A Princess Tutu fanfic by Klondike Aura

By all accounts, Lohengrin should be dead.

He's not sure what's sustaining him right now, how he found the strength to struggle upright and hold his cleaved body together. But he doesn't plan on wasting this. He staggers back to where he came from, glad that the Raven left him for dead. The Knight may not be able to do much right now, certainly not enough to help Siegfried, but he can do more with the Raven distracted by his conflict with the Prince.

"I'm a mess...aren't I?" he softly asks.

He smiles even as he gives a weak, blood-sputtering cough. He wheezes from the pain in his chest as he tries to just breathe. Somehow he manages to ease himself to the ground, resting against a tree in the deceptively peaceful woods just outside of the Raven's lair.

"I'm sorry... This is all...all I can do. But I'm happy...with you, Tutu..."

And with one last wavering gasp, the Knight dies.

Author's Notes: We're in for another multi-chapter story, folks! When did I start writing these longer pieces? I've got an idea for the frame and it still needs some filling out, but I wanted to put a teaser chapter up.