So apparently there's this movie called Strippers Vs. Werewolves… It looks downright horrible, with the only good thing in it being Robert Englund… so… my mind decided to be an idiot and gave me this idea… I don't know why I like the Bunny/Pitch pair… I guess I just like being different?

Pairing: Rotten Egg(BunnymundxPitch); maybe HiJack (Jack FrostxHiccup from How to Train your Dragon)… depends on where this goes…

Warnings: strippers, werewolves, smex and violence later… if I continue this… or if anyone's interested…

Disclaimer: Pfft… like I own anything…

Dancers sent out to perform at the Warren Mansion never came back.

At least, that's how the rumors went.

As far as Pitchiner Black knew, the dancers that were sent over were probably either really bad and got fired, or had quit due to being offered some better job with much better pay. But according to fellow dancer Maxwell Forte, better known by his stage name Metro Man, the owner of the Warren Mansion was the most influential, most powerful leader of a mafia this side of the country, and he would request a couple of dancers during one of his monthly meetings. Pitchiner, though a highly skeptical man, couldn't help but agree that the theory of the owner of the large estate being a mafia member was rather plausible. After all, no one really saw the man or his group of men that would follow him around go into any of the major business buildings, and Emmanuel Aster Bunnymund wasn't the inventor or known owner of a company. This left only the option that he either inherited his wealth or he was into the illegal businesses. Glancing at the clock by his dresser, Pitchiner frowned when he realized he had only twenty minutes to get ready and go on stage. Getting up from his seat, the man quickly shed his jeans and sweater and slid into his costume. Thursdays were usually slow during the first couple of hours after opening, but would get busy rather quickly. His boss always had him wear his cowboy ensembles during these nights, and Pitchiner wasted no time in pulling out the necessary accessories for the ensemble. As he slipped into his black leather chaps, he suppressed a growl when the telltale sound of his boss' stomping made its way over to his room. Pitchiner didn't even flinch as the tall Japanese woman flung the door open and gave him a stern look. Her long, black curls remained perfectly in place, and the black pantsuit she always wore was as immaculate as ever. If Pitchiner didn't know her better, he'd think she was a lawyer.

"You have twelve minutes to get on stage; if you need help, tell me now so you don't waste any more time." She stated with as little emotion as possible. Sensing the rage emanating from her, Pitchiner sighed and walked over to her.

"Miss Aki, I need help lacing up the sides of the chaps; I think someone borrowed them and forgot to tell me…" His boss merely nodded and gracefully kneeled down to start re-lacing one leg. He wasted no time in doing the other side. Miss Aki was the owner and manager of The Dream Factory, a strip club that was divided into two sections to cater to sexual preferences. She hired only those she deemed worthy of her time, which resulted in few acceptances and numerous rejections. Pitchiner himself had barely managed to impress her when she hired him years ago. Pitchiner furrowed his brows in thought; his boss never came to call him on stage unless the house got really busy, there were a large number of requests for him, or if he really was running late.

"Busy crowd, Miss Aki?" He asked, pulling on some fingerless fishnet gloves that reached a bit beyond his elbows. She nodded, finishing with his chaps and standing up as graceful as a ballerina.

"Yes. Wealthy patrons tonight. I'm putting my best dancers out to get you all larger tips… You deserve them, after all…" She muttered, inspecting her perfectly manicured nails. He pulled on his vest and re-adjusted his accessories before pulling on his boots and stepping out of his dressing room. She followed him down the hallway, passing through other dancers and looking ahead.

"Do I need to know anything before I go out there?" he asked, adjusting the black kerchief around his neck.

"Just don't screw up horribly and you should be alright." He merely nodded before walking out on stage. Taking a deep breath, he waited for the song to cue his entrance and began his performance. Whenever Pitchiner would dance, he wouldn't pay much attention to the world around him save for the position of the stage so he wouldn't fall off or trip like an idiot. He also made a mental note of paying some attention to the crowd so he would know what to do to get more money. His area of attention was rather minimal, though, and because of that he didn't notice Miss Aki walking over to a table at the corner of the club where a large group of men were situated at. He also didn't see when one of the men slammed his fist on the table in rage while his boss kept calm. All he focused on was the songs the DJ would play for him, his dancing, and the crowds of both men and women cheering him on and giving him rather large tips. Before he knew it, his shift was over, and Pitchiner gave a friendly pat to the newest dancer, a Scandinavian brunet, as he passed him by backstage. The brunet smiled at him and muttered a greeting before continuing on his way. Once Pitchiner reached his dressing room, he wasted no time in pulling off his costume and changing back to his black sweater and dark, ripped jeans. As he tied his converse back on, his boss opened the door more calmly this time. He looked up at her, brows furrowed in confusion as he tied up his shoes.

"Is there something wrong, Madame?" He asked nervously. She shook her head.

"No. I need to ask a huge favor from you." She replied as she walked over and sat in the chair across from him. He crossed his arms and leaned back.

"I guess… You'll just make me do in anyways even if I say no…" The woman cracked a small smile before she slid back to the black face she always had.

"Pitchiner, I would never ask anyone this because it's rather… dangerous…" She sighed, something she never did, and continued. "Though I own this club and manage it, I am renting the land from Mr. Bunnymund." He frowned; he didn't like where this was going. "You know that every month, on a certain week, I send him some dancers. Usually, he's fine with the dancers I send him and leaves me well enough alone until the following month." She placed a hand on his knee as comfort, but Pitchiner couldn't really feel that connection. "All the dancers I've sent to him were unharmed. They unfortunately quit shortly after or I fired them for reasons I must keep confidential due to laws." She sighed again, running a hand through her hair.

"Miss Aki, why do you sound so distraught?" He asked, worried over the usually stoic woman.

"I never send my best dancers." She growled, curling a hand into a fist, "It was an agreement we came to early on because I need to earn money to pay him. But tonight he was here, and he saw you perform. Because of this, he has specifically requested you for his monthly meeting. I tried to refuse him but he was rather… persuasive to convince me to send you." His eyes narrowed into a glare.

"How? He got some Health Inspection crap on you?" he growled. She shook her head.

"No… Don't worry about it. It's just a private show and dance like the party service we offer to bachelor/bachelorette parties." After discussing the matter for several minutes, Pitchiner had been given the time, the address, and even a new outfit his boss was going to sew up for him by next week. If Pitchiner wasn't so skeptical or had paid any attention, he would've noticed the night he was to go and perform was on a full moon, like all the other dancers had done before him.