A/N ~ This is my very first twilight fic, so hopefully it will be okay. i actually got the idea from a book series that i read in High School called 'Diary Of a Crush' and this story is very much inspired from it.

No copyright infringement intended.

Stephanie Meyer owns all the characters, im just playing around with them.

hope you enjoy!

Diary Entry 1.

Totally Private!

Name : (Isabella) Bella Swan

Age : Seventeen

Lives : Forks Washington

Height: 160com

Weight: fifty eight to sixty eight kg (depending on how much icecream I've eaten in a twenty four hour period)

Hair: Brown. Plain and boring brown.

Eyes: chocolate brown (according to my mother)

Favourite book : Wuthering heights followed by Emma

Favourite film : Ghostworld, Bring It On and Breakfast At Tiffany's (its impossible to pick just one)

Favourite tv show : Alias (spies kick ass, quite literally)

Lust Object : Jake Gyllenhaal, Dean Speed from The Hormones, and Edward.

Girl Hero : Drew Barrymore

Favourite website : .com

Favourite thing in the world : my vintage Dior handbag I bought off ebay

Makup item I couldn't live without : Lancome Juicy Tubes

Ambition: For Edward to fall wildly and passionately in love with me and to take me on a roadtrip across America.

A/N ~ just a preview into the mind of Bella Swan