. Severus had several things going for him that would endear the battered snake to Walburga and Orion Black; one he was as Slytherin as they came, two he was interested in the Dark Arts and three followed the Old Ways; if what Lily said about him was true.

These three things would make his parents want to take in the battered boy and nurture him. Maybe they would even try to educate Snape further in the ways of their world. Not to mention his parents love and fascination with the Dark Arts; something that was bred into every Black.

Even Sirius felt the pull toward the darker side of magic but he always pushed it aside as wrong. But what was so wrong with it? Sirius was a Black, the Black heir in fact. Was his interest and draw to the Dark Arts wrong if it was his birthright? Sirius was beginning to think it wasn't. Besides he knew plenty of Light spells that could injure and even kill someone so why were Dark spells so taboo in their world?

Now that he thought about it it made no sense to him. As long as he didn't use the Dark Arts to hurt anyone without just cause what was the harm in studying them? It may come in handy someday if he ever found himself in trouble; everyone knew the Dark Arts were far more powerful than their Lighter counterpart.

But this train of thought was for another time; maybe he'd speak to his father about this later on when he got his mind together on the subject. Plus, he and Reg still needed to secure Severus' place in their home. If anyone would have told him two hours ago he would be welcoming Severus Snape into his house he would have laughed and then hexed them but now he wanted Snape to stay.

Sirius wanted Severus' school years to be quiet and peaceful. Sirius wouldn't allow anyone, not even his friends, to hurt Severus anymore. He would do anything in his power to make sure the Slytherin was never hurt again. The other male deserved to be happy and free to enjoy himself, not constantly looking over his shoulder to see where the next attack may be coming from.

Decision made he shifted onto his side and really looked at Severus; the other was too thin, his eyes were sunken and his cheekbones stuck out severely. Sirius had seen his chest as well and there was not an ounce of fat on him. He was positively skeletal but Sirius would remedy that over the summer. By the end of summer Severus would be healthier and happier, Sirius wouldn't have it any other way.

With that settled he went back to his observation of Severus; his skin was pale, even paler than Sirius', but it wasn't unhealthy. Sirius imagined when Snape was in a better physical state his skin would glow like polished white marble.

His nose was bit large but not overly so, it fit the other's severe features. His lips were slightly plump but they were much too pale. That would probably change when Snape began to gain weight. Severus' shoulder length hair was greasy and unkempt but that could be cured with a shower.

And those bottomless onyx eyes that could be so hard to read were currently covered by thin eyelids. But Sirius knew when Severus allowed his feelings to show they were so expressive; easily conveying exactly what was on the other's mind if one knew how to read them. Sirius usually only saw hate and loathing when Snape looked at him but maybe that would change?

Sirius found himself wanting to get to know the Slytherin. He knew very little about his ex-nemesis but the guy couldn't be all bad. Regulus and Lily were friends with him so Severus couldn't be as horrible as he once believed he was.

Sirius shook his head and pushed away all his thoughts of Severus and drew his wand to summon on of his school books; if he was going to lay here he might as well get some reading done so he could get started on his dreaded summer homework.

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